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Baloo's Bugle


January 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 6
February 2005 Theme

Theme: It's A Scouting Celebration
Webelos: Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub:
Requirement 4 & Activities




Leader’s Survival Checklist

Baltimore Area Council

*       When the Pack won’t pay attention and you feel like blowing your top, count to ten.

*       So you tied the flag on upside down.  Smile knowingly like you planned it that way.  Praise the Cub who saw it.

*       Accept the boy for what he is.  If that’s impossible, just be thankful he isn’t your son.

*       Learn to laugh at yourself.  The Cubs probably think you’re hilarious anyway.

*       Too many Cubs and not enough leaders?  What a compliment!  It must be YOU they like!

*       When everything goes wrong remember Job.  At least you don’t have boils.

*       Remember you’re a human, no matter what the boys might tell you

*       Running a meeting is a breeze?  You’re in trouble!  Go take a Supplemental Training course.

HHMMmm – Take a Supplemental Training Course –

The Philmont Training Center (PTC) schedule for 2004 is out!!  I have received my first invitation to a seminar this summer from the National Lutheran Association of Scouters.  And my daughter’s staff application has been accepted for her third summer.

Cub Training at PTC in 2005 –

Adapted from National’s website (www.scouting.org/philmont) and my daughter’s and my memories

Week 2 - June 12-18 (Cub Scouting & Health & Safety)

*       Pow Wow Leadership

*       Cub Scout Outdoor Program

*       Strictly for Cubmasters

*       Cub Scout Roundtables

*       New Directions in Membership Growth

*       Training Cub Scout Leaders

*       Webelos Scout to First Class Scout

*       Pack Trainer

*       Health and Safety/Risk Management

*       Teaching Basic Outdoor Skills

*       National Youth Leader Instructor Camp

Week 9 – July 31 - August 6 (Cub Scouting)

*       Training Cub Scout Leaders

*       Leading Pack Camping

*       Strictly for Cubmasters

*       Webelos Scout Program

*       Supercharging Den and Pack Programs

*       Cub Scout Roundtables

*       Putting Pizzazz into Cub Scouting

*       Connecting Character with Cub Scouting

If any of these interest you, contact your District Executive and ask how your council determines who is nominated to attend courses at Philmont

Check your Scouting Magazine to get descriptions of these seminars.  Or call your council or Philmont, 505-376-5581 and request the brochure for 2004.

The weekly schedule at Philmont is relaxed.  All the Free Time they took out of the Wood Badge course they put into Philmont training J J

Sunday –           Check In, Chapel, Evening campfire

Monday –           Classes and Family program begin.  All adults meet in Assembly for brief orientation.  Cobblers and Band at Tent city.

Tuesday -           Classes and Family program continue.  Buffalo Bar-be-que, games on the lawn and western dancing, branding

Wednesday –    Your day off.  Enjoy the time with your family.  Explore where you can around Philmont or travel to Cimarron and surrounding area.  Watch “Follow Me Boys” at night with fellow Scouters.  See how everyone laughs at lines like, “I promise, I am only going to do this for one year.”

Thursday -        Classes and Family program continue.  Cobblers and band at Tent city, branding

Friday -              Classes and Family program continue.  Graduation.  Closing campfire

Saturday –        Pack up and leave.

Family Programs

The Philmont Training Center offers a full, organized program for every member of the family—from infants to spouses. Family members will be joined by others in their age group and will participate in a carefully designed, age- and ability-specific program under the leadership of trained, experienced staff.

Each family program group will participate in activities designed with the age and ability of the family member in mind.  The age grouping generally follows the same pattern you find in the Scouting program.  There are horse and pony rides, handicraft, day hikes of various lengths, museum tours, ice cream socials, BB and archery, and more.  Older youth get to go on an overnighter!!

Wives, husbands, and other adult family members have a wide range of planned activities to choose from - museum visits, local history, Indian arts programs, pottery-making demonstrations, guided nature walks and programs, Villa Philmonte tours, trips to nearby towns, COPE, and fishing.

An extensive day-hiking program is available to wives, husbands, and other adult family members. Hikes range from an easy one-mile nature walk to somewhat strenuous all-day hikes of three to eight miles. Possible hiking destinations include Abreu Camp, Lover's Leap, Cathedral Rock, Window Rock, Indian Writings Camp, Urraca Trail.

Tent City Accommodations

Tent cities accommodate all Training Center participants and their families. Tents are large (10 by 12), two-person wall tents with wood or concrete floors, electric lights, an electric outlet, wardrobe, and two twin-size beds with mattresses.

Living in tents may be a new experience, but you will find the leisurely life of a tent dweller to be comfortable and enjoyable in Philmont's climate. Each tent city has modern restrooms and showers, a playground, tent city office and shelter. The tent city staff is on hand to help you in any way possible.  Irons, ironing boards, and other services are available for your use at no charge in your tent city office.

Your tent city staff or your fellow tent city residents may organize games, evening activities, cracker barrels, sing-alongs, patch-trading sessions, and other activities.


All meals are served in the two Training Center dining halls


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