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Baloo's Bugle

March 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 8
April Theme

Forces of Nature
Webelos Sportsman and Family Memberr




Survival Kit for Leaders

Central New Jersey Council


Place all of these things in a box, label it “Survival Kit”, copy the notes below and place inside with the items.

Small Bag Of Confetti: To remind you to always have fun.

Chewing Gum: A stick of gum to remind you to stick with it.

Snickers Bar: A Snickers bar to remind you to take time and laugh.

Starburst: A star burst to give you a burst of energy on the days you don't.

Smarties:A Smartie to help you on those days when you do not look so smart.

A Straight Pin: A pin to remind you to stay sharp.

Tootsie Roll: To remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.

M&M'S.: To color your world on rainy days.

A Match: To light your fire when you are burned out.

A Hershey Kiss: A kiss to remind you that you are loved.


Weather Sayings


Central New Jersey Council

"Everybody talks about
the weather but nobody
does anything about it."

Attributed to Mark Twain

but actually written by Charles Dudley Warner


More Weather Sayings

If animals have an especially thick coat of fur, expect a cold winter.

When squirrels bury their nuts early, it will be a hard winter

Hornets' nest built in the top of trees indicate a mild winter is ahead; nests built close to the ground indicate that a harsh winter is coming.

If you hear an owl hoot in the daytime, a storm is approaching.

When clouds look like rocks and towers, the earth will be refreshed by showers.

When clouds look like chicken scratches or mare's tails it will soon rain.

High clouds indicate fine weather will prevail; lower clouds mean rain.

Smoke that curls downward and lingers means a nearing storm.

Roosting birds indicate a storm, because thinning air is harder to fly in.

If the rooster goes crowing to bed, he'll certainly rise with a watery head.

A warm November is the sign of a bad winter.

If the woolly worm's (a type of caterpillar) head is more black than colored, the coldest part of the winter will come in the first months of winter.

If fruit trees bloom in the fall, the weather will be severe the following winter.

If the first snow falls on unfrozen ground, expect a mild winter.

If spiders leave their webs, expect rain

Spiders enlarge and repair their webs before bad weather.

"Rainbow in the morning,
Shepherds take warning.
Rainbow toward night,
Shepherd’s delight.
Rainbow at noon,
Rain very soon."

Weather Fact
The lowest temperature around the world, on record, was in Vostok, Antarctica.  It was -129 degrees F on Aug. 24, 1960.




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