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Baloo's Bugle

November 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 4
December Theme

Works of Art
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Idea 5




Achievement  5 Letís Go Outdoors
There is so much to do and learn outdoors!  You can have fun exploring nature and looking at trees, flowers, and animals.  You can walk, run, play games, and ride a bike. Itís even fun to sit outside!

Achievement 5  Family activity

You can listen to a weather report on the radio or television. But itís more fun to tell what the weather is like by going outside and using your five senses to observe what the weather for yourself.  Your five senses are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching.  Some people canít use all five senses fully, such as people who are sight impaired or hearing impaired.  Often, people who canít use one of their senses have learned to use their other four senses very well.

5F Go outside and observe the weather.  Use your senses to help you describe what the weather is like.

What do you see?  Is it sunny?  Is it dark?  Do you see stars, clouds, sunshine, rain, or a rainbow?   What do you hear?  Do you hear thunder, rain, or the blowing wind?  Maybe you hear traffic noise, children playing, or birds singing. How does the weather affect noises like these?  What do you smell?  Do you smell flowers or freshly cut grass?  Maybe you smell the aroma of someone cooking or the odor of farm animals.  The air and wind bring these smells to your nose.
What do you taste?  If the wind is blowing across a dusty place, you may get dust in your mouth.  Does the air taste lie dirt?  Does it taste like salt?  What can you feel?  Is it cold or warm?  Do you feel the wind blowing?  Do you feel rain or snow?

Achievement 5 Den Activity

Many trees and bushes have leaves that turn colors and fall to the ground in autumn.  Some trees have needles that stay on all year long.  You may live in a place where cacti grow.  Cacti have spines or scales instead of leaves.  Go outdoors with your adult partner and collect some leaves or needles to take to your den meeting for this activity.  Be sure to collect only fallen leavers, or get the permission of an adult before removing a live part of a tree or bush.

5D With a crayon or colored pencil and a piece of paper, make a leaf rubbing.

Materials:  writing paper, leaves, crayons

Place a leaf, vein side up, on a smooth surface, and cover it with a piece of thin writing paper.  Hold the paper firmly in position and gently rub the crayon over it.  The crayon strokes should all be in the same direction and with just enough pressure to bring out the details of the leaf.

The finished design can be displayed in your home, decorated and framed. Your leaf rubbings can also be made into greeting cards or given as a gift.

Achievement 5 Go and See It

Walking is great exercise, and itís fun to be outdoors. When you walk, you see more things in the outdoors than you would if you went by fast on a bicycle, or in a car or bus.

5G Take a hike.

Your den may go to a special outdoor place for a hike, or you may take a simple walk in your neighborhood. Wherever you go, itís fun to be outdoors!


1- How do you celebrate?

Celebrating is a way of making an event or occasion special.  Families celebrate different kinds of things in different ways.  Many families celebrate religious holidays, cultural holidays, national holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and special events.  Families can also celebrate things like good news, successful days at work or school, the arrival of a new pet, the first snow, the change of season, moving to a new home, or a visit from someone they have not seen in a long time.

Have each boy in the den think of one time when his family celebrated, and tell the den about it, and how it made him feel.  Tiger Cubs can draw or bring a picture or some other items to show.   See how many different kinds of celebrations your den can think of!


2- Making decorations

Every day is special, but some days are extra-special!  We see decorations at holiday times.  Sometimes we decorate for a change of season or when something special happens.  Itís fun to make decorations for ourselves and for others.

Make a decoration with your family or your den and display it or give it to someone as a gift.

Itís fun to make snowflakes in the wintertime, even if you donít have any snow where you live. Your snowflakes will be different from the ones the other Tiger Cubs make.  In nature, no two snowflakes are alike. Each one is differentójust like yours are all different!

Fold a paper coffee filter in half 3 times.  Cut shapes in the sides, being careful not to cut all the way to the other side.  Open the filter up and you have a snowflake!



Tiger Track Induction Ceremony
Keith Larson, Tiger Den Leader , El Paso, TX


Before the meeting, the new Tiger Cub instant recognition kits are prepared.

At the appropriate time, the Cubmaster asks all the new Tiger Cubs and their adult partners to line up with the boys in front.

Cubmaster: When a boy becomes a Tiger Cub, he is just beginning a trail that will lead him through Cub Scouting and into Boy Scouting.  This Tiger Cub Belt Totem (hold up) is a symbol of the first part of that trail, the Tiger Cub trail, one that you will walk with your adult partner during the coming year as you search, discover, and share the world around you.   Tonight I would like to present to each of you this totem to wear on your belt.  It is to remind you of all the fun you will have while working on the Tiger Badge this year with your partner.

Please present the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Tiger Cub motto with me:

"Search, Discover, Share"

Tigers, "Cub Scout Salute."

I welcome all of you to the adventure of Tiger Cubs!

Cubmaster may now lead the pack in a Tiger "spelldown".

Give me a T----(audience yells T!)
Give me an I----(I!)
Give me a G----(G!)
Give me an E---(E!)
Give me an R---(R!)
What's that spell?-----(Tigers!)
What's that spell?-----(Tigers!)
What do they say?----(R-o-a-r!)

I just started using these at Roundtable to recognize attendance and other activities.  I picked up the ingredients Michael's here in Toledo.  I understand that it's a national chain, so you can probably find the same items.

You need:  large buttons in a variety of colors, one per person they're about 1 1/4" with 4 holes for sewing at Michaels, they come in two varieties one pack has bright colors (blue, red, etc.) the other has more muted colors (tan, brown, etc.) lots of shiny pony beads (instead of the usual pony beads) the shiny ones also come in heart and star shapes a spool of leather thong

The thong is better than the usual plastic craft strip because of the size of the holes on the buttons.  Craft strip doesn't stay in place as well on my buttons, but if you find buttons with smaller holes, it would probably be fine.

Thread leather thong through the top two holes from the back.  Leave some loose at the back; the loop can be small to use as a neckerchief slide or larger to slide over a belt. Then thread the left end through the lower right hole to the back and thread the right one through the lower left.  Slide beads on the thongs and knot the ends to hold them in place.

For Roundtable, I also found the square beads with letters on them.  I have the adults put their initials or a short version of their name on one side and their "awards" on the other side. They get the round beads for attendance and stars for bringing new attendees to Roundtable.  I have the hearts, too, but haven't decided on award criteria yet.

For Tigers, you could use all three shapes, too.  Perhaps a heart for Family, star for Den and round for Go See It?  That would be easier than buying packs with lots of colors and having to sort out only the colors you need.

Mary Lee Foley
Erie Shores Council

 I used orange Fun Foam and cut out a paw shape in orange.  I added black paw  pads.  On the back, you can add a belt loop with a strap of fun foam:  (either use the small grommets that are available at a stamping place or staple in place) I put a few small holes with a small hole punch in the bottom of the  pad.  I strung black plastic lace through for the beads.  I used pony beads in orange, black and white. Each Tiger gets a paw (and their are cheaper).  Lasts the whole year.



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