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Baloo's Bugle

February 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 7
March 2007 Theme

Theme: Baloo Skies
Webelos: Athlete & Engiineer
Tiger Cub


The Weatherman & Nature 

CA:    (Pretending to be a news anchorman, introduces Cubmaster)“That’s it for tonight's news and sports; it’s time now for our weather report.  Cubmaster (name), what's in store for us tonight?"

(Cubmaster does the rest of the advancement ceremony as a weatherman; adapt "patter" to fit your recent weather)

CM:   We've had some unusual weather patterns in the last few days.  A twister dropped a new Tiger in our pack.  (Call forward boy and parents to present Tiger award.)

CM:   The sky cleared just long enough for a couple of Bobcats to emerge from their Dens.  (Call forward boys and parents to present Bobcat award.)

CM:   A cold front moving in off the coast brought a light(or 'heavy" depending on the number of boys receiving awards)shower of Wolf badges and arrow points.  (Call forward boys and parents to present Wolf awards.)

CM:   A hailstorm hit during the night and covered the ground with about an inch of snow, ice, and Bear awards!  (Call forward boys and parents to present Bear badges and arrow points.)

CM:   Fortunately the sun peeked out from behind the clouds long enough for the Webelos to work on their activity badges.  (Call forward boys, parents, and Webelos Leader to present Webelos activity pins, badge, and compass points.)

CM:   Let's move now to our satellite photo to see what's in store for the city this week - WOW!  Did you see that Arrow of Light sweep across the sky?  (Call forward boys, parents, and Webelos Leader to present Arrow of Light award.)


Personnel: Cubmaster

Material: 1 Large Balloon for each rank to be awarded plus 1 extra


1. Write the name of cub to be advanced on Balloon.

2. Insert Badge in Balloon.

3. Blow the balloon up and tie.

4. Repeat for each Boy.

5. Write Happy Birthday on one extra balloon

Set Up:

Place the balloons at the front on a table or have helpers hold so all can see the name on it.


Cubmaster: Once a family, for one of their children’s birthdays, decided to have a family picnic up at Solitude in the mountains. (Display the balloon with Happy Birthday written on it.)

They decided to blow up some balloons and put them in the back of the van to take up to the mountains to decorate the picnic site. The balloons were blown up big.  They all piled into the van and drove up the mountain. Just before they got there, guess what happened? (Pop the "Happy Birthday" balloon) They heard a big bang. What do you think happened? (Pause: If a cub answers, let him explain. If not, explain as follows…)

Imagine that a balloon is sealed so that no air can escape from it. As the altitude of the balloon increases, (exterior air pressure is indicated by the arrows going in, or the green arrows) the air pressure outside of the balloon decreases. The amount of air in the balloon stays the same and therefore, so does the pressure that it exerts outward. (Interior air pressure is indicated by the arrows going out, or the blue arrows). When the balloon reaches a height where the interior air pressure becomes greater than the exterior air pressure along with the pressure exerted by the balloon's skin, the balloon will burst. (Some of these words may need some explanation in order that the boys will understand.)


Cubmaster: "Weathermen use balloons to tell them what the weather is like at different heights in the sky. Each of you scouts is at a different place on your scouting trail." Call out each boy and ask him to bring up his parents. Tell him that his weather balloon will show where he is on his path. If he would like, have him pop the balloon to discover his badge inside. Present his badge to parents to pin on their Cub Scout.

The Cub Spiritometer

Equipment: Spiritometer – a large cut out of a thermometer, with red ribbon or crepe paper to represent the mercury. Loop the ribbon or paper through a slit in the bottom so that it can be raised at the appropriate time. A tape loop under the end of the ribbon or paper will help hold it in the desired spot. Encouraging words (Great! Super! Good Job! Fantastic! etc.) can be written on the side of the thermometer, where the numbers usually are.

Cubmaster: A thermometer is a weather instrument used to measure the increase in air temperature. Advancement measures Cub Scout spirit in our pack. Tonight, we have a special instrument called the “Spiritometer” that will gauge our Cub Scout Spirit and show us which boys have climbed to new heights in advancing through the Cub Scout program. (Show Spiritometer to Pack.)

Cubmaster calls boys and parents forward to receive their awards. Each time an award is given, the red paper is raised a little higher. Judge how high to raise the paper each time by how many awards are to be presented.

Congratulate the boy, and let the audience applaud and cheer for him. The red of the Spiritometer should reach the top by the time all the awards are given.

Cubmaster: As you can see, our pack is filled with spirit and red hot on the trail of Cub Scout advancement.

(Lead an appropriate cheer for all who have earned awards.)

Raining Awards

Dress in raincoat and boots. Attach awards to raindrops and tape them to the outside of the raincoat. Raindrops with awards can also be attached onto or dangling from the edge of an umbrella. Tell the group that you have come through a downpour to get to the Pack Meeting. Maybe they can help dry you off by removing some of these raindrops. Call up boys and parents. Have parents remove the raindrop from the coat or umbrella and present the award to their son. The raindrop can have a saying written on it such as, “Just dropped by to say how proud we are of you. Congratulations on earning your ______.”

The Weather Forecaster

MATERIALS: Cubmaster dressed as weather forecaster; large map to depict weather in certain areas; pointer. Have advancement ceremony like the weather report. Have different areas on the map to represent Bobcat, Wolf, Bear and Webelos. Use terms used in weather forecasting. Watch the weather reports for some ideas on terms and procedures.

For Example: To the North, we have a jet stream carrying Bobcats with sunny faces. Coming in from the West, clear skies for the Wolf badge, etc.

Weather Forecaster Advancement

Have the CM dress as a weather forecaster, pointing a stick at a large map. Have different areas on the map represent the different ranks and use terms used in weather forecasting to present the badges.

CM: To the North, we have a jet stream carrying Bobcats with sunny faces. Coming in from the North-West, clear skies for the Tiger Cubs, etc.

Sunny Weather

Equipment: Helium balloons, one for each badge to be presented are handing above the Cubmaster with a basket which contains the badge.

Cubmaster: Tonight we are going to honor those Cub Scouts who have made the weather sunnier by advancing in rank. (He takes down a balloon and removes the badge.)

Will _________please come forward with his parents. ____________ has completed all the achievements for his Bobcat award. Whatever the weather, his parents have been behind him to help. (Hand badge to parent to present to son.)

Continue in same manner until all awards have been passed out.


Props: Large board with sun painted in fluorescent yellow pain. Rays should be extending out from the sun, one for each boy receiving an award. Awards should be attached to strips of black paper the size of one ray. Black rays are taped over yellow rays at the beginning.

Cubmaster: The sun shines brightly on our pack tonight. It brings warmth and good feelings. Our good feelings are increased by the achievements of the Cubs that we are going to recognize at this time.

(Call for ward boys and parents receiving awards. As each name is read or rank is presented, the parent removed the badge on the black strip from the board and a presents to son.)

Because of the efforts of these boys and their parents our sun shines even more brightly upon our Pack. Will all the Cub and families please rise and salute those who bring good weather to us.

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