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Baloo's Bugle

May Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 10

Wet &Wild
Webelos Traveler & Artist
Tiger Big Ideas 17


Water Fun
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 8 Cub Scouts

Equipment: 1 small wading pool filled with water, plastic letters cut from milk containers to spell out Water Fun and 1 small fishing pole with an oversized hook attached.

Setting: Have each boy come up and hook  letter, then proceed to get in order to spell out "Water Fun".

Boys say in unison:

Now that special time of year is here.

What we want to do is very clear!

Cub Scout games out in the sun,

Cub Day Camp should be fun!

But you could make our day so fine.

Just give us little water and lots of time!


Seaside Opening
Heart of America Council

Personnel: 5 Cub Scouts

Equipment: A beach bucket and shovel with empty squirt guns for each Cub and Den Leader

Setting: The Cubs come in and line up carrying their buckets and shovels.  The squirt guns are inside the buckets out of view of the audience.  It would also add to the effect if the Cubs rolled up their pants legs (or wear shorts) and have bare feet.  They could also pantomime actions.

Cub 1: Here at the beach there is so much to see!  Look at the ocean there is a sailboat!

Cub 2: Yeah!  They’re great.  But the waves are really fun.  I love to run into the water and let the waves push over me.

Cub 3: Do you know what I like? I think the sea gulls are cool! They attack when you sit down to have lunch.

Cub 4: Yeah! But have you ever been able to find a starfish at the edge of the water?  That’s really cool!

Cub 5: Do you know what else is fun! Hunting for clams.  They bury themselves in the sand and when you get close to getting them— they squirt!! (Cubs reach in their buckets and use their squirt guns to ‘squirt’ the audience.)


Outdoor Opening
Heart of America Council

Personnel: Cubmaster or Den Leader

As the dew dries on the ground,

The birds start their morning song,

The animals scout for their morning meals,

The trees sway with the breezes of nature,

The waters reflect the morning sun.

While the dew is rising and the leaves are falling,

Please rise and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our country's flag.


Water Fun College 101
York Adams Area Council


Cubmaster: Enter pack meeting room in a long laboratory coat over slacks that are easy to remove, holding a clipboard, and carrying a briefcase.  (Wearing socks and slip on shoes, the Cubmaster has on Beach clothes under the lab coat.)

Cubmaster: Welcome to our Water 101 college pack meeting.  I am Professor Cubmaster and I hope that you are all prepared to listen closely and take notes.  We are here today to learn about a very important substance, H2O, otherwise known as water.  Now the first thing we will study is the molecular structure.

Pack Committee Chair: (Runs in to interrupt Cubmaster.) Excuse me, Professor Cubmaster, but tonight's pack meeting is Water Fun, not Water 101.

Cubmaster: Oh, but I'm sure my secretary told me about a Water 101 lecture I was to give today.  Consults pocket calendar.) How embarrassing.  That's next week. Luckily, every good Scouter comes prepared for nearly everything. Excuse me a moment.  (Cubmaster turns around, opens his briefcase, sheds his lab coat and loose slacks and reveals self dressed in beach going gear. Pulls a beach towel, snorkel and fins from the brief case.  Steps into sandals or thongs and—as the piece de resistance – pulls out a water pistol and fires off a few squirts to the audience.) Tonight Water Fun, and we are going to have fun!  Who's ready to join me in that???


York Adams Area Council

Setting: Five Cub Scouts, each holding a poster

board with one letter on the front and their line written on the back.

Cub #1: W is for wet and wild.

Cub #2: A is for always around in winter.

Cub #3: T is for there's never enough in summer.

Cub #4: E is for its part in the environment.

Cub #5: R is for the refreshing relief it brings us.

(If you have more than five boys, you might have the rest stand at the end of the line, one could hold up a big glass of water for drinking, one might hold up a water balloon, one might have a spray bottle and mist the audience, all are showing how water refreshes us.)




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