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Baloo's Bugle

February 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 7
March Theme

Dollars & Sense
Webelos Athlete & Engineer





Dollars Opening Ceremonies
Crossroads of America


Cubs hold up large pieces of paper with the letters “D-O-L-L-A-R-S” on them and say.


D –is for dollars, they help us to learn.

O –is for dough, the paper we earn.

L  -is for “listen”, advice we can then hear.

L  -is for learn, more and more each year

A  -A is for Akela, the leader so grand

R  -is for rank awards, the finest in the land

S  -is for sense that we use every day.

ALL – And now stand and all together stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance.


A Penny Saved
York Adams Area Council


Benjamin Franklin was one of America’s most prominent and inventive forefathers. In his time, he helped to write the Constitution of the United States, he served the country in many important positions, he invented such machines as the Franklin stove and bifocals and he is honored with discovering electricity. Another of his attributes was his crafty, yet true proverbs—all of which seem to apply as much today as they did in his time. One such saying especially applies to our theme tonight: “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

As we ponder this and the man whose wisdom and

insight led him to coin it, lets remember and be

thankful for the many heroes—the famous and the

little known—who gave so much of themselves to

make America what it is today.

Please stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


Think About This
National Capital Area Council


Our country, the United States of America, is one of the greatest countries to ever exist. It’s greatness lies in the strength of its citizens—you and me.

Think about this: The greatest road system in the world is the US road system. It provides more, larger, and better roadways than in any other country. How can this be? Could any one of us afford to build a length of highway in front of our house? Not too easily! But by all of the US citizens, pooling their financial resources together, we are able to make this happen. And it’s the same with our schools, our community buildings, and many other manmade resources we have. By all of us pitching in, we help make the United States the great country that it is. So when you’re thinking about tonight’s theme, Dollars and Sense, don’t forget that part of that sense is common sense—common as in “community.”

Let’s join together to recite the Pledge of Allegiance—the pledge that joins us all together in this great nation.


10 Commandments of Ceremonies


1.        Thou shalt have one every month.

2.        Thou shalt keep it simple, make it fun (kis-mif).

3.        Thou shalt not repeat a ceremony, no matter how many adults want to ( or how good you look in an

         Indian headdress).

4.        Thou shalt not ask Cub Scouts (or adults) to memorize or read a lot of big words.

5.        Thou shalt be heard and seen by all.

6.        Thou shalt include both Cub and his parent.

7.        Thou shalt not forget WEBELOS activity pins, to make them important also.

8.        Thou shalt follow the monthly theme.

9.        Thou shalt understand Cub Scout advancement and how important it is to the Cubs.

10.     Thou shalt use thy brain to come up with new ideas.

My Choice

Props: 8 Cub Scouts hold cards on which have been printed the letters "M Y C H O I C E".

In turn, each Cub steps forward, raises his card and speaks his lines.

Cub 1:  "M" - If I could choose what I could be, I think I'd choose to be just me, To live where I am free

to talk, To choose my friends and where to walk.


Cub 2:  "Y" - To choose the job I want to do, And live where I've a notion to.

Cub 3:  "C" - To spend my money as I please and never have to bend my knees...

Cub 4:  "H" - To any dictator or government boss who profits from the people's loss.

Cub 5:  "O" - To choose the church in which I'll pray and worship God in my own way.

Cub 6:  "I" - To vote for men who'll do their best to see our nation meets the test.

Cub 7:  "C" - And conquer evils that would destroy the freedoms that I now enjoy.

Cub 8:  "E" - To be my boss and live the way according to how I choose each day; Yes, if I could

choose what I could be, I'd be an American JUST LIKE ME.



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