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Baloo's Bugle


August 2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 1
September 2004 Theme

Theme: Time in a Capsule
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub:
Program & Activities





Mt. Diablo Silverado Area Council

Baden Powell Applause: Stand very erectly with your hands clasped together behind your back in parade rest position.  Look left to right, right to left, smile slightly, and then nod head as if saying "Yes".

Good Job Cheer: Divide the room in half.  As you point to one side, they say "Good".  When you point to the other half of the audience, they say "Job".  Vary the speed and the direction you point.  Aim for volume.

York Adams Council

Applause And Cheer: When leader holds up the right hand, everyone cheers; holds up the left hand everyone claps; both, both!

Cheerleader Cheer

Leader:  Give me a "B"                                    Cubs:  "B"
Leader:  Give me an "L"                                  Cubs:  "L"
Leader:  Give me a "B"                                    Cubs:  "B"

Leader:  Give me an "L"                                   Cubs:  "L"

Leader:  Give me a "B"                                    Cubs:  "B"

Leader:  Give me an "L"                                  Cubs:  "L"

Leader:  Give me a "B"                                    Cubs:  "B"

Leader:  Give me an "L"                                  Cubs:  "L"

Leader:  "Put 'em all together and what do you have?

Cubs:  Put index finger between lips and say "Bl-bl-bl-bl!"

Heart of America Council

Wolf Applause - Give a Wolf howl four times, each time turning one quarter of a turn, to make one full turn.

Bear Applause - Growl like a bear and turn W turn each time. Make four growls and two complete turns.

Pack Yell - Clap your hands!! (Clap hands five times) Stomp your feet! (Stomp feet five times) Pack _________ can't be beat!!!

Cubby Applause - Yell "What's the best den?" and have all the other dens yell back the winning den number.

Sam Houston Area Council

ROCKET SHIP APPLAUSE: Act as if lighting the fuse of a rocket (make hissing sound), raise arms as a rocket taking off (make "whooooosh" sound), make popping sound, then while moving hands in circle above head, go BOOM.

BLAST-OFF APPLAUSE: Count backwards from 5 to 1. Bend knees a little more on each count until you are in a squatting position. Then say "BLAST-OFF" and jump up.

UFO CHEER: Hold index fingers to forehead and shout "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER."

Circle Ten Council

SATELLITE APPLAUSE - Move right hand in a circle over head, opening and closing fist while saying in a high falsetto voice, "Gleep-Gleep, Gleep-Gleep


Circle Ten Council

We're blasting off into space!

While we spread goodwill

We'll leave no trace

We'll do our best

Right down to the wire

Helping our pack soar higher and higher!

(Everyone makes a rocket sound.)



Sam Houston Area Council

Did you hear about the astronaut who stepped on chewing gum?             He got stuck in orbit!

How did the astronaut serve dinner in outer space?
                                                                       On flying saucers!

Where do astronauts leave their spaceships?
                                                                    At parking meteors!

Santa Clara County Council

How does a man on the moon get his hair cut?
                                                                                      Eclipse it.

What did the alien say to the gas pump?
            Take your fingers out of your ears and listen to me!

What goes up and never comes down?
                                                                                       Your age.

Circle Ten Council

What did Neptune say to Saturn?

Give me a ring sometime!

What kind of ticks do you find on the moon?




Heart of America Council

These are truly classics!! CD

Cub 1:         How come you didn't wait to see the second act of the play?

Cub 2:         Didn't have time. The program said it took place a year later.

Cub 1:         What's the date today?

Cub 2:         I don't know."

Cub 1:         Look at the newspaper

Cub 2:         That's no use. That's yesterday's paper.

Cub 1:         (running on stage): They're after me

Cub 2:         Who's after you?

Cub 1:         The squirrels! They think I'm nuts.

Cub 1:         (enters dragging a rope)

Cub 2:         Why are you dragging the rope?

Cub l:          Have you ever tried pushing one?

Mir Formality

Baltimore Area Council

After intensive investigations on both Soviet and US parts, both space agencies have determined the cause for the accident which has placed the station and its resident personnel in jeopardy. In terse statements at a recent press conference, Soviet and US space agencies spokespersons said Thursday, "We have concluded joint investigations concerning this potentially tragic accident and each nation's team, separately, has arrived at identical conclusions for this incident. One thing and one thing only caused the accident only... OBJECTS IN MIR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR."



Santa Clara County Council

A person comes on stage, looking up at the sky.  Each following person comes in, looks at the first person, then looks up at the sky and continues looking.  They continue this for a while, until the last person asks the one ahead of him what hes looking at.  He doesnt know, and asks the one ahead of him and so up so the first one, who says, Im not looking at anything.  I have a stiff neck.





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