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Baloo's Bugle


October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 3
November Theme

Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achivement #3




“Tied Up” Turkey

SCC Council

Have children bring in old ties from their fathers, grandfathers, or uncles. Make the shape of a turkey's body from poster board and place it in the middle of a bulletin board. Pin the ties around the turkey's body in a fan shape to resemble feathers. Hint: Fold the ties in half when you pin them to the bulletin board.


Indian Sit

SCC Council

Sit outside and have everyone close his eyes.  Listen to the sounds for 5 minutes.  Discuss.


Friendship Bracelet

SCC Council

Materials:  You will need two pony beads and a leather lace for each bracelet.


Step 1:       Cut lace 5” longer than measurement around wrist.  Trim lace ends at an angle.


Step 2:       Tie a knot in one end of the lace.  Thread on 2 pony beads.



Step 3:       Thread the other end of the lace through the beads from the opposite direction.  Tie a knot in this lace end.  Adjust size of bracelet by pulling on knotted lace ends.




Indian Stalking

SCC Council

Let the boys try to go through an area without making a sound.

Quick Thanksgiving Quilt

SCC Council

Give each child a 9-inch square piece of poster board that has been divided into a grid of nine squares.  Have the child glue 3-inch squares of fabric, wallpaper or colored wrapping paper into the squares on their grid.  Cut out Thanksgiving symbols and glue them into the center square.  Encourage them to glue their squares into patterns.  Tape all the 9-inch square boards together to form a group quilt.  Display the quilt on the wall at your next Pack meeting.


Leaf Turkey

SCC Council

Have children collect autumn leaves and dry them. (To dry leaves, place them between two sheets of paper. Put a heavy book on top and let them sit for several days to remove the moisture.) Children draw a turkey's body on a sheet of paper, then glue on the leaves for feathers.



Pilgrim Hat

Heart of America Council


l0xl3" Black construction paper

9 X 12' Gray construction paper

Tape, Pencil, Scissors, Glue

How to make it:







1.       Cut an oval of the black construction paper the full size of the paper

2.       Cut a strip of paper to make a band to put around the boy's head, tape it. Put that circle (slightly oval) on the paper to trace the inner circle. Then draw a circle around it. Leave about a 2" brim on 3 sides and about 4" on the "front'.

3.       Draw the trapezoid, and cut out the gray parts.

4.       Cut out a band and buckle out of gray paper.

5.       Glue the hatband on the hat and then the buckle on top of the band.

6.       Bend the hat piece up and try on the boy.

7.       You may need to adjust the opening to fit the individual boy's head.

8.       On the underneath side, apply tape to the two points where the hat bends. This will reinforce the stress point, and hopefully prevent tearing.

Tips:  This hat could probably also be made out of felt. I would suggest cutting 2 hats out of black, and gluing the two together to give the hat stability.


Heart of America Council


Poster board

3/16" dowel

knife, Glue



Cut 3" circle from poster board and smooth the edges. Cut dowel 3" long and carve a point. Push dowel into center of circle and glue. For multi-level tops, cut smaller circles.


Turkey Pin or Magnet

Heart of America Council


Brown felt - body and neck

Dark Blue felt - wings and tail

Orange felt - beak,

Red felt - gobbler










1.       Transfer the pattern to the felt.

2.       Cut the pieces out of the felt.

3.       Glue the wings and tail feathers to the body.

4.       Then glue the beak and feet to the body.

5.       Add the red gobbler to the beak.

6.       Add glider to the wings and tail feathers.

7.       Now hot glue the safety pin, magnet or another body part to the back,

8.       Glue only the sides, this will make a tie slide.


Button Buzzer

Southern NJ Council

Materials:             String and button with at least 2 holes in middle



Thread the string though the holes of the button, tie ends together, holding ends of loops over thumbs. With button in middle of string, relax and pull tight the string over again until button starts to spin.


Tin Can Bird Feeder

Heart of America Council

Put this feeder in your backyard or on your porch to attract birds.


Large juice can (with top removed)

Bright colored enamel paint and paintbrush

Two aluminum pie tins

3' of clothesline rope


Large nail

Beverage can opener



1.       Paint the juice can in the color of your choice. When it is dry, punch a hole through the middle of the     bottom of the can, using the hammer and nail.


2.       Punch a series of openings around the bottom of the can using the beverage can opener. This is where the birdseed comes out.


3.       Punch holes in the middle of the two pie tins, using the large nail and hammer.


4.       Now, tie a knot in the end of the clothesline and run the rope up through one pie tin, the juice can, and finally the other pie tin. See illustration for details.


5.       Fill can with birdseed and hang in your yard or on an open porch.


6.       Enjoy the birds that come to visit.


Great Turkey Dressing

SCC Council

Divide into appropriate number of groups. Give each group a paper sack filled with the following: newspaper, 1 pr. pantyhose, 4 sheets tissue paper, 1 roll toilet paper, scissors and tape. Each team has 10 minutes to select and dress one member of their team (or a parent) as a turkey.


Craft Stick Turkey Craft

Goldenrod District, Mid-America Council




Materials: colored craft sticks, short craft sticks, craft spoon, wiggly eyes, wooden shapes for the turkey’s wattle and beak, pipe cleaners, red paint, black and yellow construction paper and glue

How To Do It: Glue colored crafts stick around the wooden spoon to form the turkey’s tail feathers.  Cut out a pilgrim hat shape from black construction paper and glue on a yellow trim and then glue it on to the top of the craft spoon.  Glue on wiggly eyes.  Paint a teardrop shaped wooded piece red and glue it on to the turkey as shown.  Glue on a smaller teardrop shaped piece upside down to form the beak.  Glue onto smaller craft sticks on each side of the turkey’s head and neck to form wings.  Shape brown pipe cleaners to form the turkey’s feet and glue them on to the back of the turkey.


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