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Baloo's Bugle

December 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 5
January Theme

Did You Get My Message
Webelos Fitness & Readyman




Computer Pals
National Capital Area Council

Divide the group into seven smaller groups and assign each group one of the words listed below. Read the story. After each of the words is read pause for the group to make the appropriate response.

All should do Scout/Scouting.

Jeff "Whew, it's hot!"

Mouse "Squeak, Squeak"

Vaughn "Burrrrrrrr, it's cold!"

Nome, Alaska "Watch out for the moose!"

E-Mail "Zoom, Bing!"

Orlando, Florida "Mickey Mouse"

Send "Click, Swish!"

Keyboard "Typety, typety"

Scout or Scouting "Do Your Best!" (ALL)


Vaughn ___ had just attended School Night for Scouting ___ in his home town of Nome, Alaska ___. He wanted to SEND ___ E-Mail ___ to his computer pal Jeff ___, in Orlando, Florida ___ to tell him that he joined Scouts ___. He knew that Jeff ___ had been in Scouting ___ for a while and wanted to find out what he was getting into.

So, Vaughn ___ sat down at the computer Keyboard ___ and reached for his Mouse ___. He typed in the message, hit Send ___ with the Mouse ___ and eagerly awaited Jeff's ___ reply.

While doing homework at the Keyboard ___, Jeff ___ received Vaughn's ___ E-Mail ___. He was really excited to get Vaughn's ___ news. Jeff ___ immediately sent E-Mail ___ back to Vaughn ___ in Nome, Alaska ___ with all the fun Scouting ___ stuff they do in Orlando, Florida ___. He talked about such things as the Pinewood Derby, Day Camp, the Blue & Gold, the Raingutter Regatta, Orama, plus all of the great hikes, field trips and more! When Jeff ___ finished listing all the things they do in Scouts ___, he hit the Send ___ key on his Keyboard ___. After Vaughn ___ finished reading Jeff's ___ E-Mail ___, he began to think he had made a smart decision by joining Scouts ___.

A couple of weeks later, after Vaughn ___ had attended his first Pack meeting, where he received his Bobcat badge, he decided to Send ___ Jeff ___ an E-Mail ___ to tell him the good news. So he sat down at the Keyboard ___ and reached for his Mouse ___ to Send ___ the message.

Jeff ___ drew a card with his Mouse ___ to congratulate Vaughn ___ for earning his first Scouting ___ badge.

After each of their meetings, Jeff ___ from Orlando, Florida ___ and Vaughn ___ from Nome, Alaska ___ would Send ___ E-Mail ___ to each other telling everything they had done in their meetings. They both agreed Scouting ___ is a lot of fun. They also became life-long buddies and pen pals!


Cub Knot Story
York Adams Area Council

Rope: "I'm fit to be tied"

Knot: Cross arms in front and say "What knot"

Cub Scout: "Where's the cookies?"

Den meeting: "Paint, cut, glue"

For those of you who can't imagine that a Rope can come alive, this story may be hard to believe. Once there was a four foot piece of Rope who wanted to become a Cub Scout. The Rope knew that in Den Meetings Cub Scouts learned to tie Knots in Ropes. He had always wanted to learn how to tie himself into a Knot. So the Rope checked with a Cub Scout that he knew to find out when the next Den Meeting was to be held. He put on his best tie, hitched up his pants, and headed for the meeting. The Rope could tell he was at the right house because several Cub Scouts were arriving to begin the Den Meeting. The Rope walked right in and said to the den leader "I want to be a Cub Scout and attend your Den Meetings". But the den leader said "I cannot let a Rope be a Cub Scout!" Well the Rope was really upset. He ran out of the Den Meeting, Knot knowing what to do next. He ran outside into the gravel road and was run over by a bread truck. The Rope was tumbled, rolled, crunched, and in general, pretty messed up. His ends were all unraveled, and he had been twisted into a quadruple half hitch Knot. The Rope could not even remember who he was. But somehow he remembered he wanted to be a Cub Scout and that a Den Meeting was going on that he should be attending. He stumbled to the front door and knocked. When the Cub Scout den leader opened the door, there was the unraveled half hitched Rope. "I want to be a Cub Scout," said the Rope. The den leader looked at him and said, "Aren't you the Rope that was here a few minutes ago?" The Rope looked right at the den leader and shouted, "I'm a frayed Knot".


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