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Baloo's Bugle

September 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 2
October 2006 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Shipbuilders
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
Tiger Cub


Ship Ahoy
Alapaha Area Council

Characters:  Narrator plus 2 Cub Scouts

Setting:  The narrator stands in the middle with the two Cub Scouts facing each other at opposite ends of the room.

NARRATOR:       Through the pitch-black night, the captain sees a light straight ahead on a collision course with his ship.  He sends a signal….

CUB SCOUT 1:    Change your course 10 degrees east!

NARRATOR:       The light signals back….

CUB SCOUT 2:    Change yours, 10 degrees west.

NARRATOR:       Angry, the captain sends….

CUB SCOUT 1:    I’m a navy captain!  Change your course, sir!

NARRATOR:       Comes the reply….

CUB SCOUT 2:   I’m a seaman, second class.  Change your course, sir.

NARRATOR:       Now the captain is furious and he signals….

CUB SCOUT 1:    I’m a battleship!  I’m not changing course!

NARRATOR:       To which there is one last reply….

CUB SCOUT 2:    I’m a lighthouse.  Your call.


The Pirates Big Decision
Baltimore Area Council

Setting: As curtain opens, a group of boys dressed as pirates are standing on or around a raft or pirate ship. Hidden behind the group is a Cub Scout in uniform. Narrator is at side of stage, and reads lines below while boys act in pantomime.


            Here are some pirates, big, brave and bold,
You’ve heard many times their story told.

            They sail the seas on their handmade raft,
Listen now, and you’ll hear them laugh.

Boys laugh heartily

            Now we’ll sneak in closer, and what do we see?
They seem to be happy...listen to their glee.

Boys laugh again, and say “Ho- ho-ho” in pirate fashion.

Cub Scout in background comes forward and stands in center of pirates

            Oh dear . . . a Cub Scout . . . I can’t see his rank;
What if those pirates make him walk the plank?

(One of the pirates takes off Cub’s neckerchief and holds it up as if he’s thinking about blindfolding Cub)

            Here are some pirates, big, brave and bold,
You’ve heard many times their story told.

            They sail the seas on their handmade raft,
Listen now, and you’ll hear them laugh.

Boys laugh heartily

            Now we’ll sneak in closer, and what do we see?
They seem to be happy...listen to their glee.

Boys laugh again, and say “Ho- ho-ho” in pirate

            Wait just a minute… something’s not right;
Look at that Cub Scout. There’s no sign of fright!

Cub looks very pleasant and happy and smiles. He starts giving Cub handshake to pirates and pretends to talk to them

            What we see here leaves us no doubts,
Our Cub is inviting the pirates to be Scouts.

Cub takes out paper and pencil and pretends to be writing down names

            So with this happy ending, we’ll drift out of sight.
For our brave Cub, this was a happy night.

Cub exits, while pirates gather around raft and practice the Cub handshake as curtain closes.

Is Captain Kidd Afraid of Himself?
Baltimore Area Council

Cast:      Captain Kidd, Other people walking by Mirror Setting:      Street

C.K.: I’m the roughest, toughest, meanest, ugliest pirate to roam the seas. Watch this. (Tries to scare first man walking by.)

Man: I’m not scared of you!

C.K. keeps on trying to scare people going to work (“Late for work!”) walking the dog (Dog runs up and starts to play with C.K.) kids (they laugh, “Hey! Halloween isn’t till the last day of the  month!”) and so on. Finally, he’s quite dismayed.

C.K.: Hmm. Maybe I’m not so scary after all. Maybe I should go into movies. (Looks at himself in the mirror.) Ahhh! (Runs away scared.)


Noah Webster and the Ark:
Sam Houston Area Council


Scouts are all dressed in sheets looking like ancient robes. 

Put a fake beard onto the one who is Noah. 

Noah carries a large book (dictionary) that we first think is the bible or a log book for the ark.

Noah:  I have got to take detailed notes.

Son 1:   (pretending to lead animals) Noah, here are the two camels.

Noah:   Ah yes, camels.  C-A-M-E-L-S. and he writes this in the book. (the son leads the camels off stage and acts like they spit on him)

Son 2:   Noah, here are the lions.  (he looks scared and wary of the lions)

Noah:   Lions?  I forgot about them.  L-I-O-N-S.  (the son leads the lions off stage, cracking a whip)

Son 3:   Noah, here are the eagles.  (pretending to hold them up on each arm)

Noah:   Eagles.  Excellent.  E-A-G-L-E-S.  (the son runs off, jumping, with arms up high as if the eagles were carrying him)

(continue this with other “easy to spell” animals, until all den members have a part)

Sons:    Noah, we are done loading the ark.  What do you want us to do with all of the animals now?

Noah:   Ark?!  I’m Noah Webster.  I’m just writing the dictionary.  (shows the cover of the book)

Sam Houston Area Council

CHARACTERS: 10 SAILORS (the play opens with the 1st sailor on stage)

A NARRATOR reads the verses aloud while the SAILORS perform actions quickly and briefly, and as comically as possible.

One daring sailorman sailed the ocean blue.
(a player marches on-stage, faces audience, steers ship)

Along came a friend of his and so there were two!
(second player enters, they exchange greetings, stand alongside each other)

Two daring sailormen sailed the stormy sea.
(both steer at wheel while holding tight and swaying)

They called and called for extra help and so there were three!
(as they call with cupped hands a third player joins them)

Three daring sailormen stepped upon the shore.
(players step forward, march in place)

And when the three stepped back again, the three had turned to four!
(as the three step back to original positions a fourth player joins them)

Four daring sailormen did a fancy dive.
(they make diving motions)

They looked so fine and fancy that soon there were five!
(fifth player enters, looks in admiration, joins them)

Five daring sailormen fished with crooked sticks.
(they pretend to fish)

Their dinner was so tasty, very soon there were six!
(as they pretend to eat, a sixth player joins them)

Six daring sailormen opened up a door.
(they face off-stage and pretend to open doors)

In jumped another friend, so there was one more!
(seventh player jumps in)

Seven daring sailormen all began to skate.
(all pretend to skate)

It looked so much like lots of fun that their number came to eight!
(eighth player skates on stage)

Eight daring sailormen all stood in a line.
(they line up at attention)

And before they knew it, the line had stretched to nine.
(ninth player quickly enters to join end of line)

Nine daring sailormen wondered where they’d been.
(they shade eyes with hands and gaze outward)

Someone came to tell them, and that made ten!
(tenth player enters, gestures outward)

Ten daring sailormen all went swimming for fun
(all make swimming movements)

And so they swam and swam and swam, until at last there were none!
(they swim offstage)


Sam Houston Area Council

Narrated or made up by the Den Leader or Den Chief, and sound effects by the Cubs.  Rather than take this as an actual story to use, Cub Leaders should get creative and craft their own.

Here’s the news from Lake Cubby-gone this week; my home town. 

When I drove into Lake Cubby-gone last Saturday, it seems like the entire town had turned out on the streets to greet me.  Every last one of the townspeople were there on the sidewalks, but I soon discovered that they hadn’t come out to welcome me.  No, they were all walking toward the lakefront to see an amazing sight.  (sound effects of shoes walking)

I was astonished to find a whale swimming in Lake Cubby-gone (sound effects of whale spouting).  Not a large whale (sound effects of whale with a higher pitch), but a small beluga whale, with its white skin shining in the afternoon sun when it breached, spouted and breathed in the cool air.  An altogether strange sight for this land-locked community.

No one was quite sure how it had gotten from the ocean to the fresh water of Lake Cubby-gone.  There were theories of course.  Mr. (Cubmaster’s name) thought that perhaps one of the hurricanes had blown the whale up the tributaries during a storm surge (whoosh of winds).  It would have had to travel a hundred miles up bayous and creeks, and jumped a few dams (splash), but with the extra water from the hurricane, it stood as good a chance as any of the other theories to be true.

Pastor Enqvist declared the appearance of the leviathan to be a divine sign.  He wasn’t quite sure how God had rated his flock, but he decided not to pre-judge the almighty and he called his full gospel choir to the shores to sing celebratory hymns of praise and worship.  (Alleluia!  Alleluia!)

The merchants all closed their shops, because their regular customers were at all the waterfront.  Cub Scout Pack #___ thought this would be a really good time to sell the rest of their popcorn from their last fund-raiser, so an impromptu popcorn stand was set-up at the bandstand at the head of Main Street, overlooking the lake.  (Get your fresh popcorn!  Carmel corn here!)

After a while, the townsfolk were sure that the whale was gone, or that maybe they had just been mistaken.  But just when they thought the show was over, the beluga would surface in another part of the lake after holding its breath for many minutes and apparently looking for something to eat on the bottom of the lake.  With each sighting the crowd was stirred with excitement (ooh look, there it is), but still there was no explanation for the whale being where it had no business being, and where in all likelihood it could not survive for long.  You see, whales are salt water creatures who need the briny open water of an ocean to survive.  (sea gull sounds)

Mayor (Pack Committee chair’s name) summoned the city council men and women to plan on how to rescue the beast.  Councilwoman (Den Leader 1’s name) reminded the council that a whale is not a beast, but rather it’s a mammal like any of us.  (crying baby sounds)

Fire Chief (Asst. Cubmaster’s name) made a command decision that it was his department’s job to do something about rescuing the creature.  After all, if they were the folks that had to rescue cats from tall trees (meow!) then surely it was within their job description to pluck a small whale from the shores of Lake Cubby-gone.   The chief drove the fire truck to the boat launch and reached the ladders out over the lake as far as they would reach (cranking sounds).

Hung from the ladder was a cradle made from fire hose and fireman (Den Leader 2’s name) was inching out the ladder with a bucket of raw fish bait to use to lure the hungry whale with a good meal. (Get your fresh sushi!  Sashimi here!)

Much to his amazement, the whale jumped up out of the water and took a fish from his hand, landing back in the water with a huge splash (splashing sounds).  As he repeated this trick several more times (more splashing sounds) fireman (Den Leader 2’s name) had a strong suspicion that this was no ordinary sea creature.

That’s when he began to hear a whistle (blow a whistle several times) off in the distance.  The beluga noticed the whistle too, and began to swim quickly, jumping out of the water several times in the direction of the whistling.  Off on the west side of Lake Cubby-gone was a large truck with “Ocean World” emblazoned on the side. (honk, honk)  They had come to claim their star beluga whale, who had apparently decided that he might prefer the waters of Lake Cubby-gone and leapt from the traveling tank of the truck that was transporting him from one Ocean World location to another.  The trainer was very happy to see him healthy, and fortunately the truck had the proper equipment to safely lift him from the lake back into the salt water tank.

The Ocean World folks stopped by the main square long enough to officially thank the mayor, fire chief and townsfolk for their efforts and to buy popcorn from Pack #___. (pop pop)  They gave out free Ocean World of Texas passes to everyone, for their kindness.  (hurray!)

That’s the news from Lake Cubby-gone, where all of the Den Leaders are strong, the Cubmasters are good-looking, and all of the Cub Scouts are above-average.


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