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CUB GRUB - Fun Food

OERO SEIKOOC  (pronounced “errow sea-kook”)
York Adams Area Council

Materials needed:

          Waxed paper

          Package of Oreo Cookies (get it now?!)

          Thread or dental floss

          Someone to help you!

Using the thread or floss as a flexible saw blade (or an Oreo garrote, if you will), separate one side of the cookie cracker from the cream and other cracker.  Then, from another cookie, completely separate the cream from both cracker sides.  Put the cream wafer from the one cookie on the “outside side” of the first cookie/cream piece.  (The directions might not do a good job, but the end result is supposed to be an Oreo Cookie that has to cream outsides with a chocolate cookie center!)

Inside-Out Jell-O Rings Contest
York Adams Area Council

Make up a tray of Jell-O on a cookie sheet, making the Jell-o about ¼-inch thick.  Using two different sizes of circle cutters (like cookie cutters), cut out rings about 1 ½ inches in diameter and about ½-inch thick.  Give these out and have the boys try to turn them inside out before enjoying them.  (Side note: I haven’t tried this, so if it works, please let me know!)

Backward Ice Cream Cones
York Adams Area Council

Use cone-shaped sugar cones and break off the bottom of each one.  Fill with ice cream “as usual” and have boys eat from the bottom up.  (Messy but fun, again!)

Cooking Inside an Orange

I have done this with a white cake mix and even with hamburger.  Use an orange with a thick skin  To prepare the orange, cut it in half and place your fingers between the meat of the orange and the skin. Slide your fingers back and forth to loosen and separate the orange from the skin. A spoon can also be used to remove the meat of the orange. Eggs, muffins, or cakes cook well in the shell. With cakes and muffins, fill the shell 2/3rds full of batter. Place the shell on a square piece of heavy-duty foil, bringing the foil up around the orange and coming together at the top of the orange. Leave enough room for the food to rise in the shell. Place it on the hot coals for 10 minutes or until the food is cooked.  YUMMY!!!


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