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Baloo's Bugle


December 2003 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 5
January 2004 Theme

Home Alone
Webelos Fitness & Readyman
  Tiger Cub Achivement #5



In reviewing “Cub Scout Program Helps” this month, I see there are an Advancement ceremony and a Closing ceremony that use a cardboard house front prop.   Whenever you can use something twice in Cub Scouts it is four times better and these are really good ceremonies so be sure to check them out as well as the rest of “Cub Scout Program Helps.” Commissioner Dave  

Do Your Best

Circle Ten Council

Narrator: In Cub Scouting the boys learn how to take care of themselves when Home Alone and when emergencies occur.  They learn how to put on a band-aid. They also learn what to do in case of a vehicle accident, family illness, or how to stop, drop and roll if they are on fire.

This month we have been learning how to be safe when Home Alone and about the people that can help us in an emergency. Like the Cub Scouts, they do their best.  This is the Cub Scout Motto, "DO YOUR BEST."  This is one of the things the Cub Scouts are always trying to do. We cannot ask more of someone than his best. Would ________ please come forward with his parents. This Cub Scout has worked hard to "Do His Best" in earning this badge. We would like to present it to him at this time.

(Give award to parent to pin on boy; congratulate both.)

Physically Fit

Circle Ten Council

Personnel: Cubmaster

Equipment: Awards for boys, sports articles, pictures, posters displaying health, physical fitness, and proper eating,.

Arrangement: Cubmaster in front of audience

Cubmaster: Look at these (pictures, posters, articles, etc.). These people have made it by being physically fit. They work out. They get the proper amount of rest. They eat the proper balanced meals. It is nothing they have done overnight. It takes a long time to get in the shape that these people are in. Cub Scouting is a program for boys in the first grade through the fifth grade. It takes time to advance in rank. The time includes the completion of achievements in the respective book. As Cub Scouts advance in rank, they learn about physical fitness, health habits, and proper healthy eating.  They learn how to be safe while Home Alone.  Tonight we will recognize some Cub Scouts who have advanced in rank. Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents come forward.

Wolf & Bear Advancement Ceremony

Chief Seattle Council

Cubmaster: (To Start)  Tonight we have (number) boys who have advanced in rank and who are receiving their Wolf and Bear badges. These boys have worked hard and faithfully and we're proud to be able to award these badges of rank to them. Would the following boys and their parents please come forward and would the parents please stand behind their boy on the stage while they accept this award that they have earned.

Cubmaster: (While boys are coming up onto stage). As you all must know now, the parents have had an important part in helping their sons achieve these awards so they too, should share in this ceremony. For without Mom and Dad in back of them helping and encouraging, and then signing off the achievements, the boys cannot advance. So you see, it's a matter of TEAMWORK!

Cubmaster: (When all are gathered) Now if each boy will turn, face his parent(s) and shake hands with his parent(s).  Then he should say Thank You –Boys are thanking their parents for their help and parents are thanking their sons for the fine job they did.

Cubmaster: (Next) Now fellows, if you'll face the audience again, our Assistant Cubmaster, __________, will present your badge of rank to your parent(s) to present to you.  As I call your name please step forward with your parents and receive your award.

Cubmaster: (After the boys have received their badges), Now I want of you here (new Wolves and Bears) to make the Cub Scout sign and repeat after me: (Read one line at a time and wait for boys to repeat)

I ____ now promise To go back to my den

And do my very best To work an electives

And to keep advancing regularly.

Cubmaster: (In closing) Thank you boys. We're looking forward to seeing you all up here again soon to receive arrow points until you're ready to begin working on your next rank.

Healthy Habits

Circle Ten Council

Set Up - Cubmaster has 2 pocketknives - one is clean and sharp and the other is rusty and dirty. He calls forward Cub Scouts who are receiving Wolf and Bear and Arrow Points, with their parents.

This ceremony would with a few changes make a great Cubmaster’s Minute for Closing.  Think about it.  CD

Cubmaster:  Cub Scouts, I have here 2 knives - one sharp and clean and ready for work.  The other one is dull and rusty. Which one would you rather have? The clean one of course! Is that because it looks better, or because you know it will whittle a stick of wood better? Right. It's because it can do the job you want to do. Our bodies are like these knives. If you take care of your body, it will be ready to work and play and you'll feel great! If you don't take care of it, you'll feel terrible and you may get sick.  It is important to think of your body when you are Home Alone.  Don’t just sit there in front of the Television, exercise and keep active.

We learn about keeping fit throughout Cub Scouts.  That's why you boys who are earning the Wolf badge today had to do the Keep Your Body Healthy achievement. And it's why the Bears learned about health and safety. Your parents have helped you grow strong and healthy, and they've helped you earn your new badges and arrow points. So I take the pleasure in asking them to pin on your new awards; (Parents pin awards on son's uniform.)

Akela’s Life Story – Advancement Ceremony

Longhorn Council

Equipment: Ceremony board or log with 3 small candles and one large candle; tom-tom; artificial campfire.

Setting: With the tom-tom beating, Akela enters and walks behind the fire. Akela gives the Cub Scout sign and the tom-tom stops.

Narrator: Akela was the big chief of the Webelos tribe; tall, stalwart, straight as an arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion—he was fierce to an enemy, but kind to a brother. Many trophies hung in his teepee. His father was the son of the great yellow sun in the sky. He was called the “Arrow of Light.” His mother, from whom he learned those wondrous things that mothers know, was called “Kind Eyes.” He began to understand the signs and calls of the Webelos tribe. Then he was taken on little trips to the forest among the great trees and streams. Here, from the Wolf, he learned the language of the ground; the animal tracks and the ways to food.

Akela: (Lighting the small Wolf candle from the large candle) From this candle, representing the “Spirit of Akela,” we light the trail of the Wolf. From the signs along the Wolf trail, I see the following braves are ready for advancement in the Wolf Clan of Akela’s tribe. (Akela calls the names of the boys receiving Wolf badges (w/parents) and arrow points. They come forward and stand before the campfire. Akela presents awards, as appropriate.)

Narrator: Then, from the big, kindly bears, he learned the secret names of the trees, the calls of the birds, the language of the air.

Akela: (Lighting the Bear candle) With the “Spirit of Akela,” we light the Bear trail. From the signs along the Bear trail, I see the following braves are ready for advancement into the Bear Clan of Akela’s tribe. (Akela calls the names of the boys receiving Bear badges (w/parents) and arrow points.)

Narrator: But, before he could become a Scouting “brave” on his own, he had to prove himself by trying out new skills, performing certain tasks and passing tests of accomplishment.

Akela: (Lighting the Webelos candle) With the “Spirit of Akela,” we light the trail of the Webelos. From the signs along the Webelos trail, I see the following braves have shown their skill in…(he calls the names of the boys receiving activity badges and indicates which badges they earned). And, the following braves have demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary to advance into the Webelos Clan of Akela’s tribe (calls names of boys who have earned their Webelos badges and invites their parents to come forward; presents awards). From the four winds, Akela hears that you braves are doing well along the trails that will lead you into Boy Scouting and the highest trail of all, that of Eagle. Will all Cub Scouts stand and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise?

(Everyone exits to the sound of the tom-tom.)

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Santa Clara County Council

Set Up - The lights are turned off; the room is dark.

Cubmaster:  Light of Akela, shine for me.  (Turn on a flashlight with red cellophane covering the lens.)  Lead me to the honored one(s) and his (their) elders.”  (With the flashlight, escort the boy and his parents to the front.)

(While the lights are off, 4 other Webelos Scouts come to the front.   Or you can have 4 leaders)

Cubmaster:           Akela, send your helpers to light ___Name’s____ way.

(Each Webelos, in turn, turns on his flashlight and says his part, leaving the light on until the house lights come on.)

Webelos #1:         ___Name___, tonight you will receive the highest honor in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light.  Listen so that it may guide you along Scouting’s path.

Webelos #2:         The shaft of the arrow is straight and narrow; just as the path you should follow.

Webelos #3:         The tip points the way you should go, to the right, a symbol that nothing should be left undone.

Webelos #4:         The seven rays of the sun stand for each day of the week.  To remind you that each day is a new day, a day to do your best.

I think I would stay with the Seven Virtues here and maybe insert a little mini-ceremony about the Seven Virtues. CD

Cubmaster:           ___Name___, we ask you to remember these things and let the Arrow of Light light your path always.  Do you promise to do this?  (Boy says, “Yes.”)  Akela, return our light.  (House lights come on.  Have Mother and/or Father present award to boy.  Then have boy present parent’s pin.)



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