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Baloo's Bugle

November 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 4
December Theme

Works of Art
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Idea 5



A challenge to other leaders to share slide ideas in the Bugle:

The following email I got last month, and I am just getting around to sharing it. 

This comes from Carole in Florida

Hi!  I'm a den leader for our pack.  The boys in my den look forward to the new themes every month and I can always get them there on time for our first meeting of the month because they know the for the gathering activity we'll be making a theme-related slide.  For last month's theme we took milk caps (I save EVERYTHING) sprayed painted them white, then drew and black "x" and added the letters, R R for our railroad crossing sign slide.  A long 1/2" pvc pipe cut into 1/4" rings goes a long way in our den.

This month for the "Down on the Farm" theme, I bought a huge bag of farm animals at a yard sale for $1.00.  My son and I washed them real good to get ready for next week's den meeting.  We'll attach the animals to a piece of indoor/outdoor carpet then attach the carpet to the pvc pipe.

I can't wait for the money theme month.  We found some play money--bills and coins--that are going to make some really cool slides.

I've suggested a "slide show" at an upcoming roundtable so packs can show off and share ideas.

Cub Scouting is so much fun.  I would like to have others share slide ideas on your site!
Thanks so much,
Carole Gentry
Tallahassee, FL


Neckerchief Slides
Trapper Trails Council


Christmas Tree

Use a small piece of artificial tree, wreath, or garland.  Cut a 2 or 3 inch length.  Attach a ring like PVC pipe, or Chenille stick twisted around the tree.  Add glitter, sequins, or other trim to the tree.

Santa’s Stocking

Cut stocking out of heavy cardboard.  Cut teddy bear out of cardboard or poster board.  Cover teddy bear with black felt.  Add wiggly eyes.  Cut red fur or felt slightly larger than cardboard.  On front, glue red fur (or felt to cardboard.  Glue teddy bear to top of sock.  Add white fur.  Attach a ring to the back.

Christmas Gift

This can be made from plaster, wood, or small cardboard box.  (I have even used thick Styrofoam—Baloo).  Paint the gift any color, solid or add designs.  Then tie on some yarn for the ribbon, or use ribbon.  Glue in place if needed.  Add ring to the back.  If you use Styrofoam, can wrap it in Christmas paper.

Cub Scout Scavenger Hunt
Bill Nahlik, Cubmaster, Pack 34, Glen Carbon, IL

Find And Bring Back:

1.        A stick shaped like a letter of the alphabet

2.         Something slippery

3.         Leaves from four different types of trees

4.         Something rough

5.         A rock the size of your fist

6.        Something prickly

7.         Evidence of an insect

8.         Something colorful

9.         A plant seed

10.     Something smooth

11.     A piece of litter

12.     Something that starts with the letter D

13.     A feather

14.     Something that is found as a pair

15.    Something interesting
Objects can be used for more than one category.  Be creative, extra points if no other group brings back the same object.  Be prepared to tell why your Item #15 is interesting.   Work as a team, stay with a buddy.   Hopefully, you can distribute this and others will use it as well.

Mini Beaded Indian Headdress Neckerchief Slide
Manuelita White

(Manuelita sent this for my January issue, THANKS, Manuelita!!!)



15 small safety pins

92 “E” beads

14 6mm round beads

2 pieces of wire 10’’ and 6”

2 - 3/4 “ antique silver feathers



Small pliers

Needle nose pliers


1.        String “E” beads on pin in desired pattern.  Do all the pins the same way.  Each pin will represent a feather – Keep this in mind when choosing colors and pattern.

2.       . Pinch head of pins closed, so that they don’t open while wearing.  IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE!

3.        String 6mm beads and heads of pins on wire.  Start with a pin and bend up about 1 1/2“ of wire and wrap around itself to keep on.  Alternate with beads and finish with pin.  Leave tail of wire about 1 1/2“ long and wrap it around itself like in the beginning.

4.       Make small loop onto smaller piece of wire and place feather in loop.  Place “e” bead onto wire.  String the other end of the safety pins on wire, adjust and space.  Place another “e” bead on wire and clip wire to about 1/4” long and make small loop and place other feather on.

5.       Take tail left on end clip to appropriate length and make loop on end.  Clip other side to length and make loop that goes through the first loop.

This headdress can be made larger by changing the size of the safety pins and adjusting the size of the beads.


Egg Carton Christmas Tree
Heart of America Council

3 egg cartons
silver garland
small Christmas balls

Cut a base from cardboard  following measurements shown, staple egg carton balls bottom up to cardboard.

Place silver garland around edges and in between egg carton balls.  Staple a bow to either side of stem.  Glue small ornaments on between egg carton balls.  Match color of ribbon, and ornaments to color of egg cartons.










Christmas Bell Corsage
Heart of America Council



3 small “Coffee Whitener” cups
3 pieces small wire 5” long
3 small beads
Ribbon or yarn for bow
Spray paint
Floral Tape (optional)

Set cups up side down on masking tape to spray with paint.  Using a Tapestry or Darning needle, punch a hole in center bottom of each cup.  Run wire through bead and twist tack around self to hold beads.  Measure 1 inch from tip of bead and crimp or knot wires.  Run wire from inside cup through bottom of cup (top of bell).  Make three of these bells, twist the three wires together and tie on a bow.

Floral Tape may used to wrap wires after leaving -top of “bell” and to cover sharp ends of wire



“COOL WHIP” Snowman
Heart of America Council


2 small cool whip containers with lids

2 medium containers with lids

Black Electrical Tape

5 gold sequins

2 - 17 mm moveable eyes

1 cotton ball for top of hat

red felt

black felt

 Crochet scarf and earmuffs or cut from scraps of fabric.  Place lids on all containers.   Spray one small one with black paint.  When paints dry, glue two small containers together lid to lid.  Repeat with medium containers.   Glue bottom of small white container to bottom of a medium container.   Place electrical tape around containers where lids fit together.  Glue features in place as pictured.  Glue a gold sequin in center of each button.  Glue earmuffs to sides of head and tie scarf around neck.








Coffee Can Stilts

You need two large coffee cans.  Clean and dry them.   Get your Den Leader to help you make two holes in the can, one on one side and then one on the other.  Then you do the same with the second can.

Run the end of a rope into one hole and then the other end through the other hole on one of the cans.  Get help to measure how long the rope should be according to how tall you are while your standing on the can.  After you have the length you need tie the two loose ends together inside the can. Cut off any excess rope.  Repeat for other can.  Now you have stilts to walk around on. Lots of fun.




Toothpick Creche
Heart of America Council

20 Round toothpicks
Creche scene from Christmas card
Yarn, Braid, etc., for hanger

Glue a toothpick on each side of picture.  Then glue one for each side of roof.  Follow with one for ceiling and one for floor.  Repeat this sequence until there are toothpicks 3 deep all around; then add one more to each side of roof.  When dry fasten yarn hanger at top.








Ideas For Den Leaders And Packs

Heart of America Council

Program Helps give an abundance of ideas for a full month’s program but for those times that nothing seems to fit, check over this list.

Backyard cookout

Den uniform inspection

Indoor track meet(see games books)

Visit a newspaper office

Visit a zoo

Kickball game using rag ball

Visit a farm

Den bowling tournament

Dads take den to sporting event

Ice or roller-skating

Dad with interesting job tells about it.

Dad with hobby tells and displays

Work on achievements boys need

Treasure or scavenger hunt

Paper airplane contest

Marble shooting contest

Safety inspection of boys’ bikes

Pet exhibit (each brings a pet)

Handicraft-beads, belts, etc.

Scrambled word game (Cub words)

Coin collector show coins

Make games, ring toss etc.

Use Pinewood Derby cars on floor

Make place mats of Christmas cards

High School athlete tells about his sport

Visit an historical spot

Have an Explorer tell about a trip to Philmont

Visit a weather station

Collect and mount leaves

Collect and make leaf prints

Trip to museum

Trip to fire station (make appt)

Visit railroad station

Visit police station (make appt)

Night meeting to study stars

Have a song fest

Each Cub make a model

Visit radio station

Visit telephone company

Visit elderly folks’ home, sing or play games

Cubs put on den meeting for parents

Have a game day

Have a Lifeguard explain water safety.

Visit different churches and look at the colored windows

Entertain little brothers with a party.

Service project for sponsor

Design new closing ceremony

Visit library (each boy gets card, takes out a book)

Boys mix, bake, eat cookies

Look at things with microscope

Magic Day - each Cub does a magic trick

Judge weights, heights

Play charades

Make a den doodle

Postman tells of his work

Develop new den skits

Tour two blocks to look for safety hazards and correct one

Make holiday costumes

Plant a garden

Make something of paper mache

Make den scrapbook

Plan future den activities

Ball game with another den

Boys bring their collections

Stamp collector shows stamps

Build a den equipment box

Make collage of old Christmas cards

Joke telling-Pick best by vote

Fishing for prizes

Visit a civic building for tour

Ask a Scout to tell about a trip to Jamboree

Make mother’s day gifts

Make Christmas gifts

Make grandparent’s day cards

Make Father’s Day gifts

Visit planetarium

Visit a local factory

Without a watch, each Cub tries to walk around block in an exact number of minutes.

Learn to swim with dads’

Help make things for sick children in hospital

Visit an airport

Make tray favors for elderly

Plan some new openings

Go on a hike for a purpose (how many trees, birds, etc.)

I’d rather _____________

Make popcorn balls and eat them.




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