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Water relay

Trapper Trails Council

Supplies needed: Children's swimming pool or large buckets filled with water, two empty buckets, and two large sponges.

Fill swimming pool or large bucket with water. Divide boys into two teams.  Have first member of each team fill his sponge with water, and run to the empty bucket.  Squeeze water from the sponge into that bucket, then return back to his team.  Tag the next team member and have him repeat the process.  First team to fill their bucket wins. We are taking water from the inside of the bucket or pool and putting it out in the other bucket.  To make this a backwards game, have the boys run backwards on their way to or from the empty bucket.


Back To Back Push Up

Trapper Trails Council

Have boys sit back to back and lock arms with each other. Push against each other while trying to stand.  Can be done as a race to see which team can stand up first.

Hold a carnival and have a variety of inside out and backward games. Play ring toss, throw balls into boxes of various sizes, throw balls backwards into a basket, run relays backwards- -(after the relay is over, announce that the slowest team members are the winners.)

Blind Artist

Trapper Trails Council

Blindfold a cub scout. Give him a crayon, and tell him to draw a head on a poster paper.  Blindfold the next scout and have him add two eyes to the head.  Blindfold each boy in turn and have them create a new inside out, backwards cub scout.  Display it at pack meeting.



Trapper Trails Council

Have the cub scouts line up in a row.  Have the first boy pass a message to the boy next to him, who in turn passes it to the next boy.  See how backward the message is when it gets to the last boy.


Suitcase Relay

Trapper Trails Council

Supplies-two suitcases, set of clothes for each suitcase(make sure they have the same number of similar articles in each suitcase.), two chairs.  Divide the boys into two teams. Give the first boy from each team a suitcase full of clothes.  Have him run down to his chair, and put the clothes on.  Once he has dressed completely, have him take the clothes off again, put them in the suitcase, and run the suitcase to the next person in line.  See which team gets through all members first.

Tennis Ball Puppet Game

Trapper Trails Council

Supplies: Old tennis balls, permanent markers, and popcorn kernels.  Cut a one inch hole in the tennis ball for the mouth of the puppet. Draw eyes and nose on the ball.  Squeeze the sides of the ball together to make the mouth open.  Place the popcorn kernels on a table top or in bowls.  Squeeze the ball to open the mouth and try to pick up the kernels in his mouth without using your other hand.  Time the boys for 15 seconds, and then count to see who picked up the most kernels.

Tangled Web Relay

Trapper Trails Council

Divide boys into teams.  Give each team a small ball of yarn (make sure they are all the same length). Have first boy of each team wrap yam around the back of a chair in a web.  After they get it all wrapped, they wind it up in a ball again and then take it to the next person.  Continue until all members have had a turn.


Mirror Relay Race
York Adams Area Council

Must walk backwards through course and return to line and pick “next letter” runner whose letter is written backwards.  Use a mirror to navigate and see next runner.

Inside Out Race
York Adams Area Council

Each team has “manikin” at one end [a scout in swim trunks].  Clothes are all right side out folded next to manikin.  On go, one runner runs to manikin, turns article of clothing inside out and waits for manikin to put it on.  When on, runner returns to starting line for next runner to go.

Speak and Do The Opposite
York Adams Area Council

I couldn't think of a better title for this, but it is fun to play both for kids and adults.  Each team sends a person to challenge a member of another team.  The person challenging says something like "I Am Patting My Head" but in fact they are rubbing their tummy.  The person being challenged has to say in reply "I Am Rubbing My Tummy" and at the same time be patting their head.  If they fail to do it properly in a given time or get it the wrong way round, then the challenging team wins a point.

Shoe Mix-Up
York Adams Area Council


The Beavers are divided into two equal teams. The team members will take off one of their shoes and put them into a pile; with one pile per team. The Beavers will stand about eight feet from their pile waiting for the leader to give the signal to start. On the word 'go', team Beavers will put on a shoe that belongs to another team member. Once the shoes are on, the Beavers must then match up their left and right feet with the other team members wearing similar shoes. The feet of each Beaver must be pressed against the same shoe to be matched. The first team to match all of their feet wins the game.


Back-to-Back Relay

Crossroads of America

For anyone who wants to participate, have them divide themselves into several teams. Try to balance the ages and sizes to allow a more even outcome. People stand back-to-back and link their arms.

On the word “Go”, the first people of each team begins walking towards a turn around point about 30 feet away with one person in front and the other in the rear. When they reach the turn around point, have the person who was in the back now be the person in the front and have them walk back and tag off to the next pair who will repeat the action until all people in the line have completed the activity. First team that has all the people complete the task wins! 


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