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August 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 1
September Theme

Blast Off
Webelos Communicator and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 1


***Getting Started***


This is the month that most units kick off their new year.  Why is it that some units seem so much more successful than others?  What is their key to success?  Let me give you some ideas.

First off, get organized-----this doesn’t start in September.  Your unit needs an annual planning conference, preferably in June, to plan the upcoming year.  Look at the monthly themes., discuss which ones your unit will do and set dates for yearly events such as Blue & Gold and Pinewood Derby.  Look at the council calendar.  Know when your Webelos may be camping and take advantage of Cub Programs offered to supplement your unit’s program.

Make your recruitment night fun---- Remember, when the boy goes home telling his mom and dad what a good time he had, it has a favorable impression on those who are just thinking of joining scouts. Have activities for children to do while parents are getting their required information of the cub program. Play games, sing songs, make a simple neckerchief slide (I don’t know of any cub scout who hasn’t lost at least one of his slides).  Keep your information session simple and have handouts for parents.  Make sure they have a name and number of someone within your unit to contact should they have questions or just want to talk. 

Get trained.  National has put out a totally new training package for all new leaders.  It is loaded with excellent videos and lots of useful information.  Every adult volunteer within the scout program needs to take the appropriate “Fast Start Training” for their position (not new, but still a great first step.  New Leader Essentials answers most of those ‘how do I get started questions’ about boy Scouts of America and then Cub Leader Specific Training gets into the information specific for each position.  As always, Youth Protection should be taken every 2-3 years as recommended by national.  And don’t forget Roundtables---these monthly training sessions offer program ideas a month in advance using the monthly themes for cubs.

Get to know your support people and their role.  Who is your Chartered Organization Rep?  Did you know your district provides you with a commissioner?  Who is your District Executive and when can you contact him for questions and problems?  Understand that you don’t have to do this job all by yourself.  There are ones out there in the scouting community that can help, offer advice and sometimes even just listen.

Are you on the Internet?  Get connected!  I could spend a whole page of just listing websites supporting the scouting program and offering ideas. 

Be flexible.  Sometimes the best laid plans will go awry.  It is truly not the end of the world.  Laugh it off and go on to something else. 

Have fun!  If we look like we are having fun, then others will have fun also. 




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