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May Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 10

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Tiger Big Ideas 17


Tiger Cub Graduation Ceremony
Northwest Suburban Council


Tigers are lined up at the back of the room with Tiger Cub Coach.

Coach: "Mr. Cubmaster, I have (#) Tiger Cubs who have completed the Search, Discover, and Share program and are now ready to be inducted into the pack.

Cubmaster: "We are now ready to receive them."  The Coach calls each boy by name and he enters with his family. Tigers stand with their partners behind them.

Coach: "These Tigers have shared friendship and adventure." Turning to the Cubmaster - "They are now ready to move ahead."

Cubmaster: "Tiger Cubs, please step forward. Do you promise to do your best, to do your duty to God and your country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack? If so, say 'I do'." Turning to the parents, "do you promise to assist your son throughout the Scouting Trail? If so say, 'I do'."

The Cubmaster then calls each boy forward and presents him with his certificate and Wolf Book.

Cubmaster: "You are now official Cub Scouts in Pack ____. Will the audience please stand and welcome them with a round of applause?"


Tiger Graduation

Northwest Suburban Council

CM: Tonight, we honor Tiger Cubs. Will our Tiger Cub coach, _______, come up to introduce them, please. (introduce boys and have parents come forward also)

TC Coach: We want to have you join our pack.  White is for the purity of living.  Blue is for strength and courage to face the unknown.  Orange is for knowledge and joy.  These are the colors of the Tiger Cubs.  You have completed your tenure in Tiger Cubs BSA.

Parents, here is a graduation strip for your Tiger Cubs.  It will go right below the right pocket of their Cub Scout uniform.  Tigers, here is a pin for the adult partner who worked with you through your deeds as Tiger Cubs. I congratulate you on your accomplishments this year and wish you well.  I will show you the path of a new challenge -the challenge of Cub Scouting.  Cross the bridge to Cub Scouting and meet your Cubbing.

CM: Tiger Cubs, is it your wish to become Cub Scouts? If so, say "I do."

"I Do."

Parents, do you wish your son to join in the pack activities, and do you understand it is your duty as parents to help your son work on his rank and encourage him to help the pack go?

"We do."

Now, Tiger Cubs, do you know the Cub Scout Promise and sign? (say promise and sign)

Do you wish to follow Akela, grow in strength and citizenship, develop your character, and do the right things? if so say "I do."

"I Do"




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