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Baloo's Bugle

February 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 7
March 2007 Theme

Theme: Baloo Skies
Webelos: Athlete & Engiineer
Tiger Cub


The Littlest Snowflake

The Snow   Fluff, Fluff, Fluff (softly with downward hand motion)

The Ice      Brr! Brr! Brrr! (hold arms around self to keep warm)

Little Snowflake    Wheeeeeee! (hands held straight up)

The Wind   Whooo! Whooo! Whooo! (arms up, sway back and forth)

The Sun     Ahhh! Ahhh! (arms held in circle over head)

Legend has it that long ago in the winter time there was a happy LITTLE SNOWFLAKE. He was a jolly little fellow, floating along on the WIND . . . scooting across the ICE . . . and generally having fun with all the other SNOW. Now, the one guy that LITTLE SNOWFLAKE- didn’t care for was the SUN . . . cause he could melt him right away. One day, the WIND blew LITTLE SNOWFLAKE way up high in the trees and left him on a big fat limb. This was fun, because below him he could see the SNOW as it gleamed and the ICE, as it glistened, But then it started to get warm. And it got warmer and warmer, but there LITTLE SNOWFLAKE sat all by his lonesome self The WIND was having a --. good time blowing all the rest of the SNOW around. The SUN continued to shine down on the ICE and make it shine like a mirror. Now, LITTLE SNOWFLAKE was really starting to get worried because the SUN was starting to melt him and before long he would be ICE and not the happy LITTLE SNOWFLAKE he had always been. Suddenly, the WIND, seeing the fix he was in, blew extra hard and picked up a whole bunch of SNOW... scooted it across the ICE and up into the tree where they all rescued LITTLE SNOWFLAKE from the hot SUN. So the next time you are out and the WIND has blown some SNOW across the ICE and into SUN, look extra hard and you just might see I friend, the happy LITTLE SNOWFLAKE!!


Weather Observations

Rain:  Drip, drip

Sun:  Shine, shine

Clouds:  Hi, Mr. Sun

Wind:  Blow, blow

One day the SUN… had a talk with the CLOUDS… and the WIND…. The CLOUDS… were always coming along blown by the WIND… and covering up the SUN’S… rays. The talking got louder and louder. The WIND… blew hard and the CLOUDS… started bumping together creating a RAIN… storm. The RAIN… fell hard for a whole day and a night. The next day the CLOUDS…, the WIND…, and the SUNall were happy and the WIND… blew the CLOUDS… away. The SUNshone brightly and everyone was happy.

The Sun, the Frost and the Wind

SUN: "I'm Hot!"

FROST: "Bur-r-r-r"

WIND: "Whoosh"

FARMER: "How-dee!"

The SUN, the FROST and the WIND once went out walking together and they met a FARMER. The FARMER bowed politely to them and went on his way. "It was to me that he was bowing so politely," said the SUN. "He is most afraid of me, because I am the most powerful of us all!"

"You are quite mistaken," said the FROST. "He is most afraid of me, and it was to me that he was bowing so politely." And the WIND said, "You are both wrong. I am by far the most powerful, and that was why he was bowing to me." "Why go on arguing about it?" asked the SUN. "Let's go back and ask the FARMER himself!"

So they turned back and caught up with the FARMER. "Tell us, friend FARMER," said the SUN. "To which of us were you bowing so respectfully just now?" "I was bowing to the WIND," said the FARMER. "To the WIND," repeated the SUN angrily. "Just wait, I'll burn you up one of these days!" "Don't worry," said the WIND. "I'll blow on you and cool you." "And I'll smite you with such a FROST that you'll freeze to a stone!" said the FROST. "Don't be afraid of the FROST either," added the WIND. "I'll stop blowing, and without a WIND, FROST has no strength!"

Crazy Weather???

RAIN--drip, drip HAIL---bounce, bounce

SUN----blasted hot! WIND --- Woooooooooo

HURRICANE--roar (loudly)

We lay in our sleeping bags in the tents and listened to the RAIN ----pound down on us. We were spending the night on the Salt Flat west of Salt Lake. The SUN---- was supposed to have been out, but all we had was WIND----- & RAIN----, all day long.

Suddenly, as we lay listening, we heard a strange noise like balls being thrown against our tent! Our Cubmaster shouted, Good grief, its Hail----.

”Oh, No ”, the scouts shouted. "We were supposed to have good weather, not RAIN----, HAIL----, or WIND !---”. "It couldn't be worse!" answered our Cubmaster. He shouldn't t have said that’ll as we lay in fear of the HAIL----balls, we heard the WIND----pick up and become so loud that we couldn't hear one another speak!  Our tent was torn from around us and we lay looking up at the dark gloomy RAINY---- and WINDY---- sky.

"Someone help," I heard, "Its a HURRICANE----”.

"Can’t be”, yelled the Cubmaster, ”We don’t have HURRICANES---- here in Kansas City. RAIN---- perhaps, and some light WIND----, but never a HURRICANE---- !! ”

Where was that hot SUN---- today? Why all this crazy weather?

I felt myself being blown by the HURRICANE----. I remember calling for help, but no one came to my aid. I felt a strong "something" pulling my arm; “what is happening, I wondered”. This is crazy.

In a moment, I opened my eyes, and what a surprise it was to find was to find my dad shaking my arm vigorously and saying, ”Come on, son, it’s time to get up and head out for the over-nighter. ” Dad never did quite understand why I started to laugh hysterically. It was especially funny when he said, "Hope we get some SUN----.”



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