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Baloo's Bugle

August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1

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Webelos Communicator & Citizen
 Tiger Cub Big Idea #1



Games are: Lessons without Teachers.




Homemade Games
Greater Boston Council


Cub Scout games are simple games.  Played with things which can be easily found about any house.  Here is a sample list.  Many like possibilities will suggest themselves to you.


Wooden counters snapped with fingers to diagram chalked on table.

Bounce ball into wastebasket which is stood on chair.

Roll, one at a time, three different sized balls into a barrel hoop placed on the floor.  Each ball that stays in the hoop scores 25 points.

Slide metal washers (2 inches in diameter) onto a diagram divided into small squares and numbered, chalked on the floor.  If the squares are made large enough, fruit jar rings can be used instead of washers.

Ring toss on legs of chair, which has been turned upside down.  Score 25 points each ringer.

Punch holes in paper carton and insert five clothespins, one in center, and one in each corner.  Ring toss, using four fruit jar rubber rings.  25 points each.

Water and pie pan - - five washers and 1 pie pan.  Bounce washers in pan.  3 points per washer.  5 throws per person from distance of 6 feet.

Polo pan –six 1-inch wooden cubes with numbers on each of the 6 sides (0-1-2-3-4-5).  Get a 6-hole muffin pan.  Each person throws the 6 cubes, one at a time, into muffin pan from distance of 6 feet.  Add number on top in all six holes.  Highest score wins.

Ball in bucket – three buckets (or #10 tin cans), all same size fastened to blat board and leaned against wall.  Toss 3 tennis balls from a distance of 8 feet.  Five points per ball.


Pin the number on the Engine

Draw the front of an old steam engine. on a large piece of paper and then make circles, each with a different number, one per scout.  Use the Old Shelby Brown as a template from Good Old Missouri-my useta be home : )  See who gets the closest to center of your drawing.(the front of the train) http://www.rosecity.net/trains/engine9.jpg


Whale Ahoy!
York Adams Council

Equipment: 1 paper or sock ball or beanbag

Formation: Scatter

One boy is selected to be the 'whale', he may run freely about the room. The rest of the Cubs each choose a position and since they are 'rocks in the  sea', they may not move. The aim is to 'harpoon' the  'whale' by hitting him with the ball. Whoever hits him  takes his place as the next 'whale'.

The skill of the game lies in passing the 'harpoon'   from 'rock to rock' in an endeavor to corner the  'whale', rather than the Cubs taking random shots.  This is good training in playing for the game rather  than for the individual.  




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