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Baloo's Bugle


April 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 9
May 2005 Theme

Theme: Pet Pals
Webelos: Sportsman & Outdoorsman
  Tiger Cub



Rover The Rescuer

Baltimore Area Council

Equipment: St. Bernard dog or any dog with small barrel around his neck, Cubmaster dressed in ski attire. Cubmaster hands out awards in “brandy barrels” made from paper tubes with plugs in ends .

(Awards chairman runs in from side of room with dog.)

Cubmaster:  Rover the Rescuer has some awards for our mountain hike. (Calls out names of boys receiving Wolf and arrow points and has them come to the front.) I understand you have finished the Wolf run and for this I have something for you. (Hands out awards)

I have been told that (calls boys’ names receiving Bear and arrow points and has them come forward) have mastered the Bear Ridge. We have fine awards for this great accomplishment. (Hands out awards)

Many people have been talking about the expert slope of Webelos Mountain and I would like to meet and greet these boys for their fine work. (Calls out names and has them come forward. Hands out awards)

It takes many hours or work and practice to be good at anything worthwhile and the survival of the world may someday rest with the accomplishments of these boys.


Piedmont Council

Cubmaster:  You know, I think that old saying about a dog being man’s best friend is true. My best friend is my dog. Asst. CM: Goldfish are nice!

Wolf Ldr:    Not me. My best friends have been Bobcats. But now they all want to be Wolves.

Cubmaster:  Wolves!

Asst. CM:    I said, goldfish are nice.

Wolf DL:     I have a list of my friends here now. They worked so hard that now their wish can come true and they will be Wolves.

Cubmaster:  Let me see that list. Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please step forward? (Calls out list of names)

Cubmaster:  Having completed all the requirements and doing your best, I hereby present to you this patch and card to show that you have now become Wolves. (Presents awards and shakes hands)

Cubmaster:  Now Wolves, please present these pins to your parents as a token of your appreciation for their support in helping you fulfill your wish. (Hands pins to the boys, who present pins to the parents)

Bear Ldr:    My best friends all want to become Bears.

Cubmaster:  Bears!

Asst. CM:    Goldfish are nice.

(Cubmaster repeats process for Bear Scouts)

Webelos DL:     My best friends all want to become Webelos.

Cubmaster: Webelos? What kind of pet animal is a Webelos?

Webelos DL: A wild one.

Asst. CM:    I still think goldfish are nice.

Cubmaster: (Takes list of Webelos Scouts from den leader and repeats process)

Cubmaster: In conclusion, this special award goes to our Assistant Cubmaster, the Friends of the Goldfish award! (Hands him a bag of Goldfish crackers)

Asst. CM:    My favorite!


Piedmont Council

1.     Attach awards to stuffed or plastic animals. If you have enough animals for the boys receiving the awards, use one toy per boy; otherwise, use one toy per group (Bobcat, Wolves, Bears). Mention the good qualities of each of the animals. Mention how these qualities are valued among friends, both humans and animals. Example: Dogs are loyal and will be there for you; Birds can sing and make you happy; Goldfish are quiet so they are good listeners!

2.     If all the boys in the pack are receiving some kind of awards, prepare part of the award at the den meeting. Gather old calendars and magazines that have pictures of dogs. Ask boys to find and cutout a picture of a dog that looks like his dog, or that would be his dog if he had one. Have them glue or tape the pictures to cards. Ask them to write a few words to explain why they consider that dog their friend. Make sure to include their names. Attach their awards to the cards. At the ceremony, comment on the dog and the boy’s description. Talk about the ways people make friends with dogs, other animals, and humans.

Noah’s Ark Advancement

Santa Clara County Council

Props:   Robe and walking stick for Noah (Cubmaster) and similar costume for his assistant (Awards Chair or Assistant Cubmaster). Also needed is a 1’ x 6’ plank to cross over into the Ark.

Cubmaster: Well, we finally have completed building the Ark. I’m sure glad we didn’t have to build two of these. The weather shows it will only be a few hours before the rains start, so we better get busy rounding up all the animals for the trip. I must remember, though not to let the termites go with us!

Assistant:    Noah, what animals do you want me to round up and bring aboard first?

Cubmaster: The first one will be the Bobcats. Will you please call them to the Ark?

Assistant:    Will (read names) and their parents please come forward and cross over onto the Ark? (Cubmaster presents awards.)

Cubmaster: It’s time to bring aboard the Wolves. Will you please call them to the Ark? (Repeat for Bear, Arrow Points, Webelos Badge and Activity Badges)  We have certainly called aboard the most important animals to the Ark.  Of course, most of you recognize them as Cub Scouts. And just like the two of each species of animals that were on Noah’s Ark, Cub Scouts are famous for doing things in twos:

CM & Asst  To do their best,
To do their duty to God and their country,
To help other people,
To obey the law of the Pack.

Assistant:    Congratulations to each Cub Scout who has earned and been presented an award tonight. We know that you have learned through your accomplishments more knowledge and character that will carry you through Boy Scouts and on to successful young men.

Pet Show

Baltimore Area Council

Props: Boys can be outfitted in Dog or Cat faces. Den Leaders should be dressed as Pet Trainers and the Cubmaster as the Pet Show Announcer.

Cubmaster: “Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to see a parade of achievements in our Pet Show, the likes of which you have never seen before! For our 1st act, our pets with their trainers (parents) have trained and have the cunning skills like Bobcats. They have performed during their training for us showing what feats they have mastered.” (Bobcats and parents come forward and go through Bobcat requirements with Cubmaster. Present badges.)

“Notice how well these skilled pets have been trained by their trainers. Let’s have a fine round of applause for this fine act we have just seen performed before our very eyes.”

“And now we have for our second colossal act of achievement this evening, another fine trained act. The skills of Wolves have been instilled in these pets and they are: (read names of boys receiving Wolf badge or arrow points under Wolf badge). Here come those Wolf skilled pets and their trainers: (Go through similar talk to cover some of Wolf requirements. Handle Bear badges and arrow points in same manner.)

“And now ladies and gentlemen, we have a stupendous act which takes much skill and requires work and patience as these young men climb to great heights ...in fact, to the very top in the Cub Scout parade of achievements. Let’s all watch breathlessly as we give special honors in a ceremony which will demonstrate to you what heights these boys have climbed with the help of their trainers along the way. It is a privilege to introduce to you the participants in this outstanding feat.” (call the boys and parents forward and present activity badges with flowery language pertaining to that particular activity badge.)

“And now for the stars of our show ... the young men who have completed the requirements for the Arrow of Light ...the highest award in Cub Scouting. In order to qualify for this award these young men have shown knowledge about Scouting, citizenship and emergency first aid. As these stars step into our center ring, let’s give them a roaring round of applause.” (Read names …) “We have presented for you one of the most exciting, most stupendous Pet show in the history of Cub Scouting. The young men you have seen before you have attained the heights of achievement ...an amazing array of ability and stupendous skill ...an extravaganza extraordinary!”

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