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Baloo's Bugle

August Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 8, Issue 1

All Aboard
Webelos Communicator & Citizen
 Tiger Cub Big Idea #1


Divide group into 5 teams, each one taking one of the following parts.

GIRL: (In high pitched voice) Help me!  Help me!

VILLIAN; (Loud and deep) Hiss!  Boo!

TRAIN:  Chuga, chug a, choo choo


DOG: Arf, Arf


Every time one of these words are said by the narrator, the team in the audience that has that part will shout their words.


Narrator.  Back in the Rockies, a Train, filled with gold nuggets was slowly coming down the mountain, across the bridge, down the valleys, and over the ridges. 

There was a Villian, who had heard about the Train.  The Villian, went to a nearby town and saw a beautiful Girl and her Dog.


The Villain stole the Girl.  The Dog followed the Girl and the Villain.  The Villian put the Girl on his horse.


The Dog followed the horse and the Villain to the Train track.


The Villain tied up the Girl.  The Dog barked and barked.


The Villain growled at the Dog.  The Girl screamed when the Villain put her on the Train tracks.


The Train was coming down the track.  The Girl saw it and screamed.  The engineer called the law and asked for a Hero.  The Hero got on his horse and rode to the Train track.


The Train was coming, the Girl was screaming, the Dog was barking, and the Villain was hiding.


The Hero rushed up to the Girl and took her off the track.  The Train went by.  The Villain was angry and ran up to the Girl and the Hero


The Dog bit the Villain in the pants and he ran away.  The Hero took the Girl and her Dog back home.


Join The Cub Scouts

York Adams Area Council

Cub Scout: Do Your Best

School: Yuck

Notice: Hear Ye

Mother: Turn the TV down!

Johnny came home from School very excited one afternoon.  In his hand was a Cub Scout Notice.  It was an invitation to go to a meeting at the School that evening.

Now Johnny's Mother was very tired; so when Johnny asked her to go, she said, "We'll see". About that time the doorbell rang. It was Sammy, Johnny's best friend. "Hey," said Sammy. "Look what I got at School today - a Notice to join Cub Scouts."

At that, Johnny's Mother said she guessed she would go, too.

When Johnny and his Mother arrived at the School, there were several Cub Scout leaders present in uniform. There were also several tables of displays - crafts and pictures. When the program began, the leaders shoed slides of Cub Scout activities - Good Turn Day, the Scout show, and the Water Carnival. "Wow", said Johnny to his Mother. "You mean we get to do all of that in Cub Scouts? Wow!I sure am glad that I brought that Notice home from School."

The Cubmaster explained that the Pack met at the School and had passed out the Notices to the second and third grade students and the pack planned to form a few new dens. When he asked for volunteers to become den leaders, no one raised their hands.  Dead silence prevailed. Finally, Johnny's Mother said, "Well, those pictures make Cub Scouts look like a lot of fun. How can I refuse? I'll be a den leader."

So that is how Johnny became a Cub Scout. And

don't we wish that Den Leaders were that easy to





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