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Baloo's Bugle


August  2004 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 11, Issue 1
September 2004 Theme

Theme: Time in a Capsule
Webelos: Citizen and Communicator
  Tiger Cub:
Program & Activities




Starting in September, I will feature one Tiger Achievement a month.  There will be hints and tips for activities to help you and your Tigers complete the achievement. CD

Remember – Tigers get Blue Cub Scout uniforms this year.  No more orange shirts.  National announced this with post cards to Cubmasters and others.  The Tiger Totem will be worn on the right chest pocket.

What's New, Tiger Cub?

Baltimore Area Council

As part of the effort to remove barriers from Tiger Cubs participating fully in Cub Scouting and to create additional fun and excitement for first-grade boys, a new advancement plan was added last year to create additional fun and excitement for first grade boys. Tiger Cubs have been members of Cub Scout Packs for years, but the Tiger Cub program is still evolving with a new look, while keeping its most important elements. The Tiger Cub program remains the fun-filled, age­-appropriate introduction to Cub Scouting. Tiger Cubs still participate along with an adult partner and those adult partners share leadership in the Tiger Cub Den.

Highlights of the Tiger Cub Program

•       Tiger Cubs and adult partners participate in Den and Pack activities together.

•       A Tiger Cub Den leader coordinates shared leadership among adult partners in the Den.

•       Tiger Cubs wear the blue uniform with an orange neckerchief, along with an optional, newly designed blue and orange cap. No. 83892.

•       The Tiger Cub badge, No. 80369, is earned after completing five achievements grouped in three areas: Den activity, Family activity, and Go See It Activity. After completing the rank of Tiger Cub, a boy may earn one Tiger Track bead when he completes 10 electives. There is no limit to the number of Tiger Track beads a boy can earn.

•       Advancement is displayed on a Tiger Cub totem

•       The recommended monthly meeting pattern consists of Den, family, and "Go See It" activities, and participation in the monthly Pack meeting. Suggested Den meeting plans are included in Cub Scout Program Helps, No. 34304D.

•       Tiger Cubs and adult partners work out of the Tiger Cub Handbook, No. 34713, to complete achievements and electives, and plan activities.

•       A complete description of the Tiger Cub program can be found in the "Tiger Cub Program" chapter of the Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221 A.

•       Each Pack should have one or more Tiger Cub Dens, each consisting of five to nine boys and adult partners.

•       The Tiger Cub Den leaders are members of the Pack leadership team and receive support and coaching from the Pack committee, which includes the Pack Trainer, Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster.

•       Tiger Cub badges should be presented in meaningful Pack meeting ceremonies.

•       Tiger Cub Dens actively participate in Pack meetings and activities.

•       Tiger Cubs and their adult partners are the future of your Pack!

It's in the Book

For the most up-to-date information about Tiger Cubs, see the Tiger Cub Handbook, No. 34713, and the Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221A.

Tigers are Grrrrreat!! And don't we know it! As Tiger Leaders, our job is to help these young Scouts to search, discover, and share together as they start along the Cub Scout Trail.

Tigers - Fun at the Zoo

Circle Ten Council

Here is an idea for a fun way for you start off your Tiger year, something the whole family can enjoy -  CD

Family Activities

Zoos are a great choice for family fun anytime, with events and fun year-round. Your family can see some of natures most beautiful and varied creatures, and learn about their favorite animals.  


Get a family pass to the zoo. If the whole family visits the zoo just twice, you more than recover our cost.


See how animals look with their winter or summer coats on. Talk about how they live in either the cold or hot weather.

Den Activities


Need: Orange paper in the shape of a giraffe, black paint, small sponges or cotton balls, clothes pegs, Styrofoam meat tray

Directions: Use the clothes pegs as handles and attach a cotton ball or sponge to the end. Put the paint on a Styrofoam meat tray and using the cotton ball/sponge to dip into paint and dab spots onto the giraffe.


Need:  Zebra shape, marble, black paint, box

Directions: One of my favorite zoo animal activities is to roller ball paint (marble paint) on a zebra shape with black paint. I use the boxes that canned coke come in to do this activity. I simply supply the black paint in a shallow pan, the zebra cut outs, and large marbles.


Need: Shoe box, straws, clay or toilet paper rolls

Directions: Take a shoe box-remove lid . Punch holes about 1/4 inch in along the length of the box and again on the paralleled side trying to keep holes aligned. Run a straw through a hole on the top and on the bottom. Sit box onto one of longer side tada - a cage. Next create an animal out of clay or toilet paper rolls. Pull up a straw and give the animal a home.

Den Activities

You can find more ideas at zoopals.pactiv.com

Make a puppet.

Glue or tape a stick to the back of a Hefty® Zoo Pals® plate and make a puppet for a puppet show. You can use a Popsicle stick, paint stirrer, ruler, or even a chopstick. You can put on a show, such as a make-believe zoo or circus, or take the animals on an adventure.

Make a mask.

Glue or tape a stick to the back of a Hefty® Zoo Pals® plate. Cut out the eyes and let the child hold the animal face up to his/her face. To ensure that the child does not trip or fall, use the mask only while seated.

Make a set of animal ears.

This is great for a costume or for letting your child pretend to be his/her favorite animal. Cut your child’s favorite ears off the plate about ½ inch below the ears. Tape the ears, at the center only, to a plastic, rigid or cloth headband and carefully place ear-band on child’s head. See if your child can make the sound or motions of his/her favorite animal.

Design your own Hefty® Zoo Pals® plate.

Turn a plate upside down on a piece of paper. Trace the outline of the plate to form a template for a new animal design. Let your child draw his/her own Zoo Pals® animal with crayons, markers, or paint. Or cut apart the pieces from real plates and let the child paste together a new plate, combining eyes, noses, and ears from different animals. Create a body for your favorite Zoo Pal® animal. Select your favorite Hefty® Zoo Pals® plate and glue or tape it to a large piece of paper. Let your child design a body for his/her favorite animal using crayons, markers, paint, or even scraps of fabric.

Jazz up Hefty® Zoo Pals® plates.

Use glitter, fabric scraps, yarn, paint, nail polish, and colored glue to decorate and accessorize your favorite animals. Give them hair, glasses, shoes, and more.




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