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Baloo's Bugle

February 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 7
March Theme

Dollars & Sense
Webelos Athlete & Engineer





Chest of Gold
Inland Northwest Coucil

Lets take a few minutes to show how thankful we are for one of our pack leaders. This could be a Cubmaster, Den Leader Coach, Committee Chair or anyone needing an extra pat on the back You will want to do this as a surprise to the leader. However let them know that as part of this skit, when it is time the boys will need them to come up on the stage and just stand there. A small token of appreciation for all the hours donated to the pack by the leader would be a nice addition.


Scene: 8 boys studying a treasure map

1st Boy: "I think we are looking in the wrong place."

2nd Boy: "I think we are looking for the wrong thing."

3rd Boy: "What do you mean, the wrong thing?"

4th Boy: "We're looking for a chest of gold, aren't we?"

5th Boy: "Oh course, but where's the best place to look for a chest of gold?"

6th Boy: "Probably at the end of the rainbow, but I don't see one."

7th Boy: "Let's look out there in that sea of faces." points to the audience)

8th Boy: "I'VE FOUND IT" (Walks to the leader and brings him/her on stage. Other boys look puzzled) "This is by far the best chest of gold: for in that chest pointing to leader) beats a heart of pure gold! Otherwise, why would he/she spend so much time being our Leader?

All Boys: (together) "That's Right!"


American Express Card
Crossroads of America

A scout in a trench coat and hat enters and acts like Karl Malden in an American express Commercial “Do you know me? I’m Karl Malden and I carry the American Express card. Don’t leave home without it! You will see just watch.


Have another boy cross the room and have two other boys walk by the single boy and bump into him.


The single boy exclaims as the other two leave, “oh my wallet is gone. I’m far from home and have no money.”


Malden steps up and says “see it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Lets see it in slow motion.

Have the single person go across the room again and this time have the other two twist, turn and search everywhere, and then leave.


Malden says: The American Express Card, do not leave home without it.


The Lost Quarter
National Capital Area Council

Personnel: 5 or more Scouts

Scene:   One person acts as a lamppost, shining a flashlight on the ground. Another is groping around in the pool of light. (He's “Scout One”)

A third person enters, sees Scout One, and asks: "What are you looking for?"

Scout One: "A quarter that I lost".

He joins # 1, and helps him search. A fourth and fifth enter and repeat the above scene.

Finally one of them asks Scout One: "Where did you loose the quarter ?"

Scout One: (Pointing away) "Over there"

Other Scout: "Then why are you looking here ?"

Scout One: "Because the light is better over here!"

National Capital Area Council

The first Scout comes out walking around, he suddenly grabs his chest and falls to the ground.  Two other scouts come in talking about just completing their first aid merit badge and find the scout on the ground.  They rush to his aid and begin C.P.R..  Adjust head, listen, feel for pulse and then begin (fake) compressions.  The other scout counts. After about 3 sets, the other scout yells "switch".  Suddenly the scout on the ground gets up, one of the two scouts lies down, and they begin again to administer C.P.R.


The General Store
National Capital Area Council

This is a cute skit.  However, some adults and boys might not like it at all.  Be sensitive to this.  If you decide to use it, insist that this skit is to be done in soccer shorts or the like.--Baloo

The scene is a general store, with the Storekeeper behind the counter.  The counter is easily represented by a long table with a few items piled on it.  Behind the Storekeeper is a curtain, which conceals another Scout, the Storekeeper's Son.  He has a full change of clothes with him.

The Storekeeper introduces himself.  He explains that this is his store and his Son helps him to run it.  He is very proud of how hard he works to satisfy every customer, no matter what the customer wants.

A customer enters, walks up to the counter, and asks for a hat.  The Storekeeper turns and calls out, "Hey Son, I need a hat."  The curtain moves, and a hand reaches through with a hat.  The customer admires it, and they agree on a price.  The customer pays, puts on the hat, and walks out acting pleased.

Other customers repeat the process for a jacket, a shirt, shoes, socks, and a pair of pants.  Each time, there is more movement of the curtain, and a longer delay before the clothing is handed through the curtain.  There are sounds of grumbling, and the Storekeeper reminds his son about their commitment to sell whatever the customer needs.

The last customer walks in hesitantly and asks in embarrassed tones for underwear.  The Storekeeper does not hear him, and makes him repeat it until everybody can hear clearly.  Finally he says, "Oh of course.  Underwear!  Son, we need some underwear." Nothing happens.

The Storekeeper repeats his request several times, each time emphasizing the word, "Underwear."  There is no answer.  He apologizes to his customer for his lazy son, and says he will get the underwear himself.  He stomps off behind the curtain.

The curtain shakes, and we hear, "No, Pa!  No, Pa! No!"  The Son runs through the curtain and across the stage wearing only underpants.


I really hate to admit this, but right now I don’t trust our computer.  I really thought our new system was possessed, and even after having the hard drive replaced I still don’t trust it totally.  Hmmm, can you say “bad sectors?” 

Because of my distrust I am including a skit for the Craftsman Activity Badge that is out of sync this month because this is Athlete and Engineer month for the older guys.  However I want to get it the Bugle and there is no time like the present.  Thanks Mark for the skit.


Be your tools!

The Scouts each stand up in front of the Pack and imitate a tool.  The crowd guesses what tool they are imitating. Here are some ideas we came up with.

Drill: One boy spins in place

Hammer & Nail:
One boy leans forward at the waist, swinging his head at the other boy (hammer).  The other boy (nail) gets a little shorter each time the hammer swings.

One boy turns the other slowly in place.

Two scouts stand with an arm around the other's waist and the outer arm over their heads so they are touching.  Together, they raise the outer leg out to their side and back while moving their outer arm out and back.

One boy leans over and clamps his arms down on the other boy.

One boy leans over next to another who is standing.  The one who is leaned over sticks out an arm and draws circles in the air at a moderate speed.  The other boy holds his arms out in front of himself and slowly brings them together.

The lightest boy leans over holding his arms over his head.  Two or three other boys pick up the "saw" and move him back and forth with a sawing motion.


National Capital Area Council



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