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Baloo's Bugle

August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1

All Aboard
Webelos Communicator & Citizen
 Tiger Cub Big Idea #1



Trapper Trails Council

Need: 3’ x 5” cards for everyone—put abbreviation of different states on the cards, there should be several of each state used; i.e.: AL, WY. UT.  The amount needed depends on your pack meeting attendance. 

When the leader yells “All Aboard: everyone rushes to get in a group with their state.



The Lucky Seven Shake
How Book of Cub Scouting  ‘51


As one of the early numbers of a Den-family picnic, get everybody into the spirit of the occasion by conducting this game.  Secretly provide one of the number with a liberal collection of candy.  Explain the game and start everybody shaking hands.  Ask those who have not met previously to introduce themselves.  The one who shakes hands, and he hands every seventh person one of the candies.  As soon as the children discover the holder of the candies they gather around him or form a line.  That’s the signal for the adults to drop out of the game and watch the handshaking proceed until the candy is exhausted.


Great Trains Matching Game
York Adams Area Council


Hang up numbered pictures of different famous trains and hand out a list of the train names (with clues, if necessary). Then let the folks try to match the pictures to their correct names. The Internet has many museum and railroad enthusiast sites with lots of beautiful color photos of different trains. It will take some time to pull together clues that can be matched to the trains, but most of the websites I visited have lots of information on the different photos. Also, it would help to be able to print out the pictures in color.

Check out this site for other ideas…





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