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Baloo's Bugle

February 2002 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 7
March Theme

Dollars & Sense
Webelos Athlete & Engineer




The Exerciser
Inland Northwest Council
(Let your Webelos lead this)


The exerciser stood up tall,

And stretched his arms from wall to wall,

He put his hands way up high,

Then down again beside each thigh.

He put his chin upon his chest,

Then he pulled it far back, his neck to rest.

Then he reached down and touched to the ground,

And then he turned himself once around.

Then with his hands he touched his feet,

And then quietly he took his seat.


Toy Store Uproar
York Adams Area Council


An audience participation skit, ideal for any large gathering!

Whenever these words are read, the group is to perform these motions and sounds:


Doll: Bend forward at the waist and say 'Wahhh".

Jack-In-The-Box: Stand up and say 'boing".

Bird: Put hands under armpits, flap 'wings' and say


Train: Punch the air rhythmically and say 'Choochoo'

and 'Chug'chug'.

Soldier: Stomp feet and say 'March, march,


The Doll had seen it all. The absent-minded shopkeeper had really done it this time! He had closed up shop for the night and never locked the toy shop door! Now what would become of them –unprotected for a night! If someone decided to rob the store, none of the toys was safe. The Doll knew something had to be done. But what?  She tried to get the attention of the Soldier. She inched her way to the very edge of the shelf. "help," cried the Doll, but the Soldier never looked her way.

The cuckoo Bird! A bit flighty perhaps, but

nonetheless helpful. The Doll called him, but the

Bird was so busy chirping out the hour, he never

heard her.

By now, the Doll had worked herself so near the

edge of the shelf that when the Jack-In-The-Box

suddenly popped up, he frightened the poor Doll

who lost her balance and toppled off the shelf right

into the engine car of the Train. As she landed, she

hit the throttle of the Train, setting it in motion.

As it rounded the first bend, the top of the Train

bumped into the Jack-In-The-Box, knocking him

off his shelf and into the next car of the Train.

At the second bend, the Jack-In-The-Box popped

up when he was just beneath the Soldier. The

startled Soldier fell head first into the Bird. They

both tumbled over and over each other – first the

Bird, then the Soldier, the Bird, the Soldier,

Bird, Soldier – until they landed in the last car of

the Train.

The Doll cried out in disbelief! What a horrible

night this was turning out to be! A Train pulling a

Doll, a Jack-In-The-Box, a Soldier and a

Bird – all going round and round an unlocked toy

shop in the middle of the night!

Just then, the door slowly opened. The Doll held

her breath. "Why, you naughty toys." It was the

absent-minded shopkeeper! "I came back because I

realized I hadn't locked the door, and what do I find

–all of you playing after hours"!

Then the shopkeeper set the Bird in the sentry box

which belonged to the Soldier, the Doll where

the Train belonged, the Soldier on the shelf

where the Doll usually sat, and the Jack-In-The-Box

in the clock where the Bird was supposed to


This is all wrong", the shopkeeper said. So he put

the Bird in the Train, the Doll on top of the

Jack-In-The-Box, and the Soldier in the clock.

That can't be right", he squealed, and he put the

Doll in the Train, the Train in the clock, the

Bird in the sentry box and the Soldier in the


And when he saw the total confusion he created, he

gave up. And so do I!



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