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Baloo's Bugle

November 2001 Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 4
December Theme

Works of Art
Webelos Craftsman & Scientist
 Tiger Cub Big Idea 5




Reindeer Game
San Francisco Bay Area Council


Announcer (bursting with enthusiasm): Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to our program. Tonight, some lucky member of our audience will win $10,000.00 - if  he correctly answers our skill testing question!  (Scans the audience and picks out the   planted helper).  You, sir, would you like a chance at this great prize?

Helper : Oh, yes, sir! (Leaves the audience and joins the announcer on the stage)

Announcer: Tonight our questions is: "Name two of Santa's reindeer!" You have 10 seconds to think about it.  No help from the audience, please. (Buzzer sounds)  Time's up!  Now, give me one of the two reindeer names.

Helper Would one be Rudolph?

Announcer (jumping with joy) Yes!  That's absolutely correct!  You are half way to $10,000!  Now, can you give me one more name?

Helper (Thinks and scratches his head) Well; how about Olive?

Announcer (Groans): Olive! Whoever heard of a reindeer named Olive?

Helper Well, they sing about her in the song about Rudolph. You know it, we've all heard them.  They sing "Olive the other reindeer!"


Meaning of Happy
Heart of America

Actors: 5 persons.

Costumes: none.

Props: 5 cards each with one letter

H - H is for holidays that  come this time of season.

A - A is for appreciation.  We appreciate the giving.

P - P is for peace that we all should work for.

P - P is for people with loving ways.

Y - Y is for yuletide and happy holidays.


A Holiday Recipe
Heart of America Council

The scene opens with a Chief Cook and his helpers busily cooking  something in a large kettle.   They can be dressed as cooks in old  white shirts and white construction paper hats, or as elves in tunics made from grocery bags and painted.  Each should have a large spoon for “tasting”.  There should be a number of labeled containers visible.  These may be empty cereal boxes or cans covered with paper or painted and labeled “Worship”, “Love”, “Family”, “Friends”, “Tree”, “Gifts”, etc. Let the boys suggest the “ingredients”.  The Chief Cook can use a “recipe card” which is really the script.

CHIEF: (Thoughtfully) Let’s see,  I think we should start with the most important ingredient.  It is so often left for last and forgotten.  Charles, bring me “Worship”.  (Charles does so) Let us use the greatest care in adding this. (They pour in very seriously and carefully).

Now, Abe, bring me the “Love”. This is what holds the entire result together. (Helper Abe brings the “Love”, which is added.)

Assistant Baker: Do we need both “Family” and “Friends”, Sir? (He brings the two containers)

CHIEF: It would be allight with one or the other, but it’s much better with both!  Pour them in! (Assistant Baker enthusiastically adds them.)

ABE: (carrying “Gifts’ container) Should we add the “Gifts” now?

CHIEF: (laughing) Oh ho! Those can be added any time! Some people think they come first! Go ahead. (Abe pours them in.  The Chief Cook stirs the mixture and tastes it.) Hmmm.  It lacks something.  It isn’t spicy enough. (The helpers all take a taste with their spoons.)

Charles: I know! We have forgotten the tree.!

CHIEF: Exactly! That always adds flavor. (Again he stirs, and again they all taste,) It still isn’t right! (As they stand, thoughtfully tasting, Edmund enters) -

Edmund: What are you making?

OTHERS: It’s a secret.! -

Edmund: Please tell me!

CHIEF: Oh, allright. (He whispers into Edmund’s ear) But it just isn’t coming out the way it should!

Edmund: Here, let me taste it. (He does so, thinks a minute, then realizes what is needed.) I know just what it needs and where to get it.  I’ll be right back! (He dashes off stage and is back in a moment with a Cub Scout who is carrying an enormous box labeled “Good Will”) It needs a lot of “Good Will” and Cubs always have a lot of that!

CHIEF: That’s it exactly! Come on, boys, let’s see if this doesn’t do the trick! (They all help lift and pour. They stir and taste it.) Perfect.! Let’s serve it right now! (He reaches into the kettle and pulls out a long, folded paper banner. The helpers take their places in line, holding the banner for the audience to see as the Chief Cook pulls it out, It reads, “THE HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS EVER.”)

ALL: Merry Christmas, everybody!

(This dialogue is merely a suggestion; might also be used as a pantomime with good results.  The skit is so much a pantomime that the dialogue is secondary.  It can really be “hammed-up” during the tasting scenes.




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