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Baloo's Bugle

August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1

All Aboard
Webelos Communicator & Citizen
 Tiger Cub Big Idea #1



This month decorate your meeting place for your den meetings or your monthly pack meeting.  Have a den make a big  Sign for front door: “Pack ________" Station, Track #--- ALL ABOARD!

Plan approximately where the boys and their parents will stand during the Pack’s advancement ceremony.   Draw or make tracks with Chalk or with paper up to the area. 


Den Ceremony for New Bobcat
Mason/Dixon Roundtable


The den leader introduces the new Bobcat to the other Cub Scouts of the den.

The denner and assistant denner step forward with U.S. flag and den flag.  All salute the flag.

1st Cub Scout: Lights a candle (flashlight) and recites the Cub Scout Promise.

2nd Cub Scout: Lights a candle (flashlight) and recites the Law of the Pack.

3rd Cub Scout: Steps forward and informs the Bobcat that he is part of the den and it is his turn to light a candle (flashlight) to show that the den will be much brighter now that he is part of it.  All den members then sing the "Cub Scout Welcome Song" found in the Cub Scout Songbook.

3rd Cub Scout: Steps forward and informs the Bobcat that he is part of the den and it is his turn to light a candle (flashlight) to show that the den will be much brighter now that he is part of it.  All den members then sing the "Cub Scout Welcome Song" found in


Materials: Bobcat badge and card

Participants: Cubmaster, New Bobcat and parents

Cubmaster: A young boy stood in front of a group of people.  It was his first Cub Scout Pack Meeting over 66 years ago.  He lifted his right arm and held 2 fingers in the air to give the Cub Scout Sign and said...

I, promise to do my best,
To do my Duty to God
and my country,
to be square and
to obey the Law of the Pack

Since that night, hundreds of thousands of boys have repeated the same procedure as they became Cub Scouts.  Tonight, we are welcoming (name of the boy), to our pack and invite his family to come forward as we present his Bobcat Badge.  Will the parents and new Bobcat recipient please come forward.

(Name of the boy), you have indicated that you wish to become a part of the Cub Scout program.  Therefore join the ranks of many young men, who began their adventure in Scouting as a Cub Scout in years ago.  In doing so, you have learned, as they have, the symbols of the Cub Scouts: The Cub Scout Sign, Handshake, Salute and Motto.  You are able to repeat the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

As your Cubmaster, I now ask if you are ready to become a Bobcat in our Pack, and  accept the obligation of the Cub Scout Promise?

New Bobcat: Yes, I am.

Cubmaster: Will all the Cub Scout present please stand and join (name of the boy), and myself in repeating the Cub Scout Promise, just as the Cub Scout of years ago have.  (Raise your arm in the Cub Scout Sign.)

I promise to Do my Best
to do my Duty to God
And my Country.
To help other people and
To Obey the Law of the Pack.

(Name of the boy), you have promised, as many thousands of Cub Scouts before you to do your best as a Cub Scout.  On the behalf of all the boys who have worn the uniform of a Cub Scout in years past, to remember your Promise and to wear your Cub Scout uniform with pride and honor.

Welcome to our Pack. I am giving your parents your Bobcat Badge, they will sew it on your uniform when you have done a Good Turn as a Cub Scout.  (Hand the badge to the parents. Shake hand with the new Cub Scout, using the Cub Scout handshake).


Immediate Recognition
Mason Dixon Roundtable


As a Cub Scout completes achievements for Wolf or Bear, the den leader should make sure that a simple recognition ceremony is held in the den meeting.  Use the Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, which contains enough materials for a den of Cub Scouts for 2 years.  This is a motivation device used to encourage each boy to complete the rank for his age.

Use a brief ceremony related to the monthly theme or the one below:


Den Leader: Let me tell you the story behind these wonderful beads. The custom of awarding beads started in the ancient tribe of the Webelos.  They were given to braves who did their best to help the tribe and others.

Den Chief:  Many moons ago, when the animal world was ruled by wolves and bears, the braves of the Webelos tribe feared these strong beasts.

Den Leader: But some braves named [names of boys being recognized], still untried, decided that the best way to live without fear was to learn to understand the creatures of the forest.

Den Chief: So they went, disguised as animals, to live with the wolves and bears. The animals accepted them and all their brothers and called them cubs, just as if the braves were their own. This was according to the Law of the Pack.

Den Leader: For their bravery and friendliness to the beasts, they were given a leather thong with colored beads on it. it signified that the Cub Scout knew the ways of the tribe and did his best at everything without worrying if someone else did better.  This is the law that the tribe borrowed from the animals and had the cubs learn.

(Ask the den to form a living circle and repeat the Law of the Pack.

Den Chief: For doing your best in completing three achievements toward your [Wolf/Bear] badge, I award   you. [name], this thong and this bead.  May you   always obev the Law of the Pack.


Denner Installation
Mason Dixon Roundtable

This ceremony should be held at a den meeting, as soon as the denner is elected.

Cub Scout [name], do you accept this as your responsibility?

(Cub Scout answers:) I do.

Then we present to you this cord as your key to open the doorway for our next adventures.


Assistant Denner Ceremony
Mason Dixon Roundtable


As above, select an assistant denner. The den leader den chief can then read the following ceremony.

Cub Scout [name] has been chosen to be our assistant denner.  His duty will be to help [denner's name] as we all take part in our meeting adventure.

Cub Scout [name], do you accept this as your responsibility?

(Cub Scout answers) I do.

Then we present to you this cord as your key to help open the doorway for our next adventures.


Advancement Ceremony
Circle 10 Council

Have a cardboard train set up with each of the ranks listed on the boxes for adva Mason Dixon Roundtable ncement (example shown below). Have leaders put the advancements in each box for each den.

As each den is called up, blow the train whistle


Blue & Gold Shining Light
Heart of America

The following awards ceremony is very simple but can be very effective. Try it at your Family Campout by having a campfire meeting to give recognition for the advancements and awards earned by the boys during the past month.

Personnel: Cubmaster and two den leaders.

Equipment: Two flashlights, one with blue cellophane over the end and the other one with gold cellophane over the end. Plastic or tissue paper could be used also.  A third flashlight with a red lens is also required.

Arrangement: Cubmaster in middle and a den leader on either side. The one on the Cubmaster’s right has the blue flashlight and the one on his left has the gold one.

Cubmaster: Here we have the blue light of Cub Scouting on my right (turn on the blue flashlight) and the gold light of Cub Scouting on my left (Turn on the gold flashlight). These two lights symbolize the light of Cub Scouting which can shine brightly in the lives of our boys but only with the help of parents to make them shine. There have been some Cub Scouts in our Pack this month who have had those Cub Scouting lights shinning in their lives and they’ve worked hard to earn some Achievements and Electives. (Cubmaster needs to say appropriate words for awards being given.) Would the following boys and their parents come forward and stand in the Cub Scouting’s Blue and Gold limelight together as we recognize them for the fine work they have done. (Call forth appropriate boys and parents and make presentation, telling about the award received.)

(After all presentations have been made, leaders turn off the blue and gold flashlights and Cubmaster turns on the red light.)

Cubmaster: We all know that red means stop so let’s all stop for a minute every once in awhile and ask ourselves if we are really doing the best we can whether as a Cub Scout, a parent, a leader or a family member.  Parents ask yourself if you’ve really helped your boy so that Cub Scouting can be a shining light to him. Let’s all do our best to keep those Blue and Gold lights shinning.

(Turns off the red light and leaders turn on the blue and gold ones). Then we can all see our son step up and receive some of the Blue and Gold limelight for his accomplishments.

Note: The last part of the ceremony could be worked in as the closing ceremony for the Pack meeting by putting announcements, and audience participation, etc. before the awards and move right from awards into the closing which could indeed be the last part of the above ceremony.  It leaves the audience with a challenge and a thought for the day.



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