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Baloo's Bugle


August 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 9, Issue 1
September Theme

Blast Off
Webelos Communicator and Citizen
  Tiger Cub Achievement 1



Explore the Mystery Planet
Crossroads of America Council

This is a simple game of testing the senses. Have people get into a circle and pass several spices or items like vanilla under their noses. Have them guess the items and the person who guess the most wins. If it is easier hide the item have people open their eyes and write down the answer, then move on to the next example. When done tell people there was a prize, but where it went was a mystery!


Space Relay
York Adams Area Council

This is a simplified Space Derby Relay. Divide the den into teams. For each team, stretch a 15 foot length of string between chairs. Before tying to the second chair, insert a cone-shaped paper cup with the tip cut off on each string. Each boy on a team blows the cup the length of the string and returns it.  Continue in relay fashion until all have raced.


Space Exploration
York Adams Area Council

Games Parts - individually wrapped candy in different colors, colored tape or marker cones to mark off the search area.

Game leader will hide 10 candies of the same color in search area, plus 1 of a different color.  Cubs need to search the area to find all 'samples'.  After they are turned in and counted, they may each have 1 to keep.  The colored candy counts as 3 points, all others are 1 point.  Be alert to 'missed' candies from previous groups.

Rocket Relay
York Adams Area Council

Active, outdoors/indoors.

Equipment: 1 chair per Six.

Formation: Relay.

The Sixes line up with a chair at the head of each, facing away from the Six. The chairs are 'launching pads' and the first Cub or 'rocket' stands on the chair awaiting the countdown.

When the leader reaches zero, the 'rocket' blasts off round the room, touching all four walls, and returns to the 'launching pad' where the next 'rocket is waiting to be launched. The first 'rocket' lets off the second and returns to his Six.

Space Ships
York Adams Area Council

Type: Pack Game

Equipment: Chalk

Mark out a large area as shown below. The Nose-cone is out of bounds, and anyone who touches it is eliminated, as is anyone who steps outside the space ship. The leader shouts out a section of the space ship. Players must get there as fast as possible, the last few being eliminated. Other special commands can be `Emergency' when players sit down with heads between knees;

`Prepare for Take-off;' when players lie face downwards facing the nose-cone;

'Prepare for landing'; when they lie down facing the stern.

Giant Galaxy
York Adams Area Council

This is a relay for two or more teams, and it should be played in a large area such as a church basement or school gym. Before the game begins, the adults have cut out stars and other shapes representing parts of the galaxy and have added two-sided tape or rings of tape to the backs. The kids try to make the largest galaxy for their group. They must grab a shape, run to a pre-determined spot on the wall for their group and slap the shape on the wall. Then they run back and tag the next group member who does the same. When time is up, the group with the most shapes, (fullest galaxy) is the winner.


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