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Baloo's Bugle


December 2003 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5
January 2004 Theme

Home Alone
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #5



Cubmaster’s Minutes

Meet Someone New

Heart Of America Council

In these times of high gas prices and economic problems, our neighborhood and being around home have become more important to us than ever before. We’ve all heard stories from our grandparents about the good or days when people sat in their yards and visited and got to know each other better.  There are some of us here tonight who really don’t know each other even though our sons share a common experience. Lets take a few minutes right now to reintroduce ourselves to each other.

I would add in a few more comments and maybe encourage everyone to meet someone new during refreshments after the closing. Commissioner Dave

Can You Take It?

Heart Of America Council

 (Hold up a tire or a tire advertisement.) Cut Scouts, tire manufacturers are constantly working to make a better tire - one that can withstand the pounding and abuse demanded by high-speed driving.  In other words, a tire that “can take it”. Like the tire, you and I are put to the test every day. When things are going along smoothly it is not hard to get along. The real test is how we do when the going gets rough - when things don’t always shapeup the way we want them to. At times, like these, the Cub Scout Promise can help you carry on with the right attitude and do you share without grumbling or griping. It will help you meet the test. Can you take it?

Fire Safety

SCC Council

To do this one you will need to light a candle for the Spirit of Scouting during the Opening  or Advancement Ceremony  Commisioner Dave

Cub Scouts, all during our meeting the candle representing the spirit of Cub Scouting has continued to burn.  Now we'll blow it out, reminding ourselves that a flame must never be left burning when no one is around.  But let us keep the light of Cub Scouting burning in our hearts. (Extinguish candle.)

A Cub Scout Pledge To Himself

Circle Ten Council

Arrangement: Pack flag is placed in center of stage. Ten Cubs in uniform, in turn, come on stage, stand near the Pack flag and recite one of the statements below. Upon finishing, each Scout salutes the Pack flag and retires to rear of stage, where a horseshoe is formed.

Cub # 1:             May I grow in character and ability as I grow in size.

Cub # 2:             May I be honest with myself and others in what I do and say.

Cub # 3:             May I learn and practice my religion.

Cub # 4:             May I always honor my parents, my elders and my leaders.

Cub # 5:             May I develop high moral principles and the courage to live by them.

Cub # 6:             May I strive for health in body, mind and spirit.

Cub # 7:             May I always respect the rights of other.

Cub # 8:             May I set a good example so that others may enjoy and profit from my company.

Cub # 9:             May I give honest effort to my work.

Cub # 10:          May I regard my education as preparation for the future.

After all Cubs are finished with their lines, all present can join hands for the Living Circle and repeat the Cub Scout Promise.

Light and Heat Closing

Heart Of America Council

Cub # 1:       Did you ever stop to think that each one of us is like a light switch? We all tend to give off some light and heat.

Cub # 2:       One of the most important questions is: How much light and heat radiates from you?

Cub # 3:       Every one of us gets ‘turned on’ by different things’. And when each of us gets our switch turned on, we should shed more light than heat.

Cub # 4:       Look at it this way: When someone throws your switch, what do they get? Do they get heat, in the form of anger, grumbling, argument?

Cub # 5:       Or light - friendliness, kindness, and understanding. What you give off depends on what you are plugged into - what you really are inside, as a person.

Muscle Builders

Circle Ten Council

Arrangement: The following closing ceremony leaves the audience with some good closing thoughts. Seven boys line up across the stage holding barbells that have letters printed on each end spelling out MUSCLE BUILDERS.

Cub # 1:             Muscles some think are really a must, unless you       want to be a bust.

Cub # 2:             So flex your muscles and raise those weights high. Cause it will make a healthy guy.

Cub # 3:             Lift all of the load you possibly can, else you could be called a shirking man.

Cub # 4:             Buckle down and lift your share of the load even when you are Home Alone, unless you want to be a shirker on life's road.

Cub # 5:             If you always do your part whether Home Alone or with your den, lifters you will be from the start.

Cub # 6:             Do your best to lift your share, everyone showing that they care.

Cub # 7:             Reaching always a little out of reach, since that's the best philosophy to teach.



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