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Baloo's Bugle


April 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 9
May 2005 Theme

Theme: Pet Pals
Webelos: Sportsman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub



Pets in Spanish

Santa Clara County Council

Label the pets below with their Spanish names:

1) el perro              2) el carpa dorada               3) el gato

4) el periquito        5) el potro                6) la tortuga

7) el loro                 8) la marmota


Cat: el gato            Turtle: la tortuga         Parrot: el loro

Goldfish: el carpa dorada                Parakeet: el periquito

Pony: el potro      Hamster: la marmota       Dog: el perro

A Dog's Life Word Search

Santa Clara County Council

Can you find the dogs hidden in the puzzle below?

They may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, forwards or backwards.

Be sure to copy and enlarge before doing this puzzle.  CD


BASSET                    BEAGLE            BEDLINGTON

BLOODHOUND          BORZOI                      BOXER

BULLDOG             CHIHUAHUA              CHINOOK

CHOW CHOW            COLLIE                       CORGI


GREAT DANE        GREYHOUND                 HUSKY


MAGYAR                 MASTIFF              PEKINGESE

POINTER              POMERANIAN               POODLE

PUG                      ROTTWEILER            SAMOYED

SANSHU                   SETTER                SHEEPDOG

SPANIEL                  TERRIER                  WHIPPET

Animals and Their Babies

Piedmont Council

Equipment: Copies of the game

Directions: Match the animal with its baby. (Answers are in parentheses)

1. Hen

A - Calf

2. Seal

B - Chick

3. Frog

C - Cub

4. Cat

D - Cygnet

5. Dog

E - Duckling

6. Deer

F - Fawn

7. Mare

G - Gosling

8. Sheep

H - Kitten

9. Lion

I - Lamb

10. Swan

J- Philly/foal

11. Whale

K - Puppy

12. Bear

L - Tadpole

13. Goose


14. Duck


1. Hen (B-Chick), 2. Seal (A-Calf), 3. Frog (L-Tadpole), 4. Cat (H-Kitten), 5. Dog (K-Puppy), 6. Deer (F-Fawn), 7. Mare (J-Philly/foal), 8. Sheep (I-Lamb), 9. Lion (C-Cub), 10. Swan (D-Cygnet), 11. Whale (A-Calf), 12. Bear (C-Cub), 13. Goose (G-Gosling), 14. Duck (E-Duckling)

Animal Crossword

Baltimore Area Council


1.   My stripes are usually black and white.

3.   I am a bear from China.

5.   The ___ is a mammal that lives in the ocean.

7.   I have the longest neck.

8.   It looks like I wear a mask.

9.   Some people think I am a bear, but I am not. I am a “marsupial” animal. That means I carry my baby in my pouch.

10.  The Siberian ___ is the largest member of the cat family.

13.  I say “meow”

14.  The male ___ carries the babies, not the female.

16.  I am also known as the American Bison.

17.  I can be stubborn at times.

18.  In Florida, you will see signs that read, “Do not feed the ____________.”


2.    This is short for rhinoceroses.

3.    A flightless marine bird.

4.    The African ___ is the largest land mammal.

5.    We lived millions of years ago.

6.    I am a reptile.

11.  I am a primate. Did you know that you are a primate too?

12.  Short for hippopotamus.

13.  People drink my milk.

15.  This is Billy Bear’s favorite animal.

17.  I am man’s best friend.

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