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Baloo's Bugle

November 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 4
December Theme

Works of Art
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Idea 5




Why Santa Has A Beard

San Francisco Bay Area Council

Santa, (Holds hands on stomach while saying HO-HO-HO)

North Pole: (Fold arms, holding self while saying "BRR-R-R')

Sleigh: (Wave right arm once while saying 'SWOOSH-H-H)

Workshop: (Cover ears while saying "BANG, BANG, CLATTER,CLATTER)


You've all heard many stories about Santa and his Workshop at the North Pole.  You have also heard stories about his Sleigh and reindeer.  But there is a story about Santa that very few people know, so if you listen very closely, I'll tell you about how Santa decided to grow a beard.

Everyone knows the weather is very, very cold at the North Pole where Santa has his Workshop.  He works very hard throughout the year with his little elves, making toys for his Christmas Eve visit.  Like everyone else, Santa needs relaxation, and a chance to get away from it all.  His way to relax is to take a leisurely ride in his Sleigh.

With such cold weather at the North Pole, Santa always had to bundle up tightly before taking a Sleigh ride.  Once he forgot to wrap his heavy wool scarf around his face while he went Sleigh riding.  When Santa returned from his Sleigh ride and walked into the Workshop where Mrs. Claus and the elves were happily working, he had icicles hanging down the sides of his face and chin, just like a beard.

When Mrs. Claus looked up and saw him, she squealed with delight, "Why Santa you look absolutely marvelous with your sparkling white icicle beard."  Well, when Santa saw how much this please Mrs. Claus, he was very flattered and decided right then and there to grow a long, flowing white beard and mustache.  And that is what he did.

By doing this Santa caused two things to happen.  He made himself so handsome that whenever Mrs. Claus passed him by at the North Pole Workshop, she gave him a big smile.  This made Santa blush so much, that to this day, he is still blushing.  That's why his cheeks always look rosy.  And now he doesn't have to wrap a scarf around his face when he goes Sleigh riding at the North Pole.  Mrs. Claus has even started going on Sleigh fides with Santa because she is so very happy that he grew his beard.


Audience Participation
Heart of America Council

Leader reads and audience acts accordingly

Santa Claus stood up, stretching his arms out wide;

First he looked to his left and then to his right side.

He bent down and wiped off’ his boots so shiny.

Then he turned around to see his behiny.

But he couldn’t see it, alas and alack,

So he then turned right back.

Then feeling relaxed, he stomped his feet

And then sat down again in his seat. (J. Newell)



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