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Baloo's Bugle

September 2006 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 13, Issue 2
October 2006 Theme

Theme: Cub Scout Shipbuilders
Webelos: Citizen & Showman
Tiger Cub


(The A-to-Z Audience Participation Stunt was fixed, 9/11/06)

Make a Paper Boat (and tell a story!)
Baltimore Area Council

FOLDING INSTRUCTIONS: Take a full sheet of newspaper, folded on the center crease with the folded edge away from you. Take the two upper corners and fold them so that they meet at exact center. Fold the remaining flaps up, one on each side. Fold and tuck in the remaining points. Continue refolding following the illustrations outlined below to make two hats, then the boat.

After completing the boat, you can tell a funny story as you tear the boat apart (as shown in the last two steps).  With a little imagination, you can create a story that covers all the folds and shapes created.

"It was a dark and stormy night, and a ship was being tossed around off shore. The ship hit a rock, and the bow was ripped off (tear off one end of the boat as shown). Then it was whipped around, and the stern was demolished (tear off the other end of the boat). To make things worse, a bolt of lightening came and knocked off the mast (tear the top point off the boat). The boat then sank, and all that was ever found (here's where you unfold the remains of the paper boat) was the Captain's shirt."

Practice the story and tearing off the pieces several times by yourself before you try to tell it in front of an audience!

Cub Knot Story
Long Beach Area, Verdugo Hills, San Gabriel Valley Councils

Divide audience into four parts

Assign each part a word and a response to say when the word is mentioned in the story.

Practice as you make assignments

Rope: "I'm fit to be tied"

Knot: Cross arms in front and say, "What knot"

CubScout: "Where are the cookies?"

Denmeeting: "Paint, cut, glue"

For those of you who can't imagine that a Rope can come alive, this story may be hard to believe.  Once there was a four-foot piece of Rope who wanted to become a CubScout.  The Rope knew that in DenMeetingsCubScouts learned to tie Knots in Ropes.  He had always wanted to learn how to tie himself into a Knot.  So the Rope checked with a CubScout that he knew to find out when the next DenMeeting was to be held.  He put on his best tie, hitched up his pants, and headed for the meeting.  The Rope could tell he was at the right house because several CubScouts were arriving to begin the DenMeeting.  The Rope walked right in and said to the den leader "I want to be a CubScout and attend your Den Meetings.”  But the den leader said, "I cannot let a Rope be a CubScout!"  Well the Rope was really upset.  He ran out of the DenMeeting, Knot knowing what to do next.  He ran outside into the gravel road and was run over by a bread truck.  The Rope was tumbled, rolled, crunched, and in general, pretty messed up.  His ends were all unraveled, and he had been twisted into a quadruple half hitch Knot.  The Rope could not even remember who he was.  But somehow he remembered he wanted to be a CubScout and that a DenMeeting was going on that he should be attending.  He stumbled to the front door and knocked.  When the CubScout den leader opened the door, there was the unraveled half hitched Rope.  "I want to be a CubScout," said the Rope.  The den leader looked at him and said, "Aren't you the Rope that was here a few minutes ago?"  The Rope looked right at the den leader and shouted, "No, I'm a frayed Knot.”


A-to-Z Audience Participation Stunt:
Sam Houston Area Council

Letter 2 sets of 26 cards with the letters of the alphabet.  One set of the cards are then handed out to the audience and they are to put a word (remind them that a Scout is clean) on the card beginning with the letter on the card.  You can make it theme related by telling them they must use a nautical (Something related to a ship, boat or the sea or lake) word.  These they keep.  Baloo then tells the story below.  As he pauses and holds up the next letter for the story the member of the audience with that letter reads off the word on his card, first A, then B, C, all the way to Z.  There will be some unusual results.

The other day I saw A and B walking down the C. I said D to them but they didn't say E. F I said and ran after G. Again I yelled H. This time they heard me. When they stopped, I saw they had a J and a K with them. 'We can't talk now. We are going to L this and M is waiting for it. So I said good-bye and went to lunch. At the N I had an O and P and got in my Q to go. When I got there, I found I had lost my R. Then I knew it was going to be a bad S. So I picked up my T, U, V, W and X, said so long to my Y and got on my Z and left.


A Halloween Visit
Baltimore Area Council

Divide audience into seven parts

Assign each part a word and a response to say when the word is mentioned in the story.

Practice as you make assignments

HALLOWEEN:  Who-o-o-o-o

WIND:  Sh-h-h-h-h-h

MIKE:  Testing 1-2-3!

BELL:  Avon calling

CAROL:  Jingle bells, Jingle bells!


MR. CARSON:  He-e-e-ere’s Johnny!!

It was HALLOWEEN night. The air was crisp and cool and the WIND made the leaves dance around the houses and swirl between the parked cars. MIKE and CAROL were putting on their HALLOWEEN costumes and thinking about their evening to come.

“Hey, CAROL, come in here a minute,” MIKE yelled. “Help me tie this costume on”.

“Just a minute, MIKE,” replied CAROL. “I’ve got to get my shoes on.” a moment later, CAROL, wearing a rabbit suit, Came into MIKE’s room and helped him lace up the back of his HALLOWEEN Costume.

“Are you going to do it this year?” asked MIKE.

“Do what, MIKE,” asked CAROL.

“You know! are you going to Trick or Treat at MR. CARSON’s house this HALLOWEEN? They say his house is HAUNTED.”

CAROL answered, “We’ve talked about this all year. This HALLOWEEN we’re going to march right up to MR. CARSON’s house and ring the BELL, even if it is HAUNTED!”

MIKE remembered, but his resolution wavered as the WIND rattled against the window.

Time to go! The children rushed out of the house, carol in her rabbit suit and MIKE all dressed up as a turtle. Madly they raced from door to door, ringing BELLs and collecting the proffered HALLOWEEN candy. But all evening, they kept one eye peeled on MR. CARSON’s dark windows in the house at the end of the street. Soon they stood in the swirl of leaves the WIND had left at the end of MR. CARSON’s sidewalk.

“Aw, it’s prob’ly just an old story,” said MIKE in a slightly nervous voice. “It doesn’t really look HAUNTED, does it, CAROL?”

“I don’t know, MIKE,” whispered CAROL, eyeing the one small lit window beside the door. “We aren’t supposed to a door if there isn’t a light on, but it looks like MR. CARSON left the entry light on tonight.”

As if to agree with her, the WIND moaned through the trees and made the leaves whisper among themselves. MIKE stamped his foot. “Well, if we’re gonna do it, let’s do it!” he said. “Come on, CAROL.”

Slowly, the two children crept up to the door and rang the BELL. A shadow moved s-l-o-w-l-y across the window. The doorknob rattled and the door swung silently open.

MIKE and CAROL stood face to face with MR. CARSON. “Well...,” he said, “why has it taken you two all these years to finally come to my house on HALLOWEEN?”

MIKE was petrified, but CAROL stammered out a squeaky, “T-T-Trick or T-Treat?”

MR. CARSON laughed and held out a big bowl of HALLOWEEN Candy. MIKE and CAROL tentatively reached out their hands and helped themselves to the offered goodies.

Then, with a quick smile and a “Thank you,” MIKE and CAROL dashed off into the darkness. The WIND carried MR. CARSON’s final laugh to them as he slowly closed his door.


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