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Baloo's Bugle


January 2005 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 6
February 2005 Theme

Theme: It's A Scouting Celebration
Webelos: Engineer & Scholar
  Tiger Cub:
Requirement 4 & Activities





Great Salt Lake Council

Divide into two groups.

Group One: "I like Cub Scouts; yes, I do! I like Cub

Scouts; how about you?" Points to Group Two.

Group Two: Responds in same manner.

Continue taking turns for a couple of rounds.

Cub Scout Yell

Great Salt Lake Council

Rip, Rap, Rap! Rip, Rap, Ree!

Loyal Happy Cub Scouts are We!

Do Your Best! Be Prepared! Shout! Shout! Shout!

Wolf Cub! Bear Cub! Webelos Scout!

Baltimore Area Council

Cub Den Cheers - Use these cheers separately for Den awards or have the boys do all four at one time to see who can cheer the loudest.

ü       Tigers yell ‘We’re grrrrrreat!”

ü       Wolves howl,

ü       Bears growl and

ü       Webelos yell, “We all yell, Webelos are swell!”

Pack Cheer - The Cubmaster says, Clap your hands (everybody claps two times) “stomp your feet” (everybody stomps two times), then everyone yells together “Pack _____ can’t be beat!”

When I Do – You Do - Tell the group that when you applaud so should they, and when you don’t, they shouldn’t either. Use false starts throughout the evening to try and trick them up.

Do a Good Turn - Have the group stand up to applaud. They clap once, turn a ¼ turn and clap again, turn another ¼ turn and clap again, and continue like that until they have completed a full turn.

Great Job Applause - Group stands and says “GREAT JOB GREAT JOB GREAT JOB, getting louder each time.

Good Going Applause - Group stands and says “ GOOD GOING GOOD GOING GOOD GOING starting off loud and ending softly.

Well Done - Say well done then have the audience echo it back to you.

Cracker Cheer - Hold imaginary cracker in hand. Pretend to take a bite. Smile and say “MMMM,GOOOD

 “Six” Gun Salute - Point finger into sky and say Bang bang six times, then blow the “smoke” away.

Fruit Salad - Pretend like your eating a watermelon, spit out seeds, then a cantaloupe, then a cherry. (for cherry, put finger in cheek bone and pop out of mouth)

My pack’s favorite of late is the Samurai Warrior Watermelon Cheer – Commissioner Dave

·         Everyone holds their watermelon in their hands (Arms a little wider than shoulder width with palms up)

·         Then they toss their “watermelons” into the air

·         Next they pull their sword and slice through the watermelon while its above their head as it falls (a Samurai yell is appropriate here)

·         Catch a piece of the watermelon after slicing (Arms a little wider than shoulder width with palms up.  Give a loud thud as the watermelon falls into your hands)

·         Now do a classic watermelon cheer

·         You can make it a Southern Samurai watermelon cheer by adding a “Y’All” after spitting the pits.  (I learned the Southern Watermelon Cheer from J. Clay Dean of Montgomery, AL, and James Phillips of Alexander City, AL, while at NJLITC at Schiff Scout Reservation in 1963.  We were in the Wolf Patrol of Troop 249 with Jim Walker as Scoutmaster and Ron Geddes as SPL.  I saw Clay and Jim the next summer at the 1964 Valley Forge Jambo but never since.  Any other 1963 NJLITC vets out there??)



Great Salt Lake Council

The first person calls from out of sight: "Hey Fred, look! I'm in the top of a 100 foot tall tree."

The second person: “But Joe, we don't have any 100 foot tall trees in camp.”

First person: "Oh noooo....", screams as he is falling.

Baltimore Area Council

Did you hear about the birthday candle that was upset?

                           Those birthday parties really burn him up!

What kind of bird is like a car?       A goose, they both honk

What pets are found in most cars?                           Car-pet?

What do you get if you mix an egg with a scientist?

                                                                       An egg-spearmint.

What should a Cub Scout keep after he gives it away?

                                                                                     A promise.

What is it that always increases the more Cub Scouts share it?  Happiness.


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