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Baloo's Bugle

November 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 4
December Theme

Works of Art
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Idea 5




Tune: Rudolph)
Trapper Trails Council

Present are being hidden

I’m as curious as can be

I want to find out somehow

If some of them might be for me

Everywhere I have been searching

I have looked both high and low

Then one day I realized

What I was doing wrong.

I need to start being good

And sharing all day long

I knew then I needn’t worry

Santa just would not forget

And I shall be very happy

By giving more than I shall get.


Christmas Spirit
(Tune: Silent Night)
Trapper Trails Council


God is night, stars are bright.

Leaders and Cubs stand in the light.

Singing carols to family and friends

Spreading joy that never ends.

Sweet their voices ringing

Christmas spirit to share.


Cub Scout Christmas
(Tune: White Christmas)
Trapper Trails Council

I’m dreaming of a Cub Scout Christmas

Where Cub Scout pants are given me

Then my eyes will water

Tho’ they hadn’t oughter

When a belt to hold them I will see

I’m dreaming of a shirt to hold badges

With a neckerchief and Cub Scout slide

Or a pocket knife, to last for life

Making my smile a mile wide.


Cub Scout Days
(Tune – O Christmas Tree)
Trapper Trails Council

O Cub Scout day, O Cub Scout days

They are my fondest memories.

O Cub Scout day, O Cub Scout days

How filled you were with fun.

Den leaders led with love and care

Cubmasters the awards did share.

O Cub Scout days, O Cub Scout days

Start me on my way to Eagle.

Santa’ s Coming‘Round the World
Tune: Are You Sleeping
Heart of America Council

Santa’s coming, Santa’s Coming,
Round the worlds, round the
He has many faces;
Seen in many places;
Santa Claus, Santa Claus,

Santa’s comings. Santa’s coming,
Round the world round the world;
In France his Father Christmas
Who fills the childrens’
Santa Claus, Santa

Santa’s coming, Santa’s coming,
Round the world, round the world;
A Belgium child leaves carrots bunched
For Nicholas’ horse to munch;
Santa Claus, Santa Claus,
Santa’s coming, Santa’s
Round the world, round the world;
No matter what his face or name,
Goodwill is still the same

Santa Claus, Santa Claus


Tune: Jingle Bells

Clap your hands, stomp your feet, wiggle all around.

Reach your hands high in the air, and now let's touch the ground.

Hold your head, hold your hips, give yourself a hug.

Lay down flat upon the ground, but watch out for the bugs.


In The Good Old Wintertime
‘In the Good Old Summertime”
Heart of America Council

In the good old wintertime,
In the good old wintertime,
I love the snow, the rain, the sleet,
This season you
can’t beat.
I’m frozen in, I’m frozen out It is without a doubt,
The coldest time of all the clime,
In the good old wintertime.


Christmas Time
“Jingle Bells”
Heart of America Council

School is out, we won’t pout
Cubs shout “Hip’-hurray.”
Something special’s coming soon,
And it is Christmas day,
Wrap the gifts, trim the tree,
Mind your mom and dad.
You’ll get presents if you do,
Boy, won’t we be glad?


Indian Nation Council

(Tune, Jingle Bells)

School  is out, we won’t pout,
Cub Scouts shout “Hip-hurray”.
Something special’s coming soon,
And it’s Christmas Day.
Wrap the gifts trim the tree,
Mind you Mom and Dad.
You’ll get presents if you do,
Boy, won’t be all be glad?!




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