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October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 3
November Theme

Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achivement #3



The Landing Of The Pilgrims

(As Seen By The Indians)

Viking Council


CHARACTERS:   Narrator, Bear Paw, Hungry Wolf, Eagle Eye (all dressed in Indian costumes)

SETTING: A bluff overlooking Plymouth Harbor. Backdrop shows a snow-covered forest. Narrator stands to one side. Other 3 Indians are lying on a rock, watching the Pilgrims land.


NARRATOR: December 21, 1620 - A small wooden boat, the Mayflower, carrying Pilgrims sails into a small harbor.  Everyone has heard of how the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock on Cape Cod. But have you ever wondered what the Indians thought and felt when they looked out over the sea and saw strangers coming to their land? Perhaps the scene went something like this:

BEAR PAW: Look how the big water sparkles - wide and blue and empty.

HUNGRY WOLF: I wish a sea bird would come. I'd like to shoot it. I'm hungry.

BEAR PAIL: You are always hungry:

EAGLE EYE: I see something. It's a sea bird. It has wings – four, no, five wings, with a giant canoe beneath it.

HUNGRY WOLF: A canoe big enough for our whole tribe.

EAGLE EYE: It's slowing down. Now it's going to stop beside the big rock on the beach. Strange people are stepping out of the canoe with wings.

BEAR PAW: Palefaces.

HUNGRY WOLF: The braves have hair on their chins like goats.

EAGLE EYE: Look at the chief. He wears a silver shell on his front and back like a beetle. (They all laugh)

HUNGRY WOLF:  They are strange all right. Look at that one. See the deer running from him? He is chasing the deer with a stick. Foolish paleface, don't you know you can't capture a deer with a stick? (They all laugh ... then stop abruptly, shocked by the sound of a shot)

BEAR PAW: Did you see that? The stick made a boom and smoke came from the end.

EAGLE EYE: (Shocked) The deer lies dead at the feet of the hunter.

ALL: (Looking amazed) Big medicine.

HUNGRY WOLF:  Even a bow and arrow cannot do such marvelous things. I wish I had a thunder stick like that.

BEAR PAW: So do I. Let's go down and trade our bows and arrows for their thunder sticks.

(All rise, and exit)

Turkey Vs. Jerky Skit

Viking Council

Cast: Two pilgrims - John and Miles, Three Indians - Winkum, Blinkum and Nod. Boy in turkey costume, (Pilgrims could wear hats, Indians - headbands)

Scene: Forest. Cardboard backdrops of rocks and trees, etc. with real or artificial greenery.  Tree branches could be used. Enter Pilgrims, one with musket, other with game bag. (Puppets could be used)


(As these lines all have rhymes – there is a need to pre-read to practice rhyme scheme.)

John: Good friend, Miles, it seems a shame.  All this forest and no game.

Miles: But John, my friend, we can't go back, until we've something in our sack.

John: Tis true, friend Miles, it would seem rude. We can't go ‘til we find food.

Miles: Look you there, John, if you'd rather me thinks I see a turkey feather.

John: Yeah, I see it too. In a minute it's turkey stew.  (He aims a musket and prepares to fire.  Behind a bush there is a commotion. Three Indians pop up, waving hands for him not to shoot.)

Nod: Spare our lives for we are meek and we will find you what you seek.

John: Oh my, and just what's this I see

Nod: (points to each as he gives their names) That's Winkum, Blinkum, and Nod I be.

John: Have no fear we will not fire you see, its food that we desire.

Blinkum: To find-um food we can't be beat. Pale face like to have 'em meat.

Miles: O yes, but where? Your forest lacks.  Why, we can't even find the tracks.

Winkum: You not look in proper space. Only Indians find-um place.

John: I'm sure we would feel rather perky, if only we could find a turkey.

Blinkum: We no eat turkey for a feast, he tough old bird to say the least.

Miles: Not eat turkey?  Why how strange. What do you eat to make the change?

Nod: Greatest feast instead of turkey, for all people is Beef Jerky. So come with us. We fillum sack with lots of jerky to take back. (Pilgrims shrug shoulders, exits)

Turkey:  (enters looking smug) Our feathered mom, she raised no fools.  She sent us all to turkey school.  Yes, you’re right, I’m felling perky.   I got them all to eat beef jerky.


The Liberty Bell Speaks

SCC Council

This can be either a skit or

an opening or closing ceremony.

Leader:      Speak out, oh bell called Liberty

                    The times you rang in freedom’s name,

So all of us may know

Beginnings long ago.

Group:       When I was young, I rang a lot!

#1:              I clanged alarms when England tried to force her taxes on us.  I thundered of tyranny upon us

#2:              I roared with rage when Parliament forbade our people making iron and steel, my lungs were breaking.

#3:              I grieved for Boston when its port was closed to trade and shipping.  My faith was far from slipping.

#4:              With all my strength and all my heart, I called for folks’ attendance to hear the declaring of Independence.

#5:              And then I fell on silent days, when I was put in hiding,          with British law presiding.

#6:              But I was back to shout about Cornwallis’ surrender.  I rang for freedom’s splendor.

#7:              For years I rang for this and that—the Constitution signed at last, but then I cracked…

Group:       Your silent tongue could never speak again, and yet your voice is loud and clear in all the minds of men!

Leader       “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all inhabitants thereof.”*

*These last words are inscribed on the Liberty Bell


Turkey Contest

Goldenrod District, Mid-America Council

Characters - Four Cubs dressed up like turkeys waiting for the “Best Turkey Contest” (Maybe you should have a poster saying “Best Turkey Contest Tonight.”  One turkey is really strutting his stuff.  Feathers can be made from construction paper and brown type clothes worn.  The one turkey who is strutting his stuff, really wants to win.  He preens, even leaves for a minute coming back with additional stuffing sticking out.  Comments are made about this turkey by the others.  The contest begins and the strutting turkey wins only to find out that the winner gets to be Thanksgiving Dinner.  The turkey starts to run and the judge chases after him telling the audience how he loves a happy winner.






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