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Baloo's Bugle


April 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 9
May 2005 Theme

Theme: Pet Pals
Webelos: Sportsman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub



The Doggy Story

Baltimore Area Council

This delightful bit of nonsense has been around for quite a while and can use as many as eight Cub Scouts or be cut down to the number in your Den. Very few props are used. Cub Scouts should speak slowly and clearly.

Cub # 1:   Say (fill in name) what kind of dog have you?

Cub # 2:   I have a setter. (walks on stage carrying chair, sits on chair, quickly rises and exits.)

(As each succeeding player comes in, ONE repeats, “Say what kind of dog have you? Each makes his response as follows and exits)

Cub # 3:    (pointing a stick at audience)  I have a pointer

Cub # 4:    (carrying a large spring)  I have a springer

Cub # 5:    (with bucket)  I have a water spaniel

Cub # 6:    (with clock or watch)  I have a watch dog

Cub # 7:    (with box or boxing gloves)  I have a boxer

Cub # 8:    (enters with a mop)

Cub # 1:   Say, what kind of dog have you?

Cub #8:            I have a puppy!

Alternate ending:

Cub #8:    (enters with a paper bag)

Cub #1:    Say, what kind of dog have you?

Cub #8:    I have my favorite kind of dog! (Pulls a hot dog in a bun out of the bag and takes a bite.)


Piedmont Council

Cub #1:    (Dragging a leash behind him) Come on boy, let’s go.

Cub #2:    What are you doing?

Cub #1:    I’m taking my dog for a walk.

Cub #3:    I don’t see any dog, just a leash that you are dragging along.

Cub #1:    That’s because it is an invisible dog.

Cub #2:    Invisible dog?!

Cub #1:    My mom says I can have a real dog if I learn to be responsible and take care of it. I have to feed him, and walk him and just be his friend. If I do that, then my folks will take him to the vet and get all his shots.

Cub #3:    So you are just practicing on a pretend dog at first?

Cub #1:    I am now. The pretend elephant was just WAY too much work!

See instructions on making a leash for an invisible dog in “Pack and Den Activities”  CD


Piedmont Council

Scene:      All the Cubs except one are on the stage. The last Cub will enter at the end of the skit. Adjust to the size of your den.

Cub #1:   Hey, did you hear?

Cub #2:   No, what?

Cub #1:   (Name of the last Cub) found a dinosaur bone in his backyard.

Cub #3:   How do you know it was from a dinosaur?

Cub #1:   He said it was from Rex, you know, like in Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Cub #4:   How did he find it?

Cub #1:   He was digging around in the yard.

Cub #5:   Did he call the TV news people?

Cub #2:   How big of a bone was it?

Cub #3:   We better ask him what happened.

(The last Cub enters)

Last Cub:         Hi guys, what’s up?

Cub #4:   Tell us about your bone.

Cub #5:   Yeah. Is it from a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur?

Last Cub:         Oh, that bone. No, it wasn’t from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was from Rex.

Cub #1:   What other dinosaur is a Rex?

Last Cub:         Not a dinosaur. It was my dog Rex! He sure was upset I dug up his bone!

Three Rivers

From the Baloo Archives

Cast: Camp Cook, 3 strangers, Three Rivers (a boy on all fours acting like a dog)

Props: Big Kettle or Dutch Oven

Setting: The camp cook is stirring the contents of the big kettle when along comes a stranger.

1st Cub:   What’s cooking? Sure does smell good.

Cook:      Homemade stew. Want a plate?

1st Cub:   Yeah, if it’s not any trouble. Got an extra plate?

Cook:      Sure do. Three Rivers just finished cleaning some.  (The 1st Stranger picks up a plate from the pile the cook is pointing to.)

1st Cub:   Are you sure these plates are clean?

Cook:      "Sure are, stranger. Three Rivers just cleaned ‘em.

(This is the crux of the skit. Make sure the audience understands that Three Rivers cleaned the plates.)

(Two more strangers come in and get served.)

3rd Cub:  "Cookie, that stew was great!  To show my appreciation, I’d like to clean up the dishes.

Cook:      Never mind about that.  Three Rivers will take care of them.  Three Rivers!!! Three Rivers!!! Here boy, come on Three Rivers!!!"

Three Rivers: (Enters, barking.)

Cubs:      (Pretend to get sick.)

It’s A ???

Baltimore Area Council

Personnel: 4 Cubs and as many others as you wish to include in the dialog.

Setting: A tent is set up in the woods. It is a very dark night. Boys are inside tent. This skit could be done at a Pack outdoor activity or on stage indoors. It is easy for Cubs because most of the speaking is done inside a tent, out of sight, so lines could be read instead of memorized.

Pete:     Hey, Ben. You all right?

Ben:     (sleepily) Yes.

Jim:      Why don’t you guys be quiet. I’m trying to sleep.

(A short pause - silence prevails)

Tom:    Hey. Pete. You all right?

Pete:     Sure

Ben:     Wish I had Skippy here.

Jim:      A dog in a tent? What for?

Ben:     To keep me warm.

Pete:     Yeah, Keep you warm. You’re scared.

Tom:    You guys go to sleep.

(A short pause - silence)

Ben:     listen! What’s that noise?

Pete:     Just the wind blowing.

Tom:    Might be something prowling around.

Ben:     What?

Tom:    Oh, I don’t know. A bear, maybe.

Jim:      Or a panther.

Ben:     A panther?

Tom:    Yeah, or it could be a coyote!

Pete:     A coyote?

Jim:      Maybe it’s a mountain lion.

Ben:     Oh, no!

Tom:    Hey, it’s coming closer!

Pete:     Where’s my flashlight?

Jim:      Look out! It’s coming in the tent.

(All yell and run out of tent. Flashlights on Ben, who is holding a toy stuffed dog or real dog)

All:       It’s Skippy !

Skunk In The Tent

Baltimore Area Council

Cub #1:             Mr. _____, Mr. _____, there’s a skunk in our tent.

Cub #2:             It’s a real skunk!

Cub #3:             What should we do?

Cubmaster:         Quietly sneak up on your tent. Don’t frighten the skunk. Then lay a trail of breadcrumbs from your tent leading into the forest. That should lead the skunk back into the wild. (The Cubs go do it, and return shouting. . . )

Cub #1, 2, &3:   Help! Help!

Cubmaster:         What’s wrong? Did you go up to your tent quietly like I told you?

Cub #1, 2 & 3:   Yes.

Cubmaster:         Did you frighten the skunk?

Cub #1, 2 & 3:   No.

Cubmaster:         Did you boys lay the trail of breadcrumbs leading into the forest like I told you?

Cub #1, 2 & 3:   Yes.

Cubmaster:         Then what’s wrong?

Cub #1:             Well, Mr. _____, now we have TWO skunks in our tent!

Smart Dog

Baltimore Area Council

Cast:     Tom, John, John’s dog

Tom:    That’s a nice dog you have.

John:    Thank you. He’s nice and he’s smart.

Dog:     Arf!

Tom:    A smart dog, huh? What’s his name?

John:    Snoop.

Dog:     Arf!

Tom:    What- kind of dog is he anyway?

John:    A police dog.

Dog:     Arf

Tom:    A police dog? He doesn’t look anything like a police dog.

John:    Of course he doesn’t. He’s a police detective in disguise!

Dog:     Arf!

Puppy in the Box

Santa Clara County Council

Props:         A cardboard box with holes, cup of water inside, and a stuffed dog (or rabbit, etc.)

Announcer: This scene takes place on the street outside a grocery store.

Several participants are gathered around outside the store, chatting.

Roger:         (Enters holding the box) Hi guys, would you please hold this box for me while I go into the store? (Exits)

Martin:       I wonder what's in the box?

Gerry:         I don't know, but something is leaking out!

Bob:           (Rubs finger against the bottom of box, then licks finger) Hmmm, it tastes like lemon soda.

Martin:       (Also rubs box and tastes finger) No. I think it's more like chicken soup.

Feel free to add in a line for everyone in your den

Roger:         (Returns, looks in box) Oh, you naughty puppy!

Puppy in the Box (Version 2)

Santa Clara County Council

Cast:           Owner, 1st Pedestrian, 2 Friends, box

Setting:       Street Corner

Owner:       (Walking up to #1) Would you hold my box? I have to go into a store for a moment.

Cub #1:      Sure! Be glad to.

Cub #2:      (Walks up.) Hey! What's in the box?

Cub #1:      I don't know. This guy comes up to me and hands it to me. Hey! It's leaking! Maybe it's ice cream and it's melting. Let's taste it. (Taste drip) Tastes like vanilla ice cream to me!

Cub #2:      (Tastes it.) Chocolate it is, my friend. Hey Joe! Try this -- what does it taste like?

Joe:            (Tastes it.) Definitely pistachio.

Cub #1:      Naw! It's vanilla!

Cub #2:      I told you, it's chocolate!

(Owner comes back. )

Cub #1:      Mister -- what's in the box? Vanilla ice cream?

Cub #2:      Or chocolate?

Joe:            It tastes like pistachio to me!

Owner:       How foolish of you guys. That's my pet dog!

I usually see these next two done as a Run Ins.  CD

Lost Dog

Santa Clara County Council

Setting: Dave is crying

Dave:       Boo hoo hoo!

Bob:        Hey Dave, why are you crying?

Dave:       (still sniffling) I lost my dog

Bob:        Maybe he’ll come home.

Dave:       No, he won’t come home. He’s lost.

Bob:        Why don’t you put an ad in the lost and found column of the newspaper?

Dave:       No. It wouldn’t do any good.

Bob:        Well, why not?

Dave:       Because my dog can’t read!

Doggie Doctor

Santa Clara County Council

A person comes to the psychologist and says that he needs help; he thinks that he is a dog, holding up his hands like a dog begging. 

Throughout the skit, the person acting like a dog, does dog-like things, like scratching behind his ears, whining, etc.  Doctor asks how long he has had this problem. 

Ever since he was a puppy is the reply. 

The doctor asks if he will lie on the couch but the person says that he can’t since he can’t get on the furniture. 

The doctor’s advice is to make sure that he gets all his shots and doesn’t go chasing any cars.


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