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Baloo's Bugle


January 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 6
February 2005 Theme

Theme: It's A Scouting Celebration
Webelos: Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub:
Requirement 4 & Activities




A Search for Blue and Gold

Baltimore Area Council

Directions:  Go around the room and ask people if they have the following objects or fit the descriptions asked for. Have the person sign his or her name next to the statement that fits them. 

Maybe you can arrange this into a Bingo board and award prizes.  CD

1.       Do you have a gold watch on?__________________

2.       Are you a child wearing a blue shirt?_____________

3.       Are you an adult wearing a blue shirt?____________

4.       Do you have glasses with gold rims?_____________

5.       Are you wearing gold socks?___________________

6.       Do you have blue eyes?______________________

7.       Do you have golden hair?_____________________

8.       Is your last or first initial “B”?__________________

9.       Is your last or first initial “G”?__________________

10.    How many electives to earn a gold arrow point?_____

11.    What does Blue and Gold mean?________________

12.    Are you wearing gold earrings?_________________

13.    Do you have gold braces?_____________________

14.    Are you wearing a gold ring?___________________

15.    Does your belt have a gold buckle?______________

16.    Is your belt blue?____________________________

17.    Are your shoes blue?________________________

18.    Are you wearing a Blue ribbon?_________________

19.    Are you wearing gold shoes?__________________

20.    Are you wearing blue socks?___________________

History of Cub Scouting

Santa Clara County Council

Identify the correct decade (1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990) in which the following events occurred in Cub Scout history:

_______  1.                Tiger Cubs introduced

_______  2.                First Pinewood Derby

_______  3.                Cub Scouting officially approved in the U.S.

_______  4.                Garfield the Cat named National Cub Scouting “spokescat.”

_______  5.                First Blue and Gold banquet. Packs sell war bonds and war stamps

_______  6.                National Summertime Pack award introduced

_______  7.                Five ranks established: Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light

Answers:  1-1980 (1982), 2-1950 (1953), 3-1930, 4-1990 (1999), 5-1940 (1943), 6-1960 (1964), 7-1970 (1978)

Jungle Book Characters Matching Quiz

Circle Ten Council

How well do you know you’re The Jungle Book characters? 

                 1.  Shere Khan                            a.  Monkey People

                 2.  Bagheera                                                      b.  Rat

                 3.  Mowgli                                       c.  Black Panther

                 4.  Red Flower                       d.  Teacher of the Law

                 5.  Rann                                                            e.  Kite

                 6.  Mang                                                f.  Tailor-Bird

                 7.  Tabaqui                                                        g.  Bat

                 8.  Gidur-log                                   h.  Wild Elephant

                 9.  Raksha                                         i.   Rock Python

                 10. Mao                                                           j.  Tiger

                 11. Akela                                               k.  Lone Wolf

                 12. Baloo                                                   l.   Peacock

                 13. Bandar-log                                             m.  Jackal

                 14. Kaa                                                              n.  Fire

                 15. Hathi                                          o.  Jackal People

                 16. Rikki-tikki-tavi                                   p.  Boy Cub

                 17. Chuchundra                                    q.  Musk-Rat

                 18. Darzee                                             r.  Mongoose

                 19. Chua                                                      s.  Demon

See how well everyone did in putting the right animals with the names Kipling gave them in his book

Answers: 1– j, 2 – c, 3 – p, 4 – n, 5 –  e, 6 – g, 7 - m, 8 – o, 9 – s, 10 – l, 11 – k, 12 – d, 13 – a, 14 – i, 15 – h, 16 – r, 17 – q, 18 – f, 19 – b

Baloo and Gold Word Search

Circle Ten Council

You may want to copy the picture and enlarge the size before having boys attempt the word search. CS

This puzzle contains words and phrase related to Cub Scouting.  See how many you can find.

Shere Khan                       Bagheera                              Mowgli

Red Flower                           Rann                                     Mang

Father Wolf                       Tabaqui                     Mother Wolf

Gidur-log                    Law of the Jungle                       Raksha

Council Rock                        Mao                                     Akela

Bagheera                              Baloo                           Bandar-log

Kaa                                     Lost City                                  Hathi

Rikki-tikki-tavi                Chuchundra                             Darzee


Roman Numerals

Great Salt Lake Council

Roman numerals are often used in marking the anniversary of special events (i.e. the Olympics, The Super Bowl, etc.). Can you write the Roman numeral for our 75th birthday of Scouting?

Here are some helps if you need them.

The basic symbols are:

I= 1, V= 5, X= 10, L= 50, C= 100, D= 500, M= 1000.

And there are two rules to remember. Put a number of lesser value before one of greater value to decrease the amount of the second letter by the amount of the first.

Put a number of lesser value after one of greater value to increase the amount of the first letter by the amount of the second.

Here are some examples:

1= I                                                                 8= VIII

2= II                                                                  9= IX

3= III                                                                10= X

4= IV                                                             40= XL

5= V                                                          94= XCIV

6= VI                                         1,770= MDCCLXX

7= VII                                        1,999= MCMXCIX

Now write the Roman numeral for 75:


For extra practice, write the Roman numerals for the following:

98:___________ 301:__________ 1,240:_________

47:___________ 532:__________ 2,945:_________

(Answers: 98:XCVIII 47:XLVII 301:CCCI 532:DXXXII 1,240:MCCXL 2,945:MMCMXLV)

Oh yes – 75 = LXXV

Who Is Who? - Who Was Who?

Baltimore Area Council

Find 10 people here who fit the descriptions in #1 - #10. have him/her write their name in the blank provided.  As you are meeting new people discuss the other questions and see if you can complete them.

Someone who:

1)       wears size 8 1/2 shoes:  _______________________  

2)       has blue eyes:  _____________________________  

3)       plays a musical instrument:  ___________________  

4)       has red hair:  ______________________________  

5)       has a younger sister:  ________________________  

6)       likes liver:  ________________________________  

7)       speaks a foreign language:  ___________________  

8)       was born in another state:  ____________________  

9)       has a birthday in January:  ____________________  

10)   was a Cub Scout as a boy:  ____________________  

Who was the founder of Scouting?  _________________  

When was the BSA incorporated? __________________  

Three men are generally regarded as the “fathers of’ Scouting in the United States.  They were:

·         E____________   T___________ S____________

·         D____________   C___________ B____________

·         J____________   E___________ W___________

When did Cub Scouting begin in the U.S.?  ___________  

The words PACK, DEN, AKELA and the LAW OF THE PACK come from a book by an English author

The book is  __________________________________  

It was written by  _______________________________  

Think Fast

Baltimore Area Council

Assign people to groups as they arrive. Have them complete the following questions.  Review answers during Roundtable (or Pack Meeting) Ice Breaker time or score and award prizes for most correct, fastest, …

  1. What letter is a beverage?
  2. What letter is a body of water?
  3. What letter is a bid?
  4. What letter is a sheep?
  5. What letter is a vegetable?
  6. What letter is a slang expression?
  7. What letter is a question?
  8. What letter is a verb of debt?
  9. What letter is a clue?
  10. What letter is an insect?

                Answers: (T, C, I, U, P, G, Y, O, Q, B)


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