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Baloo's Bugle


December 2003 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5
January 2004 Theme

Home Alone
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #5




Silly Filly Inny for Home Alone

SCC Council

The leader passes around slips of paper with various brief phrases on them.  Each member of the group draws a paper from the proverbial hat.  The leader reads the story below.  When there is a pause in the storyÖ signified by ***, the leader points to one of the group members, and that person SHOUTS OUT his phrase.  Of course, the phrase may or may not be exactly what was left outÖin fact, thatís the fun of it!

Kitchen table                           Favorite cartoon

Dining room table                                    Soccer

Yummy cheese                      Upstairs bedroom

Big bouquet                                    Garage door

Cupboard door                                 Math book

Dadís old computer                     Comfy couch

Dairy farm                           Cordless telephone

Old-fashioned oatmeal                       Toy truck

Refrigerator                               Romaine lettuce

English cucumber                          Garden shoe

Our story begins at 2:30 p.m. when Johnny arrived home from school with his sister, Suzie.  They put their backpacks on the ***, and prepared to make a snack.  Johnny liked to have cheese and crackers, so he opened the refrigerator and took out a piece of ***, then opened the *** to get the crackers.  Suzie preferred milk and cookies.  She reached into the cookie jar and took out 4 *** cookies, before reaching into the *** for a glass for her milk.

They took their snacks into the family room, sat down on the *** and turned on the television to watch their ***.  A half-hour later, Johnny knew it was time do his homework, so he turned off the TV, retrieved his backpack, and headed to his ***.  Johnny took his *** out of his pack, and prepared to do his assignment.  He had finished about half of the problems when the *** rang.  ďIíll get it,Ē called Suzie.  A few minutes later, she yelled, ďJohnny, itís Mom, and she wants to talk to you.Ē

Johnny picked up the phone.  ďHi, Mom,Ē he said.  She asked him if he would please make a salad for dinner, using the *** and the *** he would find in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.  Johnny said heíd do it right after he finished his math homework.  Mom had asked Suzie to set the table, and she was already putting the plates on the *** when Johnny hung up the phone and headed back to his room.  Suzie went out to the garden to pick a *** of flowers for the table.

After Johnny had finished his homework and made the salad, he returned to his room and turned on his ***.  He was hoping to receive an email message from his cousin, who lived on a ***.  His cousin almost always had a story to tell him, since they had a lot of animals, and one of them was often getting into mischief.  Today was no exception.  It seems that a goat had escaped his pen and wandered into the backyard.  It had chewed his motherís *** and his brotherís ***.  Johnny replied to the message with news of his *** teamís victory, writing that he had even scored a goal.

Just then, Johnny heard the *** open, and knew that one of his parents was arriving home.  Although he and Suzie felt perfectly safe at home alone, he always felt better when his parents were home, too.

Around the Town

Longhorn Council

This is a nice theme related adaptation of the Lion Hunt and the Bear Hunt found in Nationalís, ďGroup Meeting Sparklers.Ē  This type of story is always a big hit in Pack 480.  CD

1.       Do you want to go on a trip around town?

2.       All right! Letís go! (Leader-pats knees with palms of hands using alternating rhythm, indicating walking. Cub Scouts do likewise in mimicking all motions.)

3.       Look, thereís a fire station -- they are neat things to have in our town to keep our homes and businesses safe.

4.       Hereís a bridge over this beautiful stream -- well have to cross it. Be careful not to fall in! (Leader beats alternating fists on floor making sounds like walking on a hollow bridge.)

5.       Look at this empty lot. The grass is deep. Letís plow through it. (Leader pretends to push grass to each side to walk through.)

6.       Hereís a big stream. Letís see if we can jump across. Letís back up and get a good run. (use arm motions as running, then hold hands in air for a few seconds and bring hands down on knees with a loud clap.)

7.       Oh, no. We landed in the mud. Weíll have to walk through it. (Holds hand with fingers extended downward slowly moving up and down, with frown on face.) Leader comments, ďLook, there are animal footprints. They must have come here for water.

8.       Hereís a trail that leads up to the highest hill. Should we take it? Okay, letís climb. (pat on knees, labored breathing to indicate difficulty while climbing, Leader can comment about the countryside of animals, etc.)

9.       Finally the top. Letís rest. (Rest momentarily until . . .)

10.    Look at that tall tree. Iíll bet if we climbed to the top we could-see for miles around. (Double fists and place one above the other in climbing motion.)

11.    (Put hands to eyes and look around.) Think of all the fun things we can do around our town: go fishing, hike, ride bicycles, play on the playground, play soccer, play baseball...

12.    Oh, look, thereís someone burning leaves. Uh-oh, that dry grass is starting to catch fire and they donít see it! Letís run back to the fire station and tell them!


Now take time to discuss how this story might end.

What do they tell the firemen?

What are the fire safety rules?

What should you do in case of fire?

Stretcher - Audience Participation Skit

Longhorn Council

Try this as an icebreaker or a seat relaxer. Everyone imitates the actions of the leader as he tells the story.

One day while he was at sea, Christopher Columbus stood up.

He looked to the north,

Then looked to the south,

Then to the east,

And to the west.

He then turned around and faced the north,

Then he faced west,

Then he turned to the south,

And turned to face the east.

Then stood on tiptoes to see over his neighborís shoulder --

But he could see nothing.

So he sat down.


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