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Mirror Stunt
York Adams Area Council

With some practice, this can be a very amusing stunt. The idea is for 2 boys to harmonize their pantomime movements so it looks like there is only 1 boy looking in a mirror. They do everything in unison. Here are some suggestions:

Boys face each other, sides to audience.  They should be about the same size and height and dress alike. 

Practice all movements in slow-motion, then speed up slightly.

Use movements that can be seen clearly by audience. 

Don’t laugh or smile.

Do movements like leaning forward and touching noses, putting palms together and tilting head, twist face into comical expression, etc.

Stunt can be ended by 1st boy waving good-bye while other boy motions ‘come here’. They stare at each other in surprise, shrug, face audience, bow in unison and exit.


York Adams Area Council

The following den radio skit is easily adapted to a make believe TV commercial using live Cub Scouts or puppets.

Announcer: Boys, have you been feeling sluggish lately?  Do you have that gray feeling?  Do you have that “over six” feeling?  I have the answer to your woes—BUC TUOCS.  We have with us tonight some people who have tried it and are wild about it.  Here are our guests to tell you all about it.

Cub 1:  When I reached 7, I needed something, I was out of touch.  I tried BUC TUOCS and got the lift I needed.

Cub 2: I couldn’t adjust.  My social life was falling apart.  BUC TUOCS was the answer.

Cub 3: I was plagued with the feeling of growing old.  Was life passing me by?  BUC TUOCS gave my life a purpose.

Cub 4: BUC TUOCS changed my life.  New horizons were opened to me.

Cub 5:  Girls were my problem.  My kindergarten friends had gone in different directions.  BUC TUOCS helped me find new acquaintances.

Announcer:  Thank you fellas, for your unsolicited testimonials.  Remember folks, try BUC TUOCS—it’s CUB SCOUTS spelled backwards!

Cub Scout Upside Down Stew
York Adams Area Council

Setting: On stage is a huge pot, made from cardboard carton. The pot could be painted on the side of the carton. Boys getting into the pot, pile on top of each other face down.  Boy with chef's hat is stirring in pot with a broomstick.

Chef: (pretends to taste) Hmmm-mm. Tastes like a well-rounded den to me.

Den Leader: What did you put in it?

Chef: (reading from oversize card marked "Recipe") Cub Scouts that do their best.

(Any number of uniformed Cubs climb into pot)

A sense of humor.  (Grinning Cub wearing sign "Humor" climbs into pot)

A pinch of wanting to please. (Cub wearing sign "I want to please" climbs into pot)

A dash of mischief. (Cub wearing "Mischief" sign climbs into pot)

A bit of obedience. (Cub wearing "Obedience" sign climbs into pot)

A bundle of sunshine. (Cub wearing "Sunshine" sign climbs into pot)

And a ton of energy. (Cub wearing "Energy" sign scampers into pot)

Stir well and you have Cub Scout Upside Down Stew.

Den Leader: (pretends to taste) Tastes like dirty blue jeans to me!



Shrinking Oil
Crossroads of America

Two boys are talking about muscle building with one proudly striking poses and bragging how perfect his body is.

The second boy asks, “How did you get such a great body?”

The first boy responds “I rub down every night with oil.”

The second boy decides to give that a try and the next day both reenter the stags with the second boy going in on his knees and says, “I shrank!”

The first boy asks “What went wrong, what kind of oil did you use?

The second responds “Crisco.”

The first boy then exclaims “No wonder, that’s shortening!!”  Both depart laughing!


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