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Summer Jokes
Trapper Trails Council


Son, if you want to learn anything you have to start at the bottom.
But Dad, I want to learn to swim.


You shouldn’t swim on a full stomach.
Okay, I’ll swim on my back.


Camper: Can you pitch a tent?
Beginner: Overhand or Underhand?


Why did the hamburger look sad?
Because it was grounded.


What do Spiders eat with their hamburgers?
French Flies.

Willie: I just found a lost baseball.
Dad: How do you know it was lost?
Willie: Because the kids down the street are looking all over for it.


 Boss: Did you mark the crate “Fragile, this side up”?
Yes, sir, and just to be safe, I marked it that way on both sides.

Why are you crying?
I cleaned the bird cage and the canary disappeared.
How did you clean it?
With the vacuum cleaner.


Traveler: I’d like to buy a round trip ticket, please.
To Where?
Traveler: Back to here, of course.


What do you call an airline that flies backwards?
A receding airline.


“I slept with my head under the pillow last night.”
”What happened?”
”The tooth fairy came and took my teeth out.”



Put handkerchief into pocket.  Have everyone cheer until you pull the handkerchief out of your pocket.  Repeat.

Back Applause
Give yourself a pat on the back.

York Adams Area Council

When I Do : The orders are "When I bring my hands together, you do. When I do not, you must not." Then go through several false motions to see if you can catch the group napping.

Round of Applause: While clapping hands, move them around in a circle in front of you.

Reverse Applause: Move hands away from each other.

Once Over: Circle hands, at bottom of circle clap palm of one hand and back of the other hand together.

Pat on the Back: Everyone pat the back of the left shoulder with their right hand.


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