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Package Award Presentation
Trapper Trails Council


Wrap awards inside a small box and then inside a larger box, wrapping each boy’s awards in two or three boxes.  “Inside” several packages to get their awards “out.

You can never judge a book by its cover, a package by its wrapping, or a boy by his outward appearance.  Tonight we have many boys who are earning awards.  Some will be presented tonight, and others are in the process of earning their advancements.  Sometimes you have to look deep inside a boy to see who he really is.  Tonight you may have to look deep inside your package to see what you have earned.  As Cub Scouts, may we all look deep inside and discover the potential that is hidden inside each person.  (Call the boys up to receive their wards.


Inside-Out Pocket Presentation
Trapper Trails Council


Cut pockets from old Jeans, turn the pockets inside out, and have awards in the pockets.

Our boys have been working so hard for their awards they feel like they’ve been turned inside out.  Now they’ve received their awards.  I’m sure they will feel like everything is all right.  (Turn pockets right side out and send awards home in the pockets with boys.)


Ceremony Awards Backwards (Backwards Awards Ceremony)
York Adams Area Council

This award ceremony will be a challenge to anyone who conducts it.  Therefore, it is short and to the point.  The best advice is to practice it, practice it, and practice it.  Then, make sure you have a cheat-sheet with you when you try to conduct it.  (You might decide to have an “interpreter” who, in a quieter voice, repeats each line “frontwards” after the Awards Chairman has said it backwards.)

Scouts Cub our of accomplishments the celebrate we tonight.

Tonight are they where get to hard very worked have they.  Bobcat of level the for requirements eight the completed have who Cubs [number] have we.

Parents their with up come boys the would.
[List names of boys (backwards).]

Sons your to badges these award please.

[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

Rank Wolf the for requirements their completed have who Scouts Wolf our recognize to want also we

Forward come please parents their and boys following the would

Wolf of rank the reached have and Wolf for requirements twelve the completed have Cubs these
[List names of boys (backwards).]
Sons your to badges these award please.
[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

Rank Bear the for requirements the finished have who Cubs some has also Pack our.
Requirements achievement twelve complete Cub each requires rank Bear the.
Self and family country God of areas the in are achievements the.
Forward come please parents their and Cubs these would.
[List names of boys (backwards).]
Sons your to badges these award please.
[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

Badges Activity on working been have Dens/Patrols Webelos our.Meeting Pack last the since badges these earned have Webelos following the.
[Call off names of boys (backwards) and the Activity Badges they have earned to come forward and receive them.]

Requirements rank Webelos the completed have who Scouts Webelos our honor to want we finally.
Forward come please to parents their and Webelos these ask we.
Program Scout Cub the in “rank” last the is rank Webelos the.
Award Scouting Cub highest the earn to you challenge we rank this reached have you that now.
Light of Arrow the is award that.
Well done have son(s) your parents.
Badge(s) Webelos their them award please.


Back to the Woods Ceremony
Crossroads of America

Props: Fishing pole, small empty child’s swimming pool.

Cubmaster: Sorry everyone, but the meeting has worn me out, so I am going fishing.  (Tosses line into the pool and pretends to fish pulling the line out several times with nothing on the line.)

Sets the pole down where the Assistant Cubmaster can reach the line (Asistant Cubmaster attaches a bag full of advancements) and stands and says “You know many boys have also done a lot over the last month and they might like to fish too. (Have a Cub come forward and help the Cubmaster fish again.)

This time every one sees “the catch” and the Cubmaster continues the ceremony by calling up the boys and their parents and awards the advancements.


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