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Baloo's Bugle

March 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 8
April Theme

Forces of Nature
Webelos Sportsman and Family Memberr



 The Lion Hunt
National Capital Area Council

The leader takes a seated position in front of audience so all can see him and instructs everyone to make signs and gestures as indicated.


Would you like to go on a lion hunt?  O.K. -- let's go.

Way, way down in the deep dark jungles of Africa, there lives a tribe of Pygmies.

One morning the chief got up, yawned, stretched, and looked at the sky.

(All go through motions.)

He called all the Pygmy from their huts. (Sound one "whoop" by cupping hand over mouth.)

They all come out, stretch, and answer their chief with two whoops. (All give two whoops.)

The warriors go to the chief's hut to talk over the plans.

(Sound effect:  All repeat "Soda water bottle, soda water bottle.")

The Pygmies say good-bye to their wives.

(Make sound, "Low wo-wo-wo," by cupping hands over mouths.)

Here we go down the trail. (Everyone produces sound of marching Pygmies by striking knees with palms of hands, alternating.)

We're getting out in the tall grasses now.

(Rubbing palms of hands back and forth against each other.)

Up ahead there's a big river with a bridge. Here we go across the bridge.

(Hit chest with fists, alternating.) 

We're across.  (Regular marching resumed.)

We're starting up a mountain (tempo slows).

This is hard work. (Slower and slower.)

We're getting close to the top now. (Tempo quite slow, then back to normal.)

We're on top now; here we go down the other side.

(Speed marching up to a run tempo, then back to normal.)

O.K., we're back on level ground. 

Oh! Oh! Narrow river. No bridge. Better jump. Run!

(Slap knees fast, long pause, then one smart slap.)

Made it.  More tall grass. (Rub palms together.)

Sh-h! (All repeat Sh-h!)

Sure looks like lion country. Yep, there's a lion ahead. We have to sneak up on him.

(Walk fingers of right hand across palm of left hand.)

Suddenly the lion charges with a roar. R O A R! The Pygmies turn and run

(Running tempo against knees. Now repeat all actions and gestures in reverse):

We're back to the mountain...jump the creek...cross the bridge...run through the grass...through the gate...slam the gate shut...bit sigh of relief. And then the wives start asking questions all at once. You know how women talk.

(All say "rhubarb, rhubarb" in a high pitch to imitate old women.)

O.K.  We've been on a Pygmy lion hunt.



Clancy To The Rescue
Central New Jersey Council

Divide the group into seven smaller groups and assign each group one of the words listed below. Read the story. After each of the

words is read pause for the group to make the appropriate response.

Clancy (feel your muscles, like a strong man)

Horses (Slap thighs)

Yell (Indian fashion, with hand over mouth)

Fire Engine (High-pitched siren sound)

Bell (Swing arm like a clapper saying, *Clang, clang, clang!')

Hose (Shh-sh-sh sound like water from a hose)

Steam (Hissing s-s-s-s-s sound)

If you like Horses___, you would have enjoyed living back in the 1800's when they had old-fashioned Steam___ type Fire Engines___, pulled by Horses___. One of the Fire Engines___ was driven by the greatest hero ever, Clancy___! Yes, Sir!  Clancy___ was a real hero. Every day when there was no fire, he would take the Horses___ out for exercise, trotting them gently up and down the streets. If there were children along the way, Clancy___ would always stop and let them pet the Horses___.

Sometimes the alarms were in the daytime, but sometimes they were at night. When the alarm sounded at night, one man would Yell___ up to the firemen above, and the men would run to the Fire Engine___ where the Steam___ was up, and away they would go to the fire, clanging the Bell___, with Clancy___ driving the Horses___.

One night most al the men were in bed and the others were playing checkers when the alarm sounded. Where was the fire? At the mayor's big two-story house! Quick as a flash they were there. Clancy___ stopped the Horses___ and Yelled___, "Keep the Steam___ up men." They started the fire Hose___ and began to squirt water on the fire.

Clancy___ strained to see upstairs where the mayor's wife was trapped. Flames were everywhere! Clancy___ Yelled___, "You'll have to jump!" The mayor's wife was afraid, so Clancy___ threw her a rope and she came right down into the middle of the net.

The firemen kept fighting the fire. They got the Hose___ on it and kept up the Steam___ in the Fire Engine___. Before long, the fire was out, so they turned off the Hose___, got back on the Fire Engine___, and went back to the fire house, clanging the Bell___. To Clancy___ and the other firemen, it was all in a day's work. The sleepy firemen went back upstairs and soon were sound asleep.




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