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Baloo's Bugle

May Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 10

Wet &Wild
Webelos Traveler & Artist
Tiger Big Ideas 17



On The Beach
Northwest Suburban Council

A Madlib Story

Ask the audience to provide the words to fill in the blanks in the story.

Narrator reads the story, filling in the blanks with the words provided by the audience.


If you want to enjoy yourself at the beach, you should bring your ___plural noun___.  Before exposing your skin to the sun, you should put suntan oil on your ______body part______. Rub it on your face; then smear it all over.  Be sure that itís rubbed in thoroughly.  Then go into the salt water and ___verb___.  When you come out of the water, donít dry your ____body part____. Lie down on a(an) ___noun___ and soak up the rays.  Itís fun if you bring a(an) ______noun_______ __to play with at the beach, I like to build ___plural noun___ with sand. You see all sorts of bodies at the beach. Some are ___adjective___ like your own.  You can ___verb___ on the beach.  Some beaches allow you to sunbathe without your ____plural noun___ . ___exclamation___ !  My friend, ____person in room____ went to a beach without his/her ____noun____ and got so sunburned that he/she had to walk home.

Simon Kenton Council

Narrator reads story.  When audience hears a "water" word, they do a wave, like at sporting events.

One upon a time, there lived a poor merchant from Botany Bay.  He sailed across the Seas to distant lands. He traveled with his dog, Bruno.  During Ocean voyages, he missed his family.

On one of these Sea journeys, the poor merchant traveled to the island of Catomania.  He heard a loud caterwaul as he entered the Bay.  The island had a terrible problem. Too many cats!  The king begged him to help.  The poor merchant let loose his trusty Bruno.  Bruno chased the cats on board the ship in the Bay.

The poor merchant quickly set sail for the high Seas, with a shipload of cats.  At the next port, the island of Micea, he found another island with a problem.  They had never seen a cat before.  The island was run over with Sea gulls.  There was practically not a place to land his ship because the gulls covered the Water's edge.  He was able to sell all of the cats to the inhabitants of Micea.  The cats who were hungry after the long Ocean journey, gobbled up all of the gulls but two who flew to the top mast of the poor merchant's ship in the BAY.

The merchant sailed for many days in the Ocean.  When he reached America, he brought out his caravan of camels.  They pulled his ship right to the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque.  He found the pioneers wrestling with a plague of locusts.  The quick-thinking merchant threw a stone at the giant gulls.  They swooped down and hungrily devoured the locusts.  The pioneers who were still settling in, didn't have much to trade, so he let his camels have a drink from the River and was on his way again.

The next stop was an island called Waterworld.  There was so much Water, the islanders had a hard time eating, sleeping, working or playing.  The camels smelled the Water as soon as they made port and stampeded.  Soon, the excess Water was gone.  The islanders thanked the merchant by presenting him with a cargo hold full of umbrellas.  They wouldn't he needing them anymore.

When the mercirant arrived home, his family Rained tears of joy.  The tears poured for days and days.  The wise merchant who knew it never Rains but it pours, sold the cargo hold of umbrellas to the good citizens, and became the now rich merchant from Botany Bay.




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