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June Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 11

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We Fought Hard For Those 50 Stars
Simon Kenton Council

Divide the group into equal teams, lined up a few feet away from the table. Place a bowl on the table for each team. Lay 50 cutout paper stars (approx. 2 inches in diameter) out on the table besides each bowl.  Give each player his own straw.  On the signal, the first player on each team, runs forward and picks up one or more stars, with one breath, by sucking on the straw.  He then carries 'the star to the bowl and drops it in.  NO HANDS.  He then runs to the next person in line and goes to the end of the line.  The first team to have all 50 stars in the bowl is the winner.  (Game can be varied to use 13 stars for a smaller group).


Heave, Ho, Throw! Relay
Simon Kenton Council

Divide the group into two teams. Take one boy from each team about 20 feet from the rest of the group and have him sit in a designated spot.  During the game, he may lean forward slightly and reach, but he cannot move from the spot.

Give the first Scout in each line coil a rope about 25 feet in length.  Each boy makes one throw, holding onto the end.  The sitting Cub Scout tries to reach the rope being thrown without moving from his spot.  Each boy in the relay line will throw the rope once, and then go to the end of the line.

Teams score whenever the sitting boy can reach the rope thrown to him.  One point is given for each throw that the sitting boy catches.  The team with the most points is the winner.


Eskimo Relay
Simon Kenton Council

Object:  The team which is able to take the longest time to get the ice cube to the end of the line.

Material: 2 teams of 5 or 6 players, 3 adult judges and 2 to 4 ice cubes

How to Play:

Place each team in line with the players standing behind each other about 3 feet apart.  Give the 1st player in each line a large ice cube.  At the signal, the 1st player turns and places the ice cube on the neck of the next player, who must stoop over.  The 2nd player tries to balance the ice cube as long as he can.  As soon as it slips he must either catch it or pick it up, then turn immediately and place it on the neck of the next person.  This continues until the ice cube has gone all the way to the end of the line.  The judges on hand to ensure that no one dawdles. The use of hands is strictly forbidden except to move the ice cube from one person to the next.


Capture The Fort
Simon Kenton Council

Divide the players into two sides: Attackers and Defenders. Defenders form a circle, holding hands and facing outward, with their captain in the center. Attackers surround the fort from a distance of 20-30 feet. They try to kick a soccer ball into the fort; it may go through the legs of the defenders or over their heads. If it goes over the defenders heads, the captain may catch it and throw it out. But if the ball touches the ground inside the circle, the fort is captured and the players change sides.


Romp Across America Obstacle Course
Sam Houston Area Council

Statue of Liberty – Each Scout is given a small amount of foil in order to make a liberty torch.

Go West Young Man –Each Cub is given a pretend horse and runs a course that is marked by orange cones.

Crossing The Mississippi River – Swimming pool filled with water has several rocks strategically set inside; the scout crosses the pool by stepping on the rocks.

Colorado Mines – Large cardboard boxes set up in a maze and each Cub crawls through.

Gold Rush in California – Swimming pool filled with sand; there just might be a chance of finding gold!

Logging In Washington – Swimming pool with 2 x 4” board inside, symbolizing the logs.  Cubs pretend to be loggers, as the walk on the logs.


Memory Game
Sam Houston Area Council


This is a good one in which to involve the parents and siblings.

Materials Needed: None


1.        One person starts the game by saying: “As I was traveling through the woods, I placed an apple in my bag. (or anything that begins with the letter A).

2.        The next player says “As I was traveling through the woods, I placed an apple and a balloon in my bag.”

3.        Each additional player must repeat what was named and add to it something from the next letter of the alphabet.  Mistakes make it funny!



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