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October Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 10, Issue 3
November Theme

Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
  Tiger Cub Achivement #3



Thanksgiving Opening Ceremony

Viking Council

The Cubmaster or another Leader can recite the following or it can be broken up into as many parts as you have Cubs in your den.  Each Cub would then say a line.  Possibly you could make Pilgrim hats as mentioned in the next ceremony and put the words in LARGE type on the back of the hats. After the recitation be sure to salute the flag. This could, also, be a Cubmaster’s Minute for closing.   Commissioner Dave

I would give thanks for many things on this Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for all the blessings Life brings each day along the way. I would give thanks for life and health, for home, for food, and too, All than I count my greatest wealth Family and friendship true.

I give thanks for my native land, for freedom on this day; where we worship and understand our privilege to pray. I would give thanks for many things and do the best I can, to be worthy of all Life brings and serve my fellow man.



Pilgrims Opening Ceremony

Viking Council

The following ceremony is simple but can be impressive. To help set the theme, make the cards in the shape of large Pilgrim hats with letters cut from white or silver paper & glued on.

P     Pilgrim forefathers started our great land.

I       In 1620 they landed to take their first stand.

L     Let's pause for a moment to pay them tribute tonight.

G     Grim hardships & setbacks they had to fight.

R     Remembering how they were put to the test.

I       In the history books it's said they always did their best.

M    May we ever be thankful for their courage so grand.

S     So we today may proudly salute the flag of our great land.

One boy or the leader now steps forward & asks the audience to rise & join in the Pledge of Allegiance.



The Cub Scouts are Coming

SCC Council

One Cub Scout at a time trots from the back of the room to the front shouting, “The Cub Scouts are coming!  The Cub Scouts are coming!”  Then two boys enter, carrying the United States Flag, and lead the pledge.



Harvest Feast

SCC Council

Divide the poem up into enough parts for everyone in your den.  Have them make cards with Thanksgiving pictures on one side and the words on the other in LARGE print.  OR, jus have your Cubmaster read this –

Fetch the wood and feed the fires,

Keep the kettles steaming:

Such a feast as this requires

More than wishful dreaming.

Stir the batter, Pilgrim daughter!

Son, another pail of water!

Pile the clams beneath the coals,

Make the meat-spit stable.

(Note –when Cubs ask, a spit is a skewer to hold the meat)

Bring the planks and set the poles

For the harvest table.

Pilgrim son, more wood, more water!

Help the pluck the turkeys, daughter!

Roast the ears of yellow maize,

Pile the nuts and berries

Next to grapes on pewter trays

Near the sun-dried cherries.

Guests are coming, son and daughter,

Over hills and running water!

Rake the coals and pile them up,

Praise the harvest weather,

Set the table, cup by cup,

Guest and host, together.

Draw the ties of friendship tauter

With Thanksgiving, son and daughter.

Thanksgiving Spelldown

SCC Council

Needed – 12 Cub Scouts – one for each letter of Thanksgiving. 

This may be a great opening for Tigers using Adult Partners next to their sons for every other letter.  There are very few words.  Have Cubs put thanksgiving pictures on the cards with letters on them.  Words on back in LARGE print. CD


T         Turkey sizzling,

H         Happy hearts,

A         Apple stuffing,

N         Nuts and tarts,

K         Kitchen smells

S         So nice and sniffy,

G         Guests arriving

I           In a jiffy,

V         Voices raised

I           In festive mood—

N         Not forgetting

G         Gratitude…

ALL    Just as sure as you are living

            That’s the way to spell THANKSGIVING!


Heart of America Council

Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts

Equipment: A small flag for each boy

Cub # 1.        Freedom is a breathe of air, Pine-scented, or salty like the sea.

Cub # 2.        Freedom is a field newly plowed with furrows of democracy.

Cub # 3.   Freedom is a forest; trees tall and straight as men!

Cub # 4.        Freedom is a printing press, the power of the pen!

Cub # 5.        Freedom is a country church, a cathedral's stately spire.

Cub # 6.        Freedom is a spirit that can set the heart on fire!

Cub # 7.        Freedom is a man's birthright, a sacred, living part;

Cub # 8.        A pulse beat of humanity, the throb of a nation's heart.

Cub # 9.        Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I Believe in America

Southern NJ Council

Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts

Equipment: Cubs around flag stand or holding small flags


Cub # 1.        I believe in America!

Cub # 2.        I believe in this great land where freedom and opportunity are more than just words.

Cub # 3.        I believe that we, as a nation, place our basic trust and hope in God.

Cub # 4.        I believe that, despite all difficulties, we as Americans, will continue to be a strong, God-fearing country.

Cub # 5.        I believe that as a nation we have our faults, but I also believe that we are trying to overcome them.

Cub # 6.        I believe in America!

Cub # 7.                      Join us in the Pledge of Allegiance


Give Thanks Opening

Goldenrod District, Mid-America Council

Set Up:  Have ten Cub Scouts with signs each with one of the letters from G I V E    T H A N K S on front. On the back, write out their speaking parts in LARGE PRINT.

Cub # 1.        G is for the Glorious autumn the Pilgrims knew so well.

Cub # 2.        I is for the Indian Summer that cast a magic spell.

Cub # 3.        V is for the Valiant men of old who crossed the stormy sea.

Cub # 4.        E is for the Endless labors performed so faithfully.

Cub # 5.        T is for the Trackless wasteland where red men hunted food.

Cub # 6.        H is for the Homes the Pilgrims from nearby forest hewed.

Cub # 7.        A is for the wild Animals lurking so dangerously at hand.

Cub # 8.        N is for the Nuts and fruits that helped to feed the little band.

Cub # 9.        K is for the Keenness and vision of those who this land first trod.

Cub # 10.    S is for the Spirit that kept them strong, with eternal faith in God.

All:             Tonight we give thanks to God above, for His guidance and his never-ending love.  Please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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