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Baloo's Bugle


December 2003 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5
January 2004 Theme

Home Alone
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #5




Home Alone

Circle Ten Council

Personnel: 9 Cub Scouts

Props: Have each boy hold a card with his letter on the front and the words written on the back.

H -           Home alone is OK with me.

O -          Because I have learned about safety.

M -          Emergency numbers I know which to call

E -           Basic first aid, I know it all.


A -           House rules that I must follow.

L -           The right foods that I can eat.

O -          And if in trouble I should become.

N -           I'm not afraid or scared.

E -           To my safe house I will run!

Amazing Flag Ceremony

Chief Seattle Council

In a darkened room have a spotlight shining up on the flag from a very low position. The flag needs to be as large a flag as possible, and made of 100% nylon to create the right effect. It must be rolled onto the poll as tight as it can be done and then secured there by a ribbon tied around it or an unseen line of some kind like heavy fishing line. On a cue, the line/ribbon is cut/released and the flag will begin to "twirl" as it uncoils. A large flag will do this for an amazingly long time and the effect is quite striking.

This can be done in conjunction with music or narration of any kind.

May I …

SCC Council

Arrangement:  Pack flag is placed in center of stage.  Ten Cub Scouts in uniform, in turn, come on stage, stand near the pack flag and recite one of the statements below.  Upon finishing, each Cub Scout salutes the pack flag and steps back.

Cub # 1:       May I grow in character and ability as I grow in size.

Cub # 2:       May I be honest with myself and others in what I do and say.

Cub # 3:       May I learn and practice my religion.

Cub # 4:       May I always honor my parents, my elders and my leaders.

Cub # 5:       May I develop high moral principles and the courage to live by them.

Cub # 6:       May I strive for health in body, mind and spirit.

Cub # 7:       May I always respect the rights of others.

Cub # 8:       May I set a good example so that others may enjoy and profit from my company.

Cub # 9:       May I give honest effort to my work.

Cub # 10:    May I regard my education as preparation for the future

.Cub Scouting is…

Heart Of America Council

Arrangement: Seven Cubs line up across stage holding up posters as indicated. Each says his line pausing a moment after saying CUB SCOUTING IS

Cub # 1:        (Holds up poster of Bobcat Badge) Cub Scouting is: That new Bobcat who the Cub Scout promise makes.

Cub # 2:        (Holds up a poster of Wolf Badge) Cub Scouting is: That Wolf Cub Scout with his first achievement undertakes.

Cub # 3:        (Holds up poster for Bear Badge) Cub Scouting is that older Bear Cub who can tackle much more.

Cub # 4:        (Holds up poster with Webelos emblem on it) Cub Scouting is That Webelos Scout who’s running up a fine activity badge score.

Cub # 5:       (Holds up poster with word FUN on it) Cub Scouting is: All that plus much more too, giving us the reason what we’re here to do.

Cub # 6:        (Holds up poster with picture of a Cub Scout) Cub Scouting is. That boy clad in gold and blue making, this meeting important to me and to you.

Cub # 7:       (Holds up some type of patriotic poster) Cub Scouting is being a good citizen you see, so won’t you now Pledge Allegiance to our flag with me. (This Cub leads audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.)

America And The Army

Great Salt Lake Council

A is for the ARMY that guards us well.

M is for MEN and WOMEN who for liberty fell.

E is for the ENEMY that knocks at out door.

R is for RANKS of soldiers in the battle roar

I is for INDEPENDENCE that they win.

C is our COUNTRY and we in unison.

A is for ALLEGIANCE that we feel for our land.

Let us now pledge it with heart and with hand.

You could change Army to Armed Forces and include everyone if you wish and not have to change the letter  CD

Doctors Prescription

Circle Ten Council

Personnel: 8 Cubs and a narrator

Equipment: Cubs dressed as doctors

Narrator: I present to you Cub Scouts and parents, the eight best doctors in the world. Give heed to their words.

Doctor 1:           I am Doctor Rest. I cure you when you are tired.

Doctor 2:           I am Doctor Exercise. I make you strong.

Doctor 3:           I am Doctor Fresh Air. I give you vigor.

Doctor 4:           I am Doctor Proper Food. I help you live long.

Doctor 5:           I am Doctor Bath. I keep you clean.

Doctor 6:           I am Doctor Sleep . . . I make you well and help you grow.

Doctor 7:           I am Doctor Sunshine. I make you cheerful.

Doctor 8:           I am Doctor Play. I keep you happy and make you smile.

All Doctors: Employ us every day, we help you all and ask no pay.


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