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August 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 1
September Theme

Blast Off
Webelos Communicator and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 1


Out In Space
National Capital Area Council

Setting: Four Cub Scouts are standing on stage looking up to the sky.
Cub 1:  What's out in space?
Cub 2:  Mostly lots and lots of space, but also billions and jillions of stars, galaxies and solar systems, planets, and moons, blazing comets and deadly rays.
Cub 3: Yeah, and sometimes even people!
A fifth Cub Scout walks out dressed in a space helmet and says those famous words of Neil Armstrong: "One small step for man.  One giant step for mankind."
Cub 4: That's what's out in space!  Let's all stand and remember the American flag flying on the moon.  Please join with us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


“Blast Off
Crossroads of America

Equipment: Eight pieces of cardboard cut to represent a rocket ship. With all eight pieces put together they must spell out the word “BLASTOFF” so put a letter on each piece.

B: Boys, without whom there would be no Scouting.

L: Leaders, who guide boys through their journey in Scouting.

A: Akela, the great leader of the Pack.

S: Skills, learning to do new things.

T: Training, to help us be better citizens.

O: Outings, that increase our awareness.

F: Families, helping and Caring.

F: Flag, the symbol of our country. Please rise and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Opening For A New Year
York Adams Area Council

A simple program for the opening meeting of the year.  No scenery is required for this program. There are no costumes, unless the organization sponsoring has a uniform.  The verse may be said by individual performers or by groups of children.  Have the performers line up on stage.  Let each performer (or performers) step forward as he gives his verse.  The final two verses are given by all. Insert the name of your group where indicated. In the seventh verse, have the performers point at the audience on the last line.

1st Speaker:
Another year is starting,
And we’d like to welcome you.
And tell you what our purpose is,
And what we hope to do.

2nd Speaker:
The CUB SCOUTS are a group of boys;
It helps us grow up strong,
And teaches us to do what’s right
And fight against what‘s wrong.

3rd Speaker:
It shows us how much we can do,
If we work as a team;
Then we‘ll have fun and jobs won’t be
As hard as they first seem.

4th Speaker:
We’ll go on hikes and field trips,
To learn of nature’s wonders,
So we’ll respect her when we‘re grown
And not make any blunders.

5th Speaker:
And we’ll be shown in many ways
That each man is our brother;
And we will see the joy there is
In helping one another.

6th Speaker:
We’ll learn to be good citizens
And, hopefully, we’ll see
That laws are made for all the men
So each man can be free.

To do all this, the CUB SCOUTS NEED
Good leaders - this is true
That means we need the help of all
Of you - and - and You!!!!

All (Or One):
And now, to start the year off right,
In a good and proper manner,
We’d like you all to rise and sing
Our own “Star-Spangled Banner.”

(All rise and sing.)

York Adams Area Council

Materials:  Get 5 pieces of cardboard or poster board (or a large cardboard sheet) and cut out a spaceship that is made up of the 5 pieces.  Label the pieces with the letters S, P, A, C, and E.  (A drawing of the space shuttle is provided below or you can use a very simplistic spaceship drawing.)  Have the boys form a line across the front of the room and give Cub a piece of the spacecraft to hold up as he says his lines.

Cub #1: S is for Scouting
Like space exploration
We look forward to the future
With great expectation.

Cub #2: P is for Power
Rockets need it to go
And so does Scouting
Need power, but that you know.

Cub #3: A is for Altitude
That the astronauts gain
And like them, the Cub Scouts
Great heights will attain.

Cub #4: C is for Character
It takes that to be
An astronaut or Cub Scout
Just like me!

Cub #5: E is for Energy,
To conserve it, astronauts rest.
And energy is what we put forth,
As Cub Scouts doing their best.

All: Please rise and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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