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Baloo's Bugle


August 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 1
September Theme

Blast Off
Webelos Communicator and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 1



Science Class Is Looking Up
National Capital Area Council


Setting: Teacher and students enter classroom.  Bell rings.

Teacher:  Class, today we will begin our study of astronomy.

Student 1:  (Loud whisper to Student 2)  What's that?

Student 2:  It's way over your head.

Teacher: Attention please, students.  As I told you, we're going to take up a new topic - space.

Student 1:  (Loud whisper to Student 3)  Did you hear that?  He said we are going to take up space!

Student 3:  That's all you ever do --- take up space!

Teacher:  What is at the center of gravity?

Student 2:  The letter "v".

Teacher:  Of all the planets, which one can we see most easily any time of year?

Student 1:  Earth!!

Teacher:  What will happen when the sun shines at night?

Student 3:  That'll be the day!

Teacher:  Did you students know that they found bones on the moon?

Student 1:  Wow!  I guess that means the cow didn't make it after all!

Teacher:  And speaking of the moon, I suppose we could call the Earth and the moon good friends.

Student 2:  I should say so!  They've been going around together for an awfully long time!

Teacher:  Can someone please tell me which is closer to us, South America or the moon?

Student 3:  The moon, of course.

Teacher:  How could you say that?

Student 3:  That's easy.  I can see the moon from here, but I sure can't see South America.

Teacher: By the way, do you know if there are any fish in outer space?

Student 1:  Sure!  They call them starfish!

Teacher:  Who knows what a star with a tail is called?  Can you name any of them?

Student 2:  Yeah.  Halley's Comet, Mickey Mouse, and Lassie.

Teacher:  That's all for today, class.  Don't forget our field trip tomorrow night.  We're going to the planetarium, where the telescope is, to see an all star show


Life on Other Planets
National Capital Area Council
Boys come out representing each planet.

Mercury:  (Jumping around)  You'd really get a hot foot if you lived on me.  The temperature is 950 on Mercury.

Venus:  (Moving hands as if parting fog)  You might think that Venus is lovely as can be.  But with these 200 mile thick clouds if is sure hard to see.

Mars:  (Dressed in red)  From its canals to polar caps Mars is hard to understand.  I'm frozen ice and barren rocks, but I do the best I can.

Jupiter:  (Strolling with hands behind back)  If you like to walk in the moonlight, you'd love to live on me because I have not just one moon but thirteen for you to see.

Saturn:  (Wearing a lab coat, a la Carl Sagan)  I'm not just a 3-ring circus as people thought me to be.  For Saturn has billions and billions of bands that you can see for free.

Neptune:  (Wearing a lab coat and shivering)  I'm named for King Neptune who lives in the depths of the sea.  But old King Neptune would be a frozen fish if he were to live on me.

Uranus:  (Wearing big boots and picking up feet with difficulty trying to walk.)  I'm so much bigger than the Earth that walking would not be fun.  Each step would just exhaust you.  On Uranus you'd weigh a ton.

Pluto:  (Smallest Cub with thumbs stuck under suspenders)  I may be last.  I may be least.  I'm even harder to find.  But as long as you remember I'm Pluto, I guess I really don't mind.

Earth:  You've heard from all my neighbors and what they have to give.  Now aren't you glad that it's on Earth that you decided to live?


Space Travelers
National Capital Area Council

Cast:  Two space aliens, Ma, Pa, Sonny, and Sis

Setting:  The two aliens arrive in front of the hillbilly family seated around a cook pot or a campfire.

Ma:  Howdy strange lookin' green fellers.  What ya'll want?

Alien #1:  Tell us how to get to Bloomington.

Ma:  Well I don't rightly know, but I'll ask Sonny.  Oh Sonny, how do you get to Bloomington?

Sonny:  Well Ma, I don't rightly know, I'll ask Sis.  Sis, how do you get to Bloomington?

Sis:  Well Sonny I don't rightly know, let me ask Pa.  Pa, how do you get to Bloomington?

Pa:  Let me see now...I don't rightly know how to get to Bloomington.

Alien #2:  Boy, you Earth people are really dumb.

Pa: You're mighty uppity for a little green feller, aren't ya?  But you see it's this way.  We may be dumb, but we ain't lost!


Spaced Out!
National Capital Area Council

Mission Control:  The astronauts are now boarding the space ship.  Let's listen to their discussion as they prepare to blast off.

Astronaut 1: I get to sit by the window this time.

Astronaut 2:   No, I get to this time!

Astronaut 1: No, you don't; it's my turn!

Astronaut 2: You got to last time.  It's my turn this time!

Mission Control: Uh..uhm.  Well, we'll return to the space ship as soon as the flight gets under way and see how it's going.   Oh, there they go right now!  Gentlemen, do you see anything unusual out there?

Astronauts: No comet!

Astronaut 1:  (to number 2) We are now traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Astronaut 2: What did you say?  I can't hear you.

Mission Control: Everyone wants to know what astronauts eat on space flights.  Can you tell us what's on the menu for the next meal?

Astronaut 1: Yes, I can.  We'll be having launch meat and, (to number 2), Say, John, do you know what's for dessert?

Astronaut 2: Ice cream floats!

Astronaut 1:  Yes, of course it does.  Everything floats up here!

Mission Control:  Tell us a little about how you astronauts pass the time on long flights.

Astronaut 2: Well, we play monopoly and we read.

Mission Control: Oh, I see.  Are you getting a lot of reading done then?

Astronaut 1: Yes, we certainly are!  We just can't put out books down!

Astronaut 2:  I just happen to be reading a good one right now.  It might come in handy on our return trip.

Mission Control:  What book is that?

Astronaut 2: It's by a football player.   The name of it is How To Make Touchdowns.

Mission Control:  Your flight seems to be going smoothly.  As the moment we are.

Astronaut 1: (interrupting) EMERGENCY!!  Something has gone wrong with our oxygen supply system. The gauges indicate that we have only 55 seconds left of.

Mission Control:  (interrupting) At the moment we are experiencing some difficulty in hearing you.   Could you please wait a minute.



The Winniepoo
Crossroads of America

Players: A space officer, a petstore owner, a Winniepoo and a friend of the space officer.

A man walks into the space station pet shop and asks to see some rare or special pet to have as company while on this long space travels. The owner said he has a very special pet called a Winniepoo. The only thing is that the pet is very smart and destroys anything it is ordered to destroy. The man buys the pet and finds it is a very good pet. Then the officer stubbed his toe and said ďWinniepoo that chairĒ and the person pretending to be the Winniepoo attacks a chair snarling and growling.

The officer then commands the Winniepoo to attack the table with the same results.

Soon there is a knock at the cabin door and the officers friend enters and asksĒ Whatís going on?Ē The officer explains what has been happening and the friend says I donít believe that, Winniepoo my foot!Ē The person who is pretending to be the Winniepoo then chases the friend ( Departs screaming) off stage growling.


What Did You Say Your Name Was?
York Adams Area Council

Characters: Boy in Cub Scout uniform and group of boys in street wear.

Props: Toy airplane, a ball for the group of boys to bounce, sign on easel saying ďSmall Town in 1939Ē

Scene: Opens with boys bouncing ball to each other when Cub Scout enters.  Easel is set up with sign on far left side of stage.

Cub (holding airplane): Hi, fellas! 

Boy #1: Hi!  Youíre new here, arenít you?

Cub: Yes, we just moved here from Ohio.  Iím on my way to my first den meeting.  Are you guys in Scouts?

Boy #2: Naw, we donít have time for stuff like that.  They donít do much Anyway.

Boy #3: What kind fo airplane have you got there?

Cub: Weíre building rockets in our den and I made this airplane at my last meeting in Ohio.  I just thought Iíd bring it to show the guys in the den.  It will really fly.

Boy #4: You say youíre building rockets?

Cub: Yes, when theyíre finished weíre going to shoot them off atfter the pack meeting so everyone in the pack can see how they work.  Iím glad to get the chance to build one.  You know Iím going to fly one someday for real!  Maybe Iíll even walk on the moon.

Boy #5: Wouldnít that be something!  What else do you do in den meetings?

Cub: We do a lot of different things.  Of course Iím really interested in aviation.  Iím going to have my own pilotís license by the time Iím 16.

Boy #6: Yeah, right.  Do you guys ever camp out?

Cub: Sure, when you become a Webelos they have great campouts.  You know, Iím going to test new aircraft when Iím grown upómaybe even rocket powered planes!  Iíve got to go nowÖ I donít want to be late.  Bye!

Boy #7: Boy those Cub Scouts think they can do anything.  He sure has big ideas.  What did he say his name was, anyway?

Boy #1:  Neil Armstrong!  What a dreamer.  He really thinks heís going places!


Mission Control To Astronauts
York Adams Area Council

Characters: One or more persons for Mission Control; 5 Astronauts

Setting: Mission Control is in one location talking to astronauts in space capsule.

1st Astronaut: Mission Control. Mission Control. Do you read me?

Mission Control: This is mission Control. We are ready to give you the new orders for today.

2nd Astronaut: We read you loud and clear. What are your orders?

Mission Control: Telemetry is green for all systems. You are approaching us over the coast of California. Your speed is 17,500 miles per hour.

3rd Astronaut: We read you, Mission Control.

Mission Control: You will need to adjust your trajectory 10 degrees.

4th Astronaut: O.K. Mission Control. At 2100 hours we will adjust 10 degrees.

Mission Control: The rear camera is getting too much light. Can you adjust the shade over it?

5th Astronaut: Roger. Weíll see what we can do. Any other orders?

Mission Control: Yes, today is the day you change your underwear. Conrad, you change with Bean. Bean, you change with Shepherd. Shepherd, you change with Erwin. Erwin you change with Armstrong. Armstrong, you change with Conrad.

Note It would be funny for the Cubs (astronauts) to wear men Ďs boxer shorts over their uniforrns.  They could actually change!


Journey To The Planet
York Adams Area Council

Equipment: Spaceship and costumes for astronauts and creatures from planet YOB.

Personnel: Cub Scout Control, 2 astronauts, astronaut captain, 3 creatures from YOB.

CS Control: Fuel?

Astronaut 1: Fuel AOK.

CS Control: Pressure?

Astronaut 1: Pressure AOK.

CS Control: Temperature?

Astronaut 1: Temperature AOK.

CS Control: Oxygen?

Astronaut 1: Oxygen AOK.

CS Control: Peanut Butter?

Astronaut 1: Peanut Butter AOK.

CS Control: Ready for countdown!

All Boys: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, l!

(Sound effect of rockets igniting)

CS Control: We have ignition! We have a lift-off! Lift-off looks good! All systems go!

Astronaut Captain: Captain's log, stardate 2,0,0,2. It's been a fabulous journey aboard the Scoutpower 9.  Outer space is so beautiful.  Our ship has functioned well.  The boys did a good job building it. We'll soon be landing on the planet YOB.

Astronaut 2: Prepare for landing. Ready for touchdown.

(Astronauts leave ship. YOB creatures come on stage. They're wiggly, undisciplined with high voices.)

Astronaut 2: There is life on this planet!

Yob 1: What sort of creatures are you?

Astronaut 2: We're Cub Scouts.

Yob 2: What is Cub Scouts?

Astronaut 1: We're boys who have more fun.

Yob 2: What is fun?

Astronaut Captain: Doing your best, learning together, building, playing, and giving goodwill.

Yob 1: Can we be Cub Scouts?

Yob 3: Will you help us?

All Astronauts: Yes, just do your best.

All Yob's: We'll do our best!

(YOB creatures stop wiggling, stand tall, and give Cub Scout salute)



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