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April Cub Scout Roundtable Issue

Volume 7, Issue 9

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There have been some real happenins' this month.  A few weeks back USSSP lost their host due to our host going bankrupt.  We didn't go bankrupt since we aren't a business, the business hosting our server did.  Dave, our president, found another TEMPORARY host, or as I call it a TEMPORARY plug.  Then we lost even that!  So what's a scouter to do?  My advice, be patient.  The good news is that you are reading it, and most likely you are reading it online.  And if you can't find the latest issue of Baloo at www.usscouts.org/bbugle/ you can go to www.webnme.com/usscouts, and if you are still having trouble or impatient, I still have my AOL account at cmr1954@aol.com contact me.  Yes we are still waiting for DSL in our area before changing ISP's.

We have been meeting weekly, by telephone, to discuss the best option for us.  Also, we all are amazed at the many kind words we have received and the offers of hosting.  I, like all on the board, am truly touched by the generosity of our scouting community.  We believe we will be fully operational again in a bit.

Some of you might not realize this but all of us at USSSP are volunteers.  Yes, that's right, this is what we do with that hour a week, and we love it!

And now another update on my family and me.  Yes I feel that my family deserves just a bit of your time. 

Jim just had a birthday in March.  I think it is amazing how my husband has aged, but hey I seem to be holding off that old aging process.

Neal is doing great at college and is getting so grown up.  It is kind of crazy though, he must believe I miss his clothes a lot too, since he seems to bring all of them home, dirty, when he visits : )  Neal's has always held a high interest in math and in science.  Hopefully, by the time you read this he will have gotten a part time pharm tech job at a hospital near his university.

Pamela is doing wonderful in high school.  She is busy with her studies, and again made the varsity soccer team.  She loves old movies.  No, not the ones from the 60's : ) she really loves movies from the 30's and 40's and collects movie items (okay knock-offs) from that time.  And she is turning into a fine young woman.

As for me, I still love doing Baloo's Bugle and my job at American Classifieds.  Recently we changed our name from Thrifty Nickel to American Classifieds.  I too have changed jobs within my office since I last told everyone I was now a part of the full time work force.  I was in outside sales, but now am doing National Sales for us.  Just briefly I need to say if you or anyone you know has a home based business, works for a ad agency, or a corporation that has advertising needs have them call me, Chris at American Classifieds at 1-866-533-4285

Thank you for your consideration.

Remember to check out the Webelos section, there are tons of great outdoor cooking tips and recipes.


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