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Baloo's Bugle

June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 11

American ABCs
Webelos Aquanaut & Geologist
Tiger Graduation




American ABCs
Can You Name Them?
York Adams Council

Give everyone a blank sheet of paper and see how many American people, places, and things they can list from A to Z.

State Facts
Simon Kenton Council

Copy the map of the United States so that you have one for each Cub Scout or one for each person at the pack meeting.  People should write the name of each state and its capital in the space for the state (or as close as possible to small states, with an arrow pointing to the appropriate state).  After the meeting opens, reveal a large U.S. map for everyone to check answers.  Give a prize to all who correctly identified the states and capitals.  Optional:  Suggest that they write in any additional information they know, such as the state bird, flower, tree, song, or nickname.  People write their names on the papers and turn them in.  A leader or other adult uses a list, an encyclopedia, or other reference book about the United States to check the papers.  Give a prize to the one with most correct answers.


Spell It Out
Sam Houston Area Council

Equipment: Pencil and Paper


1.        Give the Cubs a phrase made up of two or three words.

2.        From that phrase, the Cubs must come up with as many words as possible.  Challenge them by making them think of words only with B, or S, or D, or limit them to just three letter words or four letter words.

3.        Use a phrase that is common to your pack or den.  Or perhaps one like:


(Pen, den, nine, dine, pay, day, nice, dice, pace, yen)

Take a hike with your Cubs through your neighborhood, yard, or local park and ask them to try to find something that begins with a letter of the alphabet--A, B, C.   This can played as teams as a scavenger hunt too.  Remind your Cubs that working together as a team provides the best outcome.


Flag Pieces
Circle 10 Council

Draw/locate a sufficient number of pictures of different flags and cut them into 2 or 3 pieces to accommodate the number of people you have attending a den or pack meeting.  Mix and distribute flag pieces as members arrive at the meeting.  Ask people to find those people holding the other pieces of their flag and introduce themselves to each other.


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