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Baloo's Bugle


August 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 1
September 2004 Theme

Theme: Time in a Capsule
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub:
Program & Activities




Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide

This month’s theme gives boys a chance to think about the future and how it will affect each of them.  This is, also, an opportunity for boys to look into the past and see how things have changed.  This is a great time for leaders to share their Cub Scout experiences and how life is different today.  Emphasize the positive aspects of the future.


Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide

Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through this month’s theme are:

ü       Spiritual Growth, Cub Scouts will grow in mind and spirit when learning about and reflecting on past accomplishments.

ü       Respectful Relationships,  Boys will learn that working together as a den builds teamwork.

ü       Preparation for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts will have a chance to reflect on famous men who are Eagle Scouts as they are walking down that same trail themselves.

The core value highlighted this month is:

ü       Positive Attitude, As boys participate in various activities, the will come to understand that all things change and they can make a difference in how that change affects their lives.  A positive outlook will provide hope and excitement for the future.

Can you think of others??? Hint – look in your Cub Scout Program Helps.  It lists different ones!! All the items on both lists are applicable!!  You could probably list all twelve if you thought about it!!


This month’s theme – I wasn’t sure what direction we were supposed to do take with this month’s theme.  So, I pulled out my new Cub Scout Program Helps and Cub Scout Roundtable Leader’s Guide books.  As I read the Focus, Prayer and Core Values and looked over the activities, I saw that the intent was to have us reflect on the past and into the future.  Thinking about the fact that the Blue and Gold Theme for this February is “It’s a Scouting Celebration,” and that this is Cub Scouting’s 75th Anniversary, I believe we will see a trend to reflection and celebration built on Cub Scouting’s past this year.  Get your parents involved by having them tell you about when they were Scouts.  Have them bring in their memorabilia (e.g. I have my 1957 Wolf, Bear and Lion Books).  This should help the boys see how much their parents think of Scouting and encourage them to want to do it, too.  BUT don’t let them talk too long (a bad habit of mine).

There is a great match game in the Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide involving famous Eagle Scouts.  Line them up with what they did or why they are famous.  Make sure your RT Commissioner gets you a copy.  I put some links to lists of Famous Eagle Scouts in the Website section.

I noticed a lot of Pow Wow books focused on the future with Space theme materials.  But maybe most of the Pow Wow Book editors are my age and remember the space race and so thought that space was good for reflecting on the past J J  (I am typing this on the 35th anniversary of our first manned landing on the moon). 

And we come toward the end of another glorious summer of Scouting and Fun.  When this hits the web, I will be hitting the trail in Philmont.  I have an awesome crew this time.  10 youth and 2 advisors (I hope we keep up) Youth ages are – 1-17, 7-16, 1-15 and 1-14.  And they all want to do it all!!  They wanted Baldy, the Tooth and Burro Racing (and a few other things)  Check the Burro Racing results in your local paper for August 4 –surely you will see Crew 727J-2 listed as the evening’s champs!!  I love doing Philmont treks because I get to see what my Cubs look like after they have been Boy Scouts for a few years.  It keeps me going!! 

This has truly been a Scouting summer for my family and me.  My son is Scoutcraft Director for the third year at our Council camp.  My daughter is on Philmont PTC staff for the second summer.  She takes the youth that accompany their parents to PTC camping, hiking, horseback riding, crafting and doing lots of other things.  Maybe you met her – Darby, the curly haired one that can’t stand still.  She had the 8-9 year old girls the other week and they ran out of songs to sing!!!  My wife just loves the peace and quiet at home with everyone out.  We have been able to spend a lot of time together with the kids both living at camps.  An next week she gets a break from me, too J J

And this issue begins another year of Baloo just as the Fall Scouting season begins at our August Roundtable.  Now I am worried.  I know there are things that I should repeat every year and things that if I repeat, you readers will ask me, why am I repeating myself?  I am running low on Poems, Prayers, Quotes, and Websites.  My Pow Wow Books are finishing up; will I get enough new ones to keep Baloo worthwhile??  I know I will but I will need your help again.  Please.  When you see something you want to share with other Cub Scout leaders – send it to me. Thanks.

Commissioner Dave



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